Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial

freezer paper stencil T-shirt

Father’s Day is just around the corner, if you need to make a quick father’s day craft with the kids, this “We Love Daddy” with hand prints stencil T-shirt would be a perfect gift for the daddy that he would want to wear it everyday. It is a freezer paper stencil method, the stencil design can be done very fast if coupled with computer and printer. You can either download the stencil pdf pattern I made or create your own, the font I used is “American Typewriter”. If you can’t find freezer paper locally, you can always substitute it with sticker paper, like the one I used on skeleton Halloween costume I did for my son last year.

For those with only 1 kid, I have prepared another letter for you with an “I”, so you can make a ” I Love Daddy” Stencil T-shirt instead. For the hand prints, simply print both left and right hands on it. For those has more than 2 kids, adjust the hand prints position so that every kid has his/her share to touch the daddy’s “heart”. You can always enlarge the heart shape when printing to cater for more hands. Cool!!!

father's day DIY

Last year, I sewed a boxer shorts for father’s day and he loves wearing it till now. This year the kids made him a great T-shirt, he sure is one of the luckiest daddies in the world to have 2 consecutive handmade from his loved ones in 2 years and more to come lol…. In fact, seeing him wearing them makes me so happy and dying to make more for him!!! Next year, I have to get prepared earlier for 2 father’s day crafts, one for the kids and one for me to make.

stencil method with freezer paper

{CLICK HERE to get the Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial.}

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  1. Awesome! I am sure the “Daddy” will melt in his heart…. 🙂

  2. Hello! very cute this shirt! and children too!
    Thank you for sharing such wonders!

  3. It is always such a pleasure to ‘call in’ on your site and your amazing craft ideas – I usually end up ‘sharing’them and/or having a go myself.

    I have a lot of acrylic paint in tubes, not the permanent type….could I use that or would it wash out too easily ?

    Thank you for yet another brilliant idea, paricularly as it is great for kids too ! x

  4. Sorry, forgot to tick the notification box, hoping for an answer to my question. Thanks ! x

    • You can always try the acrylic paint on a scrap fabric, let it dry for overnight then wash it to test it out if it is permanent 😉 If it fades after washing, perhaps you need to add textile medium to it.

      • Good morning,
        Great to wake up to your swift and helpful reply ! Must try this asap ! Will report back.
        Kiki x

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  6. hi there, i would like to know where can i purchase freezer paper in penang? or did you get it online/where? thanks heaps!

  7. Hi, love the tshirt.
    Can you tell me where I can get freezer paper in Penang?
    Tq ☺

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