How To Sew Sock Skeleton Doll

sock skeleton

I think this is the most spooky cute handmade I have ever made … ha ha ha… Even I feel eerie watching them sitting there…. Welcome the Mr. & Mrs Sock Skeleton!!! Let them startle your guests when they come for trick or treating!!! You might be interested to make the pumpkin and the spider from pom pom as well and set them up in a corner of your door step, and


sock skeleton

I was searching for Halloween decoration ideas when I stumbled upon Martha Stewart website and found the basic sock skeleton (aka the Mr. Sock Skeleton), I love the idea and it seems pretty easy to sew too. I always wanted to sew a sock doll after seeing Brenda’s guest tutorial on the sock kitty. This sock skeleton is the prefect one for me to try out at this moment, in preparing for the upcoming Halloween.

sock skeleton

So, there I was, cast my first trial, it was really an easy-peasy job. I got it done pretty fast even though it was just my first try (the video in Martha’s site was really awesome, thanks Martha!!!). I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to share it, so I took a quick photo and shared it in my facebook page. On the very fist glimpse, I can feel that Mr. Sock Skeleton was so lonely sitting on the ladder by himself… oh poor guy…. that’s where I got the idea to make a companion for him, Mrs. Sock Skeleton 🙂 Get the tutorial and how to …

sock skeleton

By the way, before jumping to the how-to, I have a story to tell…. There was an eerie thing during the process of sewing Mrs. Sock Skeleton… no, no, she didn’t stand up, walk or dance in the middle of the night when I left her in my craft room, LOL!!! Do you think she looks similar to the late “King Of Pop” who debuted his famous moonwalk dance? No? imagine again if her hair is black…. eweee…. I intended to sew her a black hair, but I changed it to orangy brown because it really chilled me out, also, I don’t want her to look like my favorite pop idol, he is a “HE” not a “SHE”!

sock skeleton

{CLICK HERE to get the How To Sew Sock Skeleton Doll Pattern & Tutorial.}

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  1. THIS is just amazing! So so so cute!! And nice tutorial, I must try it out necessarily!

  2. You really scared me with your skeleton and eerie story. Brilliant ideas for Halloween craft!

  3. Very cute! And it’s the perfect time to make it. Not so crunched for time at the beginning of October.

  4. You always have such wonderful tutorials! They’re gorgeous and well explained and a pleasure to read. I love them! Thanks so much for the cute skeletons, I’ll be linking.

  5. Very cute and fun idea!

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  9. Thanks for this tutorial. I love skeletons and this one is amazing.

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