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intrecciato weave tutorial
Lately, I am a little ardent in making weaving pattern with any of my feasible craft materials. Besides the entrelac knitting pattern which I have made into a messenger bag, the basket weave blanket, woven rag rug and basket weaving; this time I am making weave fabric – Intrecciato with light weight denim salvaged from my old pair of denim overalls. [Intrecciato means interlace / braided / weave in Italian]

May be you are not a fan of Bottega Veneta, but I am sure you have seen this signatured woven texture in handbags and purses made popular since early of the millennium. The designer and developer of the luxury artisan leather goods, Bottega Veneta, called it Intrecciato Weave and it remains the signature of it’s brand.

weave fabric tutorial

This is the tutorial on how to weave fabric (light weight denim / cotton) strips which I have applied it on the water bottle holder. If you are interested on the water bottle holder pattern, it will be on the next tutorial. There are several ways to weave fabric strips and this tutorial is something for a neat look, though you need to invest some time on preparing the strips, but it is worth the time!!! I might have another fabric weaving tutorial coming the way as I am testing out a different technique, wish me luck to get it done successfully so I can share the method with you 🙂

Hope you will enjoy making this Bottega Veneta inspired Intrecciato Weave by using quilting weight cotton or light weight denim.

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how to make intrecciato weave

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  1. Beautiful!!!

  2. What a great tutorial. I will put this on my list to make.

  3. Wow that is AWESOME just beautiful !!!!!!! I love it !!!!!! Thanks for the tut!!

  4. her yaptığı çok güzel bayılıyorum sana hayranım

    Translation (by Google):
    I admire you so beautiful I love all his

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. Love this weave 🙂

  6. It`s very cute!!

  7. Love the look of this. Is there a way to make a quilt like this or is it just to heavy? Not sure if you can cut length of fabric or only crosswise (selvage to selvage).
    Very pretty and interesting.

    Brenda M.

    • Brenda, it could be too stiff and heavy as a quilt, I am thinking that rag rug could be more suitable if you want to make something big for the house.
      I cut the fabric along the direction of the selvage since you can get longer length from cut by length fabric, but you can basically cut any direction.
      Happy trying out 🙂

  8. I love this tutorial. I wish you’d do more of them with video though. Thanks again.

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  11. It’s look like ” Bottega Veneta”!
    Thant You!

  12. I’m thinking about “Bottega Veneta too..

  13. where to buy all the equipment, this project look very interesting!!!..do u buy ’em online or available in most craft stores..?

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for all these great tutorials! Just found this site today – just love it!

    Just thought I should make you aware of one little error that snuck in here… You write that 3/8″ equals 9mm. It doesn’t. It is 10mm (or exactly 0.9525cm which rounds up to 0.96cm, which rounds up to 1cm or 10mm [calculated like this: (2.54cm:8)x3=0.9525≈1cm] )…

    Just thinking… Over many strips, making them 9mm would make a difference, e.g. on the bottle holder finished size (e.g. if some do it without the 3/8″/1cm bias tape maker), using a metric ruler and 9mm wouldn’t be a very good idea… 🙂

    Again, thanks so much for all those great tutorials! I can’t believe that you find time for it on top of another job and having kids! Fantastic!!! 🙂

    Just thought I should mention it, so you at least know for later… 🙂

  15. OMG!!! You are AWESOME!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you *kissing your feet* See what I did after cracking my brain and wondering how to do the Intrecciato Weave thingy
    Will attempt this with leather and show you when I do.
    Q: Will the Clover Bias Tape Maker – 9mm (3/8″) work well with soft leather? I would like to know before I invest.

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  17. I just recently found this post. Job well done!

    I wanted to speak to the last post that asked about leather. I have done this several times with lamb skin and I just cut the strips 1/2″ wide, using a quilting ruler. Since leather doesn’t ravel, there was no need to run them through the folder, as you had to with fabric. I then used the same technique you used, gluing the strips down. When I was finished, I flipped it over and used my press to fuse low temp interfacing to the back, for stability. This last step may not be needed for every situation, but I was using mine to make yokes for a jacket and wanted the extra support.

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    Translation (by Bing):
    I really like it, we don’t have those hozužel helper Widget

  19. Great piece. Where can I buy the maker

  20. I am obsessed with the look of this! And how many pairs of jeans (or partial jeans) do I have in my “make-something-with-this” pile? Love it, thanks for the great tutorial!

    • I used part of the jeans to make it. It depends on how big your project is to determine how many pair of jeans you will need. Note that the the fabric strips are cut in a diagonal direction of the fabric weave. Hope this info helps.


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