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I’ve got some beautiful fabrics from Modern Yardage a few months ago and I have decided to sew some little tablet carrier bags for me to bring out during weekend for a short coffee break. The size of this tablet carrier bag are suitable to keep your iPad, Kindle, Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus and other handheld electronic devices of similar size. They are good for books too or a quick grocery store trip, just dump your keys and phone in and off you go!

tablet purse

This tablet carrier bag tutorial comes in 2 versions, with or without zipper. I have developed the tutorial for both bags to suit your interests. “With Zipper” will be for intermediate level and “Without Zipper” is easier and quicker to sew.

I ordered 3 yards of fabrics from Modern Yardage early this year, Bumbaloo Collection by Marcia Copeland. Unlike the usual cut to yard fabric we bought off the shelve, Modern Yardage fabrics are print-to-order. They only print after you have placed the order via their website to save storage space and reduce the waste of out-dated prints. This quilting weight fabric comes in 58″ wide, but they only printed on 44″. The additional spaces at the side are printed with other interested things, like: wash instruction, free patterns, etc, you could use this section for sewing something fun. Modern Yardage uses environmentally-friendly, water-based textile pigments that is not harsh to human and the Earth. Read more to understand their product, here.

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Do you want to sew this Tablet Carrier Bag with the Modern Yardage fabrics? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s updates in Craft Passion, there will be a giveaway from Modern Yardage!!! At the mean time, please do follow Modern Yardage to see what do they have for you: facebook | instagram | pinterest | twitter

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[Update: here is the giveaway mentioned above, closes on 3rd May 2014.]

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{CLICK HERE to get the Tablet Carrier Bag Pattern.}

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  2. This is a great tutorial – very clear pictures and instructions! Just wanted to let you know that I featured a photo from this post in my weekly round-up! It’s clearly attributed to you and linked back with photo and text links :-). Happy Easter!

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  4. That’s an awesome bag!! I’ve linked to your post over at Craft Gossip:

  5. Thanks. I may try and adapt this for my laptop, making it larger and adding padding, for the occasional times I need to drag that to meetings. I really like that the handles go around the whole bag for strength.

  6. Hello,
    Such a nice cute bag. Can yo up lease tell me how big is the boxed corners?

  7. Hi , thank you for your great ideas . 😉

  8. Thanks very much for this – I made one & it turned out really well. I’ve written about it on my blog:

  9. *Very well written tutorial.* Thank you very much.

  10. thank you for a great idea

  11. Thanks Thanks Thanks
    Thanks a lot!
    God bless for all who are giving them support to this

  12. I would love to make this but the pattern will not download.

  13. Très bonne idée ce sac porte tablette ou ordinateur portable,mais heureusement que je me débrouille un peu en couture,car je trouve que pour les novices,les explications sont très compliquées.

    Translation (by Google):
    Very good idea that bag carries tablet or laptop, but luckily I’m doing a little sewing, because I find that for novices, the explanations are very complicated.

  14. Am I missing it or something?? I cannot find the pdf with your instructions, only the pattern pieces? Thanks, Pamela

    Beautiful tablet cover!

    • Hi Pamela, the pattern only consist of template of the carrier. The instruction is not the tutorial page itself. You may download it by using the green button “Print / Download PDF”.

  15. There seems to be directions missing. My Pocket (main piece color) is bigger than the liner, I followed the direction on cutting the size. I did not see any pattern pieces, am I missing something? Also on your pocket you have seem to added edging…..please explain how you did that. Wouldn’t it add size to your pocket?

  16. This looks like a really handy, and cute, tablet carrier bag. I love that you show how to make it with or without a zipper. Thanks for sharing the pattern and tutorial!
    I featured it on my blog:

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