Strawberry Jelly Mooncake Recipe

Strawberry Jelly Mooncake Recipe

Strawberry Jelly Mooncake Recipe

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Time flies and the Mid Autumn Festival (中秋節) is just around the corner. Mandy and I made some strawberry jelly mooncakes over the weekend, it was a great fun. Though not traditional, jelly mooncake is something special to celebrate with together with the other traditional mooncakes. Kids love them a lot because it is served chilled, bright in colors, sweet… all-in-all, it is a dessert treat to them :)

Jelly Mooncake has been in trend recently due to it’s quick and easy recipe, mostly, it is an accomplish-able recipe if you followed through the steps and methods. In the traditional baked mooncakes, the steps and ingredients are tedious, even though you have done everything correctly but there will be still some factors that could affect the success rate. Another non-baked recipe you may try is the non-baked snow skin mooncakes (冰皮月饼) if you are able to source where to get the pre-made mooncake paste filling locally, it is also an almost fail-proof recipe.

During the night of the Mid Autumn Festival (中秋節), the moon is big and round. It is the best time to go outdoor at night, enjoying the bright moonlight while sipping a cup of tea and nibbling on the mooncakes. The kids will enjoy themselves lifting lanterns and walk around the neighborhood. You may want to make some glass jar pagoda lanterns to hang around the garden too.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival in advance, I hope you enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest! This year, the Mid Autumn Festival will be on September 19, 2013, which is corresponding to the Lunar calender of 15th day of the 8th month.

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  1. The link to the Strawberry Jelly Mooncake Recipe does not work.

  2. The link for the recipe won’t load for me! :(

  3. Where can i buy the mooncake mould? In penang?

  4. This is so lovely! Just love to eat jelly moon cakes! :)

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  7. Sorry, how much of water or coconut milk to add in the egg yolk recepi?

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