5 Petal Flower Crochet Pattern

5 Petals Flower main

I created the crochet pattern for the blue 5-petal flower that I attached on “The Dazzles” after some requests from readers. And that was weeks ago, I have a tough time writing the crochet pattern as it involved 2 layers on the petals, front and rear, and they then join-up by single crochet the outer row along the petal. I want to make sure that my instruction is clear for you all to understand. So…. in order to make it easier to understand, I photographed and showed some of the easy-to-get-confuse instructions in pictures 🙂

5 Petals Flower 2

{CLICK HERE to get the 5 Petal Flower Crochet Pattern.}

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  1. Great post with step-by-step instruction and photos! I am so impressed with your detailed free pattern but totally confused as a novice. Your 5-petal flowers are so beautiful!

    • You are absolutely right about the abbreviation of the crochet pattern, you must have at least the basic knowledge on how to crochet before you can do this pattern. Hope you can pick up this hobby soon 🙂

  2. Wow! This is so tedious! Even with the steps I am so confused! But, it is beautiful and the colours are so bright and brilliant! A great condiment for a handbag! 🙂

  3. wow…amazing works! thumbs up

  4. i love your pretty flowers. i’ve added them to a blog article. please check it out at http:/crochet.craftgossip.com


  5. I really like this.

  6. Beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing the pattern. I will definitely try crocheting them soon.

  7. hi!! I love ur site!! n specially the flowers! I wanna make it but its a little hard for me because spanish is my language n is a little hard to understand the explanation. do u have a tutorial video to make the flowers or an explained translation in spanish? pls, let me know because these are the perfect flowers I was searching for! will be waiting for ur answer!!! TY so much!!

  8. hola, soy gaby de argentina y me gustaron mucho sus trabajos, pero mas aun la flor de los 5 petalos. se me complica mucho para ver el patron en la pc en la q estoy. soy aprendiz y mucho me gustaria aprender a realizarlas. si no es mucha la molestia, me encantaria q me mandaran el patron por mail. le agradezco mucho por su tiempo. gracias y besos

    Translation (by Google):
    hello, I’m gaby from Argentina and I really like his work, but still more of the 5 flower petals. I was much more complicated to see the pattern in the pc in the q am. I am much like an apprentice and learn to perform them. if not too much bother, me encantaria q me sent the pattern by mail. thank you very much for your time. thanks and kisses

    • No puedo ver el patron de la flor de cinco petalos sería posible si me enviara por correo electronico dicho patron le agradecia mucho.

      Translation (by Google):
      I can not see the pattern of the flower with five petals would be possible if I emailed the boss thanked him very much.

  9. Hello,
    I love your flower. Try to make a smaller version but i get confused when you are done with first row , turn…you mention to sc in 2nd sticht from hook…does this means i have to crochet 16 more chains???? or you meant in the second stitch from 1st row???
    thanks so much for your help

  10. ganda ng crochet i love it amwuapx !
    hrap m22o nyan grabe .
    kaw ang gling mo !

    Translation (by Google):
    Filipino to English
    nice crochet amwuapx i love it!
    hrap m22o nyan grabe.
    kaw ang gling mo!

  11. thank you fo sharing the pattern, really beautiful

  12. Hola,maravillosas las flores!.Son preciosas!.Yo tengo por hobbie tejer flores al crochet,las coloco en los zapatos,bolsos,ropa,etc.
    Me encantaría si me pudieran mandar patrones de flores.Muchas gracias!

    Translation (by Google):
    Hello, beautiful flowers!.’re beautiful!. I have a hobby knitting crochet flowers, place them in shoes, bags, clothes, etc.
    I would love if I could send flores. Muchas patterns thanks!

  13. sint foarte frumoase florile -chiar incintatoare, felicitari, mi-au placut nespus de mult, si mai asteptam ceva modele noi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Translation (by Google):
    flowers are very beautiful, very charming, congratulations, I liked very much, and wait some new models !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi liked your flowers, only the description is not very clear how to knit! could I ask you to place the scheme, thanks!

  15. Wow, how beautiful! Just found your site as I’m surfing around. Love your work. I was wondering if you could share exactly which thread you used. I’d love to make these and want them to look just like yours. I’m biting at the bit to git it a try. 🙂

    You do beautiful work and thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Laina, this is not the usual thread meant for crochet. I am not sure what is the name or brand of this thread either. I found it in the craft shop I used to go and bought a bunch of it in loose packing. Traditionally, some used it for embroidery/cross stitch on the bamboo mesh.

  16. OK, thanks. I’ll see what I can find. Does it need the elasticity?


  17. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work. I tried out your beautiful 5-petal flower and I am so happy with it. I have posted it on my blog and linked to your website. Thanks again.

  18. Thks, actually it is red but I think it is the light effect as I took the pics at night.

  19. Please may you tell me the Brand or where I can buy that type of Yarn you used in this Tutorial… I have been looking for years here in the USA and have not seen it… I highly appreciate you help… Thank you in advance

    • Hi JenniferG, I think it is not common in USA and it doesn’t come with any branding on the packaging. I am afraid I really can’t give you any information more than the picture shown in the tutorial.

  20. Thank you for your intention to try to Help I appreciate it

  21. I found the picture of these crocheted flowers awhile back and loved it. I used the picture as my profile picture. I am just now coming across the FREE pattern for these, I cant wait to get started… thank you sooo much for sharing this with everyone!! 🙂

  22. I’d love to take a stab at this pattern, I have made stars before. What are the directions before getting started on the petals?

  23. Could you tell us please, how to begin the flower from the beginning? What makes up the center ring? How many stitches did you use around the center ring before you began making the flower petals. These are SO pretty! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  24. Цветок бесподобный!Очень хорош!Спасибо!

    Translation (by Google):
    A flower of unparalleled! Very good, Thank you!

  25. Well, good grief! Once I sat down and actually LOOKED at the pattern, my question was answered. If at first you don’t succeed, follow the instructions. LOL

  26. I absolutely adore these, thank you soo much for sharing your lovely work ♥

  27. Hey…I saw your pattern and I really liked it. Just to let you know I blogged about it on my site. Its a really nice design….

  28. Do you have a video on how to make these?

  29. Здравствуйте! Очень понравился ваш цветочек, но не в силах разобрать Ваше описание, т.к. не владею языком должным образом… Не могли бы Вы выложить схему вязания, или сделать эту страничку на русском языке?

    Translation (by Google):
    Hello! Loved your flower, but can not make out your description, because do not speak the language properly … Could you lay out the scheme of knitting, or to make this page in Russian?

  30. It was hard to make the first petal. I even drew a diagram for myself. It took me almost an hour of trying, but I finally made the first petal and later whole flower. It is very nice and a bit unusual. This brooch will be a gift for my bests friends daughter.

  31. I have the sane question as Diana from March 3, 2010. After first row, you say to sc in 2nd stitch from hook. To which stitch are you referring? There is only one stitch on the hook at this time. I love this flower and wish to use it to embellish hats. Thank you.

    • It is a chain stitch. I will amend the pattern and change the st to ch. Thank you for bringing up this. It is an old pattern so my written pattern was a bit blur.

  32. The told me you have the 5 Petal Flower Crochet Pattern also in Dutch but i cant find it

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