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I am so glad that my blog’s migration is finally over, phew!!! After numerous sleepless nights fighting against broken links, fine tuning on the layout (still doing though), adding plugins, widgets… I am back to posting again, YAY!!!

As promised, here is my first free pattern for the crochet drawstring bag made from T-shirt yarn, yup, another recycle project for the environment. You can click the image below to get the free pattern link in acrobat .pdf  format.


Before you jump into the free pattern of crochet drawstring bag, below are some of the tips on how to get it done.

Switching Yarn Color

t-shirt-yarn-bag-1The beauty of T-shirt yarn is that you can make a nice adhere joint for color switching. Simple, just glue the 2 ends with fabric glue. I used Clover fabric bond since it is proven to be long-lasting.

t-shirt-yarn-bag-2Cut the 2 ends in slanting shape.

t-shirt-yarn-bag-3Apply glue at a length of 1.5 inch. Join them up as shown.

t-shirt-yarn-bag-4Wrap the outer yarn onto the inner and make it into tubular form as always. Wait for a few minutes for it to dry and you can continue to crochet.
Another method is to sew them together instead of gluing them.

Eyelet installation
t-shirt-yarn-bag-5We need to have eyelets fit at the hole we made to run a draw-string. Sanwich the eyelet pair onto the hole and make sure that it covers up the hole nicely, not leaving any gaps around.  Hammer the eyelet firmly by using the appropriate tools and fixtures to fit the outer and inner piece of the eyelet to lock into the proper position.

After finish crochet the drawstring, run it through the eyelet holes. Insert a bead at each end and tie a knot to secure the bead in place.

t-shirt-yarn-bag-8Attach the shoulder straps and it is done!!!! An environmental friendly T-Shirt Yarn Drawstring Bag is completed.

Should you have any suggestions on what other things you can made from T-shirt yarn, please share with me, I would be more than happy to try it out!!!

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  1. Wow! It is so beautiful! I want!

  2. Welcome back! Everything looks great!

  3. Delightful Crochet Bag. Colors and Details make the difference. /;)

  4. Hey, great post, really well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll certainly be subscribing.

  5. The article is usefull for me. I’ll be coming back to your blog.

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  7. This is a great tutorial. I was beginning to think I was one of very few people who still enjoyed crochet. So many people prefer knitting I worry it will become a lost art. Thanks for the ideas.

  8. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, thats the way the internet should be! Gorgeous, I cant wait to try one for me

  9. Pretty good post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  10. Great design like the fact its recycled too.. I think a smaller vesion would make a great mobile phone holder!

  11. this is awesome! I wish my grandma was still around to do this with, she hated to throw away t-shirts! Mahalos for sharing such a unique craft!!!

  12. adorei entrar aqui e olhar tudo,é realmente o maximo!!!!!
    tudo é muito lindo, muito pratico, muito facil para quem como eu não sabe fazer muitas coisas que gosta. és muito simpatica,inteligente, bonita e pricipalmente ALTRUISTA o que é dificil hoje em dia, pessoas não costumam dividir o que sabem, vou gostar muito de receber uma resposta tua e quem sabe alguma coisa nos sorteios,vou ficar imensamente agradecida, Deus te abençoe muito junto aqueles que te são caros e amados, abraços – SUSANA – POA BRASIL

    Translation (By Google):
    I loved coming in here and look at everything, is really the max !!!!!
    everything is very beautiful, very practical, very easy for people like me do not know many things like that. you are very cute, smart, beautiful and pricipalmente ALTRUISTAS which is tough nowadays, people do not usually share what they know, like I would appreciate your response and maybe something in the lottery, I’ll be immensely grateful, God bless very close to those you hold dear and beloved, hugs – SUSANA – POA BRAZIL

  13. What a terrific idea! I’m going to go snag some of hubbies tees and get to work!
    I’m going to follow you!
    Stop by and visit me sometime!

  14. Popped over here from HowDoesShe… Certainly glad I did! This is fabulous! Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and inspiration!

  15. Hi Joanne,
    Well I tried to make the yarn and failed! For some reason, my strips became small strips instead of a single long one. But I am taking your advise for changing colors and gluing them together to make one continuous. We will see how it turns out! Love the one you made though! Post my result product on Facebook for you to see when I am finished…If I finish!

  16. I believed it was heading to become some boring outdated publish, however it seriously compensated for my time. I will publish a hyperlink to this web page on my blog. I’m positive my visitors will come across that very helpful.

  17. The site was exactly what we were trying to find

  18. I know this is like years later, but I would love to see a bathing suit cover up made out of t-shirt yarn…

  19. It is eaiser to make the yarn by just cutting the seam off the bottom, and cutting a continus cut around and around up to the arm pits, unless you have a cat.

