Quick Fusible Applique Method

quick fusible applique method
Have you ever feel that hand tracing a decent amount of applique patterns to fusible web such as Steam-A-Seam or Heat’n Bond is something you want to skip? Multiply the time with the amount of appliques you need to trace, you are going to yell at them and pulling your hair. Even for those appliques that are simple, repeating it over and over again is boring and monotonous. Here is the tutorial to show you how to get them done faster with just a few simple steps.

I am sewing a full size super single blanket, “The Secret Garden“, that was specially designed for my daughter. The 62″ x 88” blanket has lots of appliques, if I wasn’t miscounted, there are a total of 360 pieces of them (the photo shown below is only part of the applique I did). I was slapping my forehead and feel a little regret to be so enthusiastic on the design when I realized how time consuming it was to trace every single applique by hand. Well, project must go on and I need to think of a way to make things go faster before I surrender on it. Through out the process, I’ve come out this method that make things a lot easier and faster for me.

Click page 2 to go to the tutorial and I hope that you find it useful for your fusible applique project too.

{Get full tutorial on next page.}

how to mass produce fusible applique

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  1. My aunt had taught me this little trick and its a lifesaver.

  2. I just found your web site and love this quilt pattern. Should the pattern pieces to use with Steam-a-Seam be printed at Full Size or printed to fit 8 1/2 by 11 Paper? Thanks, Deborah

  3. Tried to print the quick applique method and it would not let me print it.

    Love the pattern and the quick applique method have a new granddaughter and would love to make it for her big girl bed.
    I think it will take me that long to get it done so if I start now maybe will have it when she gets her big girl bed!

    Thanks for your pattern and ideas!


  4. Thanks for the tips on how to use the steam-a-seam as I have forgotten how to use it.

  5. A vendor at the Spokane Quilt Show shared this with me. Brilliant! One correction and one tip. Correction: In the last step I think you meant to say “stick it on the wrong side of your fabric.” Tip: If it’s difficult to remove the paper, use a pin to score it right down the middle.

  6. Love your site. I added comments earlier, did not see them posted. Will try again.

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  8. I think Bert’s correction is wrong. The fusible/applique has to be on the front of the fabric/ the background. Not the back. Stick it on the right side is correct.

  9. Can you tell me please how one sticks the applique pattern on the fusible in this methoḍ? Do you just press it or do you use a warm iron? I peeled off the paper and put my applique on top but am not sure how to keep it in place.

    • There are 2 types of applique webbing, I used the one that is ready to stick, but there is another type where you need to iron the paper side of the webbing to get the adhesive side to stick on the wrong side of the fabric. I assumed that you have those iron-to-stick type, please use the later method to stick.

  10. Still finding your pattern, and still loving it, in 2015! thanks so much for your creativity and generosity! huggahugga,,,

  11. I love this pattern, is their directions on how to put this quilt together with borders etc.

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  14. I was wondering did you appliqué by hand or by sewing machine

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