Pom Pom Tutorial – Hair Barrettes


So, you’ve made some pom poms for your project and want to make use of it, to decorate it etc, but…. the size is too big or you want it in another shape other than round. You need to trim it, of course.

Trimming needs skill and it is just like a hair dresser’s job. Lack of skill may cause over trimming and unevenness, the more you trim it and try to get to the right shape you want, the pom pom become smaller and smaller. The worst part is, after hours spent in trimming, you still can’t get the shape you want and the original pom pom is snipped beyond recognition, you get frustrated and give-up. What a waste!!! I have gone through this (I am not a hair dresser) so I know what you’re going to face with “the trim”. I found a good tip after some researches. The following tutorial will show you how to trim your pom pom to your desired shape and size easy and fast 🙂 to me, it never failed!!!! I made this trimmed pom pom into pom pom hair barrettes.

{CLICK HERE to get the Pom Pom Hair Barrettes Tutorial.}

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  1. These are cute! I didn’t know fabric glue can bond to metal like that. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I have 2 nieces whom one of them is cheerleading for the grid kids these would be ideal for for them wear in their hair! Thanks for the suggestions. This is way to cool. (Grid Kids = Football for 7 – 10 yrs old)

  3. Here is a little cheer:

    Pom Pom barrettes are way to cool, easy to make … wear them to school… put them in your hair b/c there easy to wear … or tie them to your shoes …. you have nothing to loose … pom pom pom barrettes …. the colors are fine … Joanne is the best …. stay tuned to Craft Passions … for more great ideas … Yeaa … Pom Pom Barrettes …:) lol lol

  4. You are an amazingly talented person, and I just wish that I could have an ounce of your crafting ability. Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us.

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