  20. HOW CREATIVE!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your pattern!!!! This will be FUN to try!!!!!!!! 🙂

  21. Oh my word! This is absolutely AMAZING!! I would never in a zillion years imagine making yarn out of an old T-shirt, but WOW, what a clever idea! I’m gonna have to give it a try – just hope some of my old T’s don’t have seams.

    Thanks SO much for sharing.


  22. Love this!!! I have a ton of old t-shirts.. and no money for actual yarn!!! Do you have any knitting projects with this yarn?? I’m going to try and make this little bag for a soda bottle cosie!! Sweet!!

  23. I already knew about the t-yarn concept but your technique for changing colors is awesome! Thanks so much for the pattern too 🙂

  24. love this t-shirt yarn. Can’t wait to try it. Do you have a tutorial for the basket, too?

  25. Have you made any project with this tee shirt yarn that has been laundered? I would love to try knitting the yarn into a garment. However, I am wondering if all the pulling involved in making the yarn would shrink back in the wash and render garment useless. Thanks.

  26. I am assuming you can knit with this t-shirt yarn, correct? Your idea is fabulous. I must try it however I am a knitter. I see no reason why this wouln’t work. Have you tried knitting with t-shirt and what was the outcome?


    • Hi Jan,
      Yes, you are right, this T-shirt yarn can be knitted. I haven’t tried out the knitting version yet, but soon…. I just bought some t-shirt fabric by yardage, I am going to make a bigger project with my knitting needles. Hope I can get it done soon, it is in the queue 🙂

  27. I love the draw string bag idea. My cousin is moving to town & wanted me to teach her to crochet & this seems simple enough for her first project. Thanks!

    A suggestion for something else to make would be a rug. You can see mine here:

    But it would be nice if there were a pattern out there rather than making it up as I go… lol!

  28. is there any easier way to do this???

  29. Super cute bag! At first, when I saw the top picture, I thought it was a basket, as well. I’m crazy about baskets! I wonder if it would be feasible to crochet a big ol’ basket from t-shirt yarn. It might be floppy, but it would be awesome!

    • You can crochet a big basket with T-shirt yarn, it won’t go very floppy as long as the yarn is thick enough and your tension is tight enough. Cool idea to make as a laundry basket 🙂

  30. Question reguarding with of Tshirt yard. You start (15mm width strands) is this cut at 15mm or they should be 15mm after pulling them? Thanks, can’t wait to get this started

  31. very creative i like your works

  32. I am wondering how would cut knit fabric to make yarn from it… I can picture cutting the whole length in many strips, but wonder if you have a simpler idea. 🙂 Something more like cutting the shirt, but without working in the round… Thanks!! My daughter was recently given a bunch of fabric and I am pretty sure there was a batch of knit (t-shirt feeling) material in it…

  33. Finally finished one of these bags after having to wait until I was able to find matching T shirt colors. Pattern calls for 2 tee shirts. I started with 2 but was held up when I ran out and couldn’t match. I am now trying to figure out how much in total length yards after pulling do you think it takes? I have found a local store that now carries tshirt yarn. I have been requested to make some for christmas presents but am to lazy to have to make my yarn so I am thinking about buying some pre-done. I think I ended up using 7 shirts(sounds like alot compared to what you suggested). I have tried to calculate but not having much luck. Any help would be appreciated.

    • 7? Why do you need so many, it is such a small bag to crochet, I just used the bottom part (below armpit) of the T-shirt to crochet. I didn’t measure how long a T-shirt can give, so i really don’t know how many yard of T-shirt yarn it will need, but 7 sounds ridiculous. Is it something wrong somewhere?

    • I have made a second one to try and figure out why I am using so many shirts. 2nd one took 5 shirts xl size, I check my hook, correct size and check my yarn cut to size correctly. My bags are coming out 11 x 7 inches. Crazy

  34. Thank you for this fantastic lesson as well as the pattern. I have made one for myself that i carry around when at the camp on the weekends. Many complements. I am currently creating my second for my cousins wife. My motivation came when I had a polithera of both grey and blue tshirts from a company my husband was laid off from back in January of 2013. I had great pleasure in cutting up the tshirt to create the yarn. Thought you might like to know your ideas satisfied more than just adesire to craft and recycle but to redirect the stress associated .

  35. Craft Passion,

    My bag ended up being 11 inches tall and 7 inches wide. I double check my 8mm hook and yarn width, they are correct. I decided to make a second one to check it out again, and again same measurements. Second bag took 5 t shirts (arm pit down) xl shirts. I have no idea where I am going wrong. I do like the larger size my bags are but I am baffled where I am going wrong.

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  37. Just learning to crochet, and this is just what I am looking for.

    Will certainly look out for more ideas from you. Thanks.

  38. About how much T-shirt yarn does a Man’s XL T-shirt yield?

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