African Flower Crochet Purse – Part 1

african flower crochet pattern

Finally, I have prepared the tutorial for this African Flower Purse, the one I wanted to make for the longest time. It is the one I planned to design and make since seeing Mia’s African Flower motifs a year ago. The moment I have it designed and started working, I already have the desire of wanting to share with you how beautiful this purse is going to be…. but I choose to save it until now (ohhhh… it is hard for me to keep this secret for that long). Now, I am so happy to splash your eyes with this beautiful baby that you would want to make and carry one 🙂

african flower motif

Be prepared, this is going to be another lengthy tutorial, with both crochet and sewing involved. I have to split it into 2 tutorials:

  • Part 1 (this tutorial) – crochet and joining of the African Flowers motifs to make up the purse.
  • Part 2 – sewing part of the lining and handles which stabilized the purse.

I modified a little on the white border of Mia’s pattern to make it into single crochet on back loops only. To cut the story short, get the pattern and tutorial after this jump.

{Get full details on next page.}

Crochet African Flower Purse

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  1. We do not have 3mm crochet hooks here, could you recommend another size? The closest we have is 2.75mm or 3.25mm. Would one of those work, and if so which would you recommend? Thank you!

    • Both of them work but you will need to adjust your tension a little, for example, crochet a little loose tension when using 2.75mm hook. Check the size of the flower and hope they can get near to the tension gauge as of the pattern. Otherwise, you will end up with a slightly smaller or slightly bigger purse.

  2. Jessy Chairez is asking how do you sew or attach the fabric lining to the purse.

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  5. I started this purse a couple of months ago. My flowers are all done and I am now trying to figure out how to join them. I can only find tutorials and videos that demonstrate joining as you go. I can’t find anything that shows how to join using the tails I left on each of the flowers for joining. Do you have a tutorial for this. I’m stuck at this point and don’t want to just guess my way through this part. I’ve spent so much time and effort to get these flowers done in the colors I chose and have them laid out just how I want them to be joined, but I am stumped at how to do it without some kind of instruction. I would send you a pic if you like. What is a gravatar and where do I find it? *I used to think I was pretty tech savvy!* 😉

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  7. Hi, I wanted to say that I love this bag and I really enjoyed making it as well. I’ve made two so far. Mine are different colored schemes though. I haven’t tackled the lining yet because I’m very new to sewing but it looks like a great challenge:) I wanted to know if I could sell the bags I’ve made in my shop? I’d give you full credit of course 😉

  8. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for your tutorial.I just finished my bag and it looks fenomenal! I’ve lined it up a little different using a plastic folder between two pieces of textiles. I also made a coin purse to match this purse, using the same African flower motif. Wonderful design you’ve created for all of us! Thank you once more! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Me encantó este bolso. lo terminé en una semana. Está hermoso, lo modifiqué un poquito para que tuviera más altura, adentro el forro tiene dos bolsillos, se pegan a presión. Lo hice con reciclaje de hilo hecho a partir de medias de nailon (a eso llamamos media fina en mi país). Si me contacta al correo le envío unas fotos de mi bolso. Gracias por subir esas fotos.

    Translation (by Google):
    I loved this bag. I finished it in a week. It is beautiful, I modified a little so I had more height, indoors lining has two pockets, stick to pressure. I did recycling yarn made from nylon stockings (we call that fine media in my country). If I contact the email I send some pictures of my purse. Thanks for uploading those photos.

    • That’s great, Lucy. Please send via the contact form, just upload the photo with the contact form and click submit. I will be able to receive and see your purse soon. Happy New Year!

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  11. Beautiful bag.., thank you for sharing the pattern.

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