Mod-O-Pear Ball Clasp Coin Purse

Mod-O-Pear Coin Purse in Ball Claps Frame

Mod-O-Pear Coin Purse in Ball Claps Frame

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This is the another version of Mic-O-Pear coin purse I published a few days ago. Adapting the frame’s vintage mama-look, I created this pear purse in a mod style, thus, named it Mod-O-Pear. The sewing method is a little different from Mic-O-Pear but installation of the purse frame is the same.

Ball clasp frame purse is popular during the 60′s and 70′s, it was a “must” for a girl to own a frame purse. I still remember my mum have at least 2 but they seems “rotten” in my memory but she still used it when we were young. Sentimental value that counts or perhaps it is so easy and convenient to open and close with just a 2-finger twist and pinch!

I am so happy with the great response on the pear purse sewing kit giveaway which is ending this 7 Oct 2011. Please enter now to win 1 of the 8 sewing kits in the giveaway. [The giveaway is now closed]. And, if you are not aware of, this pear fabric was Craft Passion’s design and it is not for sale yet.

Download pattern here.

1. Main fabric [pear print] – 12″ x 6″
2. Base fabric [dark green] – 4″ x 12″
3. Lining Fabric – 9″ x 12″
4. Batting [with iron-on adhesive] – 8″ x 12″
5. Ball Clasp Metal Frame [sewn type]- Arch shaped, 8.5 cm
6. Cotton cord – 2″
7. Cardboard or letter size paper
8. Sewing thread
9. Strong sewing thread

1. Sewing machine with normal presser foot
2. Sewing needle and pins
3. Pencil & marker
4. Erasable fabric marker
5. Iron
6. Add seam allowance tool
7. Blunt tip tweezers

Seam Allowance:
7mm or approx. 1/4″

Finished Dimension:
5 1/4″ (W) x 5 1/4″ (H) x 1 3/4″ (D)

Download the Mod-O-Pear Purse sewing pattern in pdf document and print it with your printer.
Feed the letter size paper into your printer and print the patten without setting any scale on the printing.
{the pdf download will either open in new tab or open a small window asking you to save it as file. If you can’t find the saved file in your computer, the default folder usually is in “/downloads”}
{If you can’t download the pdf pattern, probably you don’t have acrobat reader, download the latest version for free, here.}

Get ready all the materials as mentioned above.
Trace the pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric and add at least 7mm or 1/4″ seam allowance.
Mark frame markings on the fabric too.
Cut fabric now or after attaching the batting.
Trace pattern on batting with marker on non-adhesive side. No seam allowance needed.
Cut the batting along the inside of the tracing lines to get the correct shape and size.

Pin the batting onto the wrong side of the traced fabric with adhesive side down.
Turn the pinned fabric to the right side and press with medium heat iron to bond the batting to the wrong side of the fabric.
Increase the heat level if the batting cannot bond well on the fabric.
Do not iron directly on the batting, the heat will melt the material.

Sew purse to base, from marking “B” to marking “B”.
When attaching another side of the purse fabric, sew from marking “A” to marking “A”, matching markings “B to the ends of the base.
Clip curve at seam allowance.

Repeat sewing and clipping for both purse and lining.
Leave a 2″ opening at the lining for turning the purse right side out later.

Insert lining into purse, right side facing each other. Align markings. Sew the top edge from marking “A” to “A”.
Turn the purse right side out from the opening on the lining.
Smooth out seam and top stitch near the top edge.

Mark the center line on the top edge.
Align the metal frame center line to the purse center line. Align the metal frame end points to the frame marking on the purse. Back stitch with strong thread to install the metal frame to the purse.
This tutorial might be helpful for frame installation.
The purse’s top edge is slightly bigger than the metal frame, evenly spread the extra across the frame while sewing to achieve a nice curve for the pear’s purse.
[You can use the normal glue & clamp type of frame if you cannot find the sewn type.]

Sew the leaf fabrics together with right side facing each other.
Make a small cut of about 1/2″ on the non-batting side.
Turn the leaf right side out from the small opening by using a pair of tweezers.

Smooth out seam and mend to close the opening.

Top stitch on the right side to decorate the leaf with veins.

Sew the leaf on the purse to complete the Mod-O-Pear Coin Purse.

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  8. Instead, you can carry it everywhere you go for not eating it, Lynda lol

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  12. Please be reminded this is not the correct giveaway link. There is another link before this with the title “Giveaway | Pear Purse Sewing Kit | Free Pattern & Tutorial at”. Comment here don’t count as it won’t go to the giveaway post. I am sorry if I confused you.

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  19. Hello, can I hand sew instead ? I do not have a sewing machine.

  20. Where can you buy quality metal coin purse closures, please? The ones I have found online look shoddy. I have a 25 year old coin purse whose closure is still in great shape with regular use (the outside fabric is fine but the liner needs replaced) and I would like to make some for gifts and would like them to have a closure that will look nice and hold up well (your coin purse is delightfully whimsical and pretty!) Thanks in advance!

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