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Amigurumi Overalls Crochet Pattern