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Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern

Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern

January 19, 2013 /

pinwheel quilt block

Here is the pinwheel quilt block pattern and tutorial I have promised to show you in the Snowman Quilted Pillow Cover and how to piece Half Square Triangle (Easy Quick Method). Finally, I’ve gotten it done within my busy schedule between crafting and renovating my new house. YAY!!!

This simple Pinwheel Quilt Block is constructed by 4 pieces of Half Square Triangle (HST) units. Arrange HSTs in such a way to resemble a pattern of revolving triangles, just like a pinwheel.

Hope that you will try it out soon!!!

I am currently working on my daughter’s full size super single blanket, hope to be able to update you on the progress soon. The new house is waiting for a DIY on a plank wall, build-in cabinets, furniture, and decorations, and we will be ready to move in. Can’t wait!


Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern

To make 1 pinwheel block.

Tools & Materials:
1. Half Square Triangles (HST), 2 inch square, 4 pcs
2. Sewing machine with 1/4″ patchwork foot
3. Ruler & Roller Cutter
4. Cutting mat
5. Scissors
6. Iron

Final pinwheel block measurement: 3″ W x 3″ H (exclude seam allowance)

half square triangles hstPrepare 4 pieces of 2 inch square Half Square Triangle (HST).
Press seam to darker color HST.

piecing pinwheelGet a pair of HST and place them in this orientation.

sewingFlip one of the HSTs over, align the corners and the diagonal seam lines of the HST.
Sew 1/4″ from the raw edges use patchwork foot or quarter inch foot.
Tip: To speed up the process a little, I like to sew several HST pairs at once before cutting up the thread.
Press seam to the darker side

piecing pinwheelArrange 2 pairs of HST in this orientation.

join top and bottomFlip and sew with 1/4″ seam allowance.

seams allowanceRemove some stitches here (arrow pointing) to split up the newly sewn seam allowance so that they can press to the darker side of their respective HST pair.

pinwheel backPress with a warm iron. There will be a tiny pinwheel showing at the wrong side of the block.

pinwheelThe right side of the pinwheel block with matched corners at the center of the block.




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