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Quick Fusible Applique Method

Quick Fusible Applique Method

January 29, 2013 /
quick fusible applique method

Have you ever feel that hand tracing a decent amount of applique patterns to the fusible webs such as Steam-A-Seam or Heat’n Bond is something you want to skip? Multiply the time with the number of appliques you need to trace, it is frustrating and making us losing interest to continue with the craft. Here is the tutorial of a quick fusible applique method.

Even for those appliques that are simple, repeating it over and over again is boring and monotonous. Here is the tutorial to show you how to get them done faster with just a few simple steps.

I am sewing a full-size super single blanket, “The Secret Garden“, that was specially designed for my daughter. The 62″ x 88” blanket has lots of appliques. If I wasn’t wrong in counting, there are a total of 360 pieces of them (the photo shown below is only part of the applique I did).

I was slapping my forehead and feel a little regret to be so enthusiastic on the design when I realized how time-consuming it was to trace every single applique by hand.

Well, the project must go on and I need to think of a way to make things go faster before I surrender on it. Throughout the process, I’ve come out with this quick fusible applique method that makes things a lot easier and faster for me.

how to make quick fusible applique

Quick Fusible Applique Method

Tools & Materials:
1. Applique patterns (printed on paper, prefer lighter weight paper like tissue paper)
2. Applique fusible web (I used Steam-A-Seam)
3. Fabric scrape for your applique
4. Scissors
5. Iron


Get ready all the materials needed for fusible applique.


In this tutorial, my applique patterns are in mirror image. If you can’t get the patterns in mirror orientation, just flip the printed pattern over and use the wrong side (be sure you are able to see the patterns clearly from the wrong side).


Peel off one of the paper backings from the fusible web.


Place the applique pattern print out on the sticky side of the fusible web.
Again, if you are not able to get the applique patterns in mirror orientation, flip the print out and stick the right side to the fusible web.
If your printed applique patterns are not placed close to each other, simply cut them out (slightly bigger than their outline), arrange and stick on the fusible web as near as possible.


Cut out each individual pattern (proximity to the line) from the fusible web.
Peel off another paper backing from the fusible web.

quick fusible applique

Arrange and stick them on the wrong side of the fabric of your choice.

quick fusible applique

Cut the appliques that have fabric attached to it by following the pattern line.

quick fusible applique

This is the fusible applique that is ready to be used.
You just need to peel the paper pattern away, stick it on the right side of your project, and apply warm heat to fuse them together.
Remark: in some cases, I find it hard to remove the paper pattern as it adheres too well to the fusible web. I have to use sharp tip tweezers to pick a corner or an edge to separate them.
Tip from Bert in Rice, WA: “Tip: If it’s difficult to remove the paper, use a pin to score it right down the middle.”


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