Mic-O-Pear Metal Frame Coin Purse

Mic-O-Pear Metal Frame Coin Purse

Mic-O-Pear Metal Frame Coin Purse

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After weeks of fine-tuning and sewing to improvise the 3-D pear purse I designed more than 2 years ago, I finally pear-fected it…. here comes….. the Mic-O-Pear coin purse. Why name it Mic-O-Pear? because it mimics the pear, lol :)

This pear purse has been in my to-do-list ever since I designed the pear fabric, just that I keep on procrastinating due to the overflown ideas and projects in hand. I am playing catching up lately… Sorry to keep you all waiting for the release of this pattern and tutorial. Finally, I am glad that I have got it done perfectly as the way I like.

In line with the design, I also created another pear purse, the Mod-O-Pear coin purse, tutorial and pattern to follow.

Here is the tutorial to sew a ball clasp metal frame coin purse of Mic-O-Pear….

[ If you would like to win the supplies and kit to sew the Mic-O-Pear, I have 8 sets to giveaway, enter the giveaway draw before 7 Oct 2011. Closed ]

Download pattern here.

1. Fabric – 2 colors [20" x 9" each] or 3 colors [14" x 9" each]
2. Batting [with iron-on adhesive] – 14″ x 8″
3. Metal Frame [sewn type]- Arch shaped, 8.5 cm
4. Cotton cord – 2″
5. Cardboard or letter size paper
6. Sewing thread
7. Strong sewing thread

1. Sewing machine with normal presser foot
2. Sewing needle and pins
3. Pencil & marker
4. Erasable fabric marker
5. Iron
6. Add seam allowance tool
7. Blunt tip tweezers

Seam Allowance:
7mm or approx. 1/4″

Finished Dimension:
5″ (W) x 6″ (H)

pdf pear purse free patternDownload the Mic-O-Pear Purse sewing pattern in pdf document and print it with your printer.
Feed the letter size paper into your printer and print the patten without setting any scale on the printing.
{the pdf download will either open in new tab or open a small window asking you to save it as file. If you can’t find the saved file in your computer, the default folder usually is in “/downloads”}
{If you can’t download the pdf pattern, probably you don’t have acrobat reader, download the latest version for free, here.}

sewing materialGet ready all the materials as mentioned above.
For purse making, normally I will make a pattern template using a cardboard so it is easy to trace, add seam allowance and can be used repeatedly.

Trace with allowanceTrace the pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric and add at least 7mm or 1/4″ seam allowance.
Mark frame markings on the fabric too.
For fabrics that has directional print, the narrower side of the the pattern is the top and the wider side is the bottom.
For fabrics with no directional print, reverse the template in tracing to reduce fabric wastage.

trace pattern on battingTrace pattern on batting with marker on non-adhesive side. No seam allowance needed. Trace them close to each other and in reverse order to reduce wastage.

Cut the batting along the inside of the tracing lines to get the correct shape and size.
Pin the batting onto the wrong side of the traced fabric with adhesive side down.
Only 6 pcs of the fabrics need batting, lining fabrics don’t need batting.

Turn the pinned fabric to the right side and press with medium heat iron to adhere the batting.
Increase the heat level if the batting cannot bond well on the fabric.
Do not iron directly on the batting, the heat will melt the material.

Cut the pattern out from the fabric [with seam allowance] after attaching the batting.
Note that, for this 3-color design, 2 of each color will have batting on them, the other 2 are without batting which act as lining.
For 2-color design, 3 of each color will have batting on them and vice-versa.

Pin and sew to join 3 fabrics to make a half pear.
Make 3 little snips at seam allowance on the narrow waist of the pear.
Press seam allowance to the center piece, top stitch near the seam to set it in place.

Repeat the sewing to make a pair with batting [top] and a pair without batting / lining [bottom].

Place a batting piece on a lining piece with right side facing each other.
Align, pin and sew around. Leave a 1 1/2″ opening for turning the right side out.

Turn right side out, smooth and align seams.
Sew to close the opening.
Top stitch near the edge.
Repeat to make another half pear.

Combine 2 half pears and slip stitch from frame marking to frame marking.
Perform back-loop slip stitch a.k.a backstitch in hidden stitch, will make the seam more durable.

