Flat Slip Stitch Granny Join

flat slip stitch join
This flat slip-stitch granny square join is the joining method I used on the Sunburst Granny Square Blanket (see picture below). It gives a flat yet clearly defined vertical and horizontal lines that frame up the squares.

[Update March 31, 2015: If you are interested in the solid granny square crochet pattern, please click here]

The method is similar to slip stitch join I did on the African Flower Purse, but instead of joining at the back of the squares, this flat slip-stitch method is working from the front of the squares.

There are plenty of joining methods for granny square, choose the best to suit your project. Perhaps I should make a round up to show you some of those popular and commonly use joining methods. I hope this will come soon [Update : Click here to choose from the 12 ways to join your granny square]. Stay tuned! While waiting for that, please click page 2 for the detail tutorial of this flap slip-stitch method.

granny joining method

{CLICK HERE to get tutorial of Flat Slip-Stitch Granny Joint.}

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  1. Adorei

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  2. maravilhoso

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  3. Thank you for posting this magnificent tutorial! Just what I needed to finish my Starburst Granny Square baby blankie. I tagged your pattern in my Ravelry projects. This has been an easy and fun project. Thanks again!

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  6. I am on your site that shows the tutorial for a flat slip stitch join. I would love to get the pattern for the square that you used. It was a four square join and the squares were blue, green, red and purple. I have searched and searched but I just can’t find a square pattern that comes close to this. I love this pattern because it is all closed except for the corners. If you could please let me know where I could find this pattern I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Pam

  7. Buscando modelos de tejidos Granny, he encontrado su página y me parece maravilloso la variedad de formas para la unión de lo tejido. Gracias por su aporte a los que nos estamos iniciando en el maravilloso mundo del crochet

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    Looking for fabrics Granny models, I have found your page and I think wonderful variety of shapes for the union of the tissue. Thank you for your contribution to which we are initiating in the wonderful world of crochet

  8. Great tutorial, love the way this looks. Is there a pattern/tutorial for the solid square you used?

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  12. Brilliant this is exactly what I was looking for
    Thank you Tracy x

  13. How did you finish off the outer edge of sunburst grannie blanket? It was fun to do and I have two more to make must be me thing in the water here…

  14. Something in the water

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