Crochet: Dolly LampShade Cover

Crochet Loopy Lamp Shade Cover

Crochet Loopy Lamp Shade Cover

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It’s time to give my old lampshade a new look!!! I crochet a lampshade cover for the SKIMRA I bought at Ikea many years ago. See how it brightens up a room after putting on a new dress? This new lamp has since “migrated” to my daughter’s room and never look back any more!
Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact material ie. knitted jersey strips from my stashed and the lampshade I bought from Ikea, follow the tutorial further down to adapt this method to suit your old lampshade and the yarn of your choice. Well, all you need to do are taking some measurements and do some simple maths to create your own lampshade pattern. It’s totally flexible!!!
Get my typical crochet pattern after this jump and jump further down for the tutorial.
dolly lampshade

Crochet Pattern

Difficulty Level:
Advance Beginner, must know how to crochet ls [loop stitch], sc, sc2tog, slst & ch.

Materials & Tools:
1. Yarn : knitted poly jersey cut strips, 3/4″ wide, qty: not sure (they were from my stashed) but I guessed that 1 1/2 yards of main color and 1 yard of secondary color should be more than enough for a small lampshade I have.
2. Crochet hook: 5 mm
3. Tapestry Needle
4. Lampshade, Ikea’s SKIMRA, or if you used other lampshade, go to the tutorial further down to create your own lampshade cover pattern.
5. Measuring tape or ruler
6. Calculator

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
ls = loop stitch
dec 1 st = sc2tog = single crochet 2 together or single crochet decrease
slst = slip stitch
st = stitch
NOTE: when dec 1 st, do the sc2tog anywhere within the round but away from the position of adjacent dec round. For example: when the dec is on the 3 sts, do the next dec at 23 sts, then 3rd dec at 13 and forth dec at 33 and so on…. This will make the lampshade slopes evenly and won’t tilt at one side.

Crochet pattern:
Ruby pink
Base chain: ch 46, slst to the first ch to form a loop.
rnd 1: ch1, sc 46, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 2: ch1, ls 46, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 3: ch1, sc 45, dec 1 st (see NOTE at abbreviations), slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 4: ch1, ls 45, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 5: ch1, sc 45, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 6: ch1, ls 45, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 7: ch1, sc 44, dec 1 st, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 8: ch1, ls 44, slst to first ch, turn.
Baby pink
rnd 9: ch1, sc 43, dec 1 st, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 10: ch1, ls 43, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 11: ch1, sc 43, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 12: ch1, ls 43, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 13: ch1, sc 42, dec 1 st, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 14: ch1 sc 42, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 15: ch1, sc 41, dec 1 st, slst to first ch, turn.
Ruby pink
rnd 16 – 17: ch1 sc 41, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 18: ch1, sc 40, dec 1 st, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 19 – 20: ch1 sc 40, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 21: ch1, sc 39, dec 1 st,, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 22 – 23: ch1 sc 39, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 24: ch1, sc 38, dec 1 st,, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 25 – 26: ch1 sc 38, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 27: ch1, sc 37, dec 1 st,, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 28 – 29: ch1 sc 37, slst to first ch, turn.
rnd 30: ch1, sc 36, dec 1 st, slst to first ch.
fastern off and hide yarn

Method and Concept

measure lampshadeTake measurement on the existing lampshade {value in [ ] is my measurement}:
1. Bottom circumference (C1) [ 20"]
2. Top circumference (C1) [15 1/4"]
3. Height or Length (L) [11"]

crochet tensionUse the hook size recommended by the yarn manufacturer, make a 5″x5″ swatch or test square of sc crochet to gauge your crochet tension.
Check the amounts of rows (R) and sts (S) in 3″x3″ square.
[I have 8 row, 7 sts in 3"x3" square]
Do the following maths to get the require rounds and stitches to come out with the crochet pattern for your lampshade {my calculation is in [ ]}.
Bottom circumference in stitch = C1 x S / 3 [46 sts]
Top circumference in stitch = C2 x S / 3 [36 sts]
Length = L x R / 3 [30 rows]
[from my calculation, I need to decrease 10 sts in 30 rows, i.e. make a decrement every 3 rows.]

Loopy lampshade coverMake a chain loop based on the number of stitches required for the bottom circumference.
Crochet from bottom up while decrease (sc2tog) the stitches evenly till you reach the length and top circumference. Scatter the decrement stitches so that the lampshade won’t tilt to one side.
Turn while you proceed to the next round, loop stitch (ls) forms on the other side away from the one facing you. Alternate the round of ls with sc, ie. 1 round of ls 1 round of sc, 1 round of ls and so on. {I used alternate}.
Crochet about 1/3 of the total length with loop stitch (alternate with sc stitch), follow by all sc stitch to the rest of the 2/3.
Change color when you reach 1/4 and 1/2 of the pattern.

crochet pattern flower bouquetEmbellish the shade with something nice, for example:
Flower bouquet – pattern and tutorial to follow soon.
Pom-pom – just roll the balance fabric strips across your palm (the more rounds the fuller the pom-pom will be), take out and tie really hard at the center. Cut the loops and trim them to make the pom-pom looks round and balance.
Other suggestions:
1. Insert some beads into the strip, and put 1 bead when crochet each loop for a gypsy look
2. Glue a row of pearl bead garland at the top edge for a classy look

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  4. i like this idea for the lamp very much..plz have you a video foe learning how to make this ??

    • Hi Shereen, no video, worry! But the pictures & the tutorial should be good enough for you to design your own lamp shade cover :)
      For the loop stitch, click the link for the word “ls” in the post, it will bring you to the “how to crochet loop stitch” tutorial.
      Happy trying!!!

  5. Wow, amazing! Oh, and I love the pig on the bed :-)))

  6. That’s DARLING! I love the way you embellished it. Thanks for the pattern, I’ll be linking.

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  9. This has been posted as the tutorial of the day on my blog, The Crafty Artisan. I have posted a photo and a link sending my readers to your web site.

    Happy Crafting!

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