Trapunto Baby Quilt

baby quilted blanket

If you have been a fan on Craft Passion Facebook’s page, perhaps you already knew that I just bought a Bernina quilting sewing machine. This trapunto baby quilt blanket is the first project I did with this superb machine I have ever owned.

Before decided on Bernina, I have been eyeing for a good quilting sewing machine with long arm space and durable for my kind of usage, where, I sew from thin to very thick fabric. My departed sewing machine might not heavy duty enough to go through my torture, it gave ways and died on me when I was just started with this baby blanket. I was disappointed and up-set because I need to haul off at this early stage of my new interest. With desperation, I went for a test drive on my friend’s Bernina and when she showed me the Stitch Regulator (BSR), I fell in love with this little gadget the moment I tried on free hand motion with it. Wow… that’s amazing, I never thought that free hand motion can be done so smoothly with so little practice. The stitch is so perfect that I can’t hardly archive it with my retired machine. Immediately, I called up our local Bernina and they sent up a B 550 QE to me 3 days later. I was so happy as I was able to continue with the baby blanket for my distant best friend who is expecting a baby boy 🙂 [If you are in Malaysia and would like to know more about Bernina, contact me for reference.]

whale trapunto

If you are curious what’s so special about this baby quilt, I used trapunto technique to quilt this baby blanket. The trapunto makes the prints on the fabric “pop up” or inflated to make it looks more dimensional. The technique is quite easy but required more steps and works. See the sun that “float out” off the blanket at the photo below, that’s the effect trapunto quilting is giving. I wish I can show you the before and the work in progress photo, but stupid me, formated my camera’s SD card before knowing that I haven’t transferred them to my computer. Hope that my descriptions are clear enough for you to understand, otherwise, I will make another detail tutorial when I finished my kids’ blanket.

trapunto sun

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baby quilted blanket using panel fabric

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  1. great job !!! absolutely adorable! ~~~

  2. WOW… I cant take my eyes off this . Its too gorgeous.

  3. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow..tot u were busy wt renovation and you still managed with a beautiful quilt … Cant wait to try it out as I hv 2 panels with me long overdue… Hope I will complete it before my baby outgrow the quilt..

    • Amelia, you should try this out, I once thought that it is going to be hard on me. Of course, need some practices before I can get along with the free motion controls.
      Yup, I am busy with the renovation but nothing stops me from crafting, especially at this time, I need to create more for my new home!!!! Luckily, I have a good Interior Designer to take care most of the renovation designs and works. All I need to do is feedback on her design, feed her my ideas, she will process it can come out with the design. We are coordinating very well so far 🙂


    Translation (by Google):

  6. You’re so pro….I got problem controlling the BSR…Sigh….

  7. Joanne! This blanket is so nice and the composition is perfect! Lovely, I liked it!

  8. Justsewfun Handicraft, practice with some scrapes and you will master it very soon. I tried BSR2 with hand start/stop button, it is better in controlling since it stops when I stop moving the fabric but I find that the beginning stitch is always taken too long for the needle to start moving. Currently, I am using BSR1 with foot start/stop, the stitches spacing is so perfect now.

  9. wah!that is great!:P

  10. Super lindooo!!! Muchas gracias!!

    Translation (by Google):
    Super lindooo! Thank you very much!

  11. I will be trying out my BSR tomorrow… Hope I can manage cos I have never done any quilt at all… 🙂 Will we get to see ur new home when it’s done? :p

    • That’s great, I am glad that you are staring to try BSR!!! I can tell you that you will never look back at ordinary darning foot for quilting.
      Of course, you will get to see my new home, I will share it here when it is ready. In future, you will get to see more as I take photos for my crafts 🙂

  12. Hi,came across ur website and this lovely baby quilt. I’m planning a kid’s blanket but don’t wish to use batting as it’s too warm for malaysian weather. What do u think using cotton flannel as backing with panel front?


  14. OMG …you are very tallented

  15. Oh my gosh. Your secret garden is amazing!! I’d love to make it but I have only done one quilt before and have never done trapunto. Can you recommend a youtube video or other instruction to help me learn this technique? thanks

  16. Oh! This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  17. Where can I buy the panel for Baby’s Boat Ride?

    • I bought it from a local quilting supply shop, Yee Button. Perhaps you can contact them to see if they still have the stock and able to ship internationally if you are not located in Malaysia. Good luck and happy quilting 🙂

  18. What a beautiful thing. It may be your new machine is great but it is YOU who is the artist. The little faces on those whales gorgeous.

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