Hemp Basket Crochet Pattern

crochet hemp basket

Recently, I found myself strolling at Ace Hardware store more often than usual. I used to go to craft shops to get my craft supplies but now seems like I found an “auxiliary” place to buy… the HARDWARE shop!!! I bought a roll of manila rope from my local Ace Hardware store and made a hemp basket by coiling the rope with yarn using crochet method.

crochet basket

If you have been a facebook fans of Craft Passion, I have asked a question a few hours ago about what can you make with the rope, yarn and a crochet hook, and this is my answer: a hemp basket. Sara has had the closest answer and many of you guessed it right… basket, bingo!!!! I also specially like the answer from Lorraine and Alison, they said plant hanger, coasters, hot pads for the table/counter top, Dimple H said door mat, Yusi said table mat, yes, they can be done with this method too. There are many other creative ideas from the answers, **love them all** I am going to explore them out with it possibilities if time permits, like build a house as Gillian mentioned… may be with a huge roll of rope, who knows… there is no limit when it comes to creativity. I enjoyed reading through all your answers, you are simply awesome!!!!

crochet rope basket

Check it out how I did it after the jump!!!!

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crochet hemp basket

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  1. this is a beautiful basket, I started it last night and it made a flat mat, but it sure is beautiful LOL! I used what I had and the rope isn’t thick or stiff enough so I’m going to get some different rope to work with! It took a little bit to get the hang of the stitches and the instructions but by about the 10th row I figured it all out. Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern

  2. very beautiful..want to make it..Is it works for ordinary yarn??

  3. Would you recommend this as a tote? I currently use a straw bag for church, but it’s breaking because of how much I have to carry.

    • Using this rope to crochet a tote might not be suitable as the tote will be quite heavy. Perhaps substitute the rope with something lighter weight will be a better choice.

      • Thanks. I have rope like this already, so I think I’ll make a doormat. How much yarn do you think I would need for this technique?

        • Hi Janae, I didn’t actually measure how much yarn I use to crochet. It is not much actually, as you can see from the picture that most of the stitches are just chain stitches with single crochet in intervals. I would say half a skein will do just an estimate.

  4. What kind of glue would you suggest?

  5. hello i am french please can bring me french text…impossible to track your insctructions…..with a translator on the net.thank you a lot

  6. Love this craft. I’m sure I’ll try someday. Meanwhile I’ve use a link to this post in my web to explain the technic I’ve used to make a scarf as it’s just the same you’ve explained brilliantly hear. Hope you don’t mind… Otherwise I’ll remove any reference. Thank you very much, Joanne.

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