Mark the center line on the top edge.
Aligned the metal frame center line to the purse center line. Aligned the metal frame end points to the frame marking on the purse. Back stitch with strong thread to install the metal frame to the purse.
This tutorial might be helpful for frame installation.
The purse’s top edge is slightly bigger than the metal frame, evenly spread the extra across the frame while sewing to achieve a nice curve for the pear’s neck.
[You can use the normal glue & clamp type of frame if you cannot find the sewn type.]

Sew the pear stem onto the purse.          

Sew the leaf fabrics together with right side facing each other.
Make a small cut of about 1/2″ on the non-batting side.
Turn the leaf right side out from the small opening by using a pair of tweezers.

Smooth out seam and mend to close the opening.

sew leafTop stitch on the right side to decorate the leaf with veins.

sew pear coin purseSew the leaf on the purse to complete the Mic-O-Pear Purse.

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  1. I’m still hoping on this one! If you see this I love that mini pear fabric and would love to know the mfg. so I can try to find it.

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! omg, it’s the cutest thing! and great job on the pear fabric. i don’t think i’ve seen any before this. is that why you made your own? i want one! i want one! the kit would be so adorable to make. my oldest sister loves pears; this could be her christmas present! no wait! her bday is oct 28! totally adorable. i don’t comment on alot of stuff, but so love the things you make. keep it up lady!

    • Hi Rhonda, thanks, I have to design the pear fabric after an inspiration from a friend since I can’t get similar fabric from the market.
      Please head over to giveaway post to comment and stand a chance to win the sewing kit for your eldest sister.

  3. I LOVE THIS! it’s sooooo cute! i already commented on the drawing site, so here i am to comment here! i want one!!! lol

  4. Hi Rhonda, thanks. there is another giveaway post before this, http://www.craftpassion.com/2011/09/giveaway-pear-purse-sewing-kit-open.html please comment there for the entitlement. Thanks :)

  5. YEP! already posted there! lol i’ll be back tomorrow! right now i’m looking at the other goodies! lol

  6. Tank you for this cute tuto! It is lovely from you to vive it to us!

  7. Hello dear! its another awesome tutorial by you! thank you sooo much for sharing with us!! i love this multi-colored pear :)
    ~ Love From Pakistan ~

  8. I absolutely adore this pear purse!!

  9. I love it!! Sew genius! I would love to have one, it would be perfect for my bag to hold loose items in! Thankyou so much for the free pattern!

  10. Hello :) Would love to learn and practice to do that really adorable Pear Purse ^___^

  11. So cute ^ ^ I want to give it a try too

  12. I would like to win one of these purse. Really nice..

  13. Oh my goodness, I LOVE IT! I totally must make this. I love pears :D

  14. Oh my gosh! You’re awesome. I had NO idea you were going to give us all this pattern. I LOVE this so much and I did not realize that was your fabric either. I LOVE that fabric. I’m very much crossing my fingers that I might possibly win this. I’ve never used a metal purse frame and would love to make one of these. Of course I can buy them myself if I don’t but gosh, winning is always SO much more fun. LOL

    Thank you so much for the pattern.

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  16. I love it! You are so generous in not only posting the tutorial but also a giveaway. Thanks.

  17. I was going through the pattern , when I noticed a small error .
    the seam allowance , under materials required is given as 7 cm .
    Its the same in the other post with Mod o pear.

    Lovely pattern and a great idea.

  18. C’est trop mignon !

    Merci à Sophie pour le lien.

    Translation (by Google):
    This is too cute! Thank you to Sophie for the link.

  19. Hi! Thanks for this lovely pattern! I am going to make one each for my neices and my mom for Christmas. One question though, I am having a hard time finding the metal purse frame–where do you purchase yours? Thanks for the help!! =)

  20. Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop! I sewed a purse and I’m very happy with the result! Thank you again! My version of the purse is here

  21. Hey. i wanted to ask about the patterns.. are they your own? you’re just genial m’am.

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  24. Hi! I’m wondering where I can find the seam allowance tool that you use in the 3rd picture. It looks very handy and is a tool I would like to have. I have searched online and found some other tools but not one that is like this. Help?

  25. Hi I really love this little purse, and have plans to make several as my daughter in law would adore it. Trouble is I can’t download the tutorial, I have tried everything including good old fashioned copy and paste but nothing works….please help. Its a wonderful design and I think its amazing that you offer it for free, thank you for you generosity.
    angel x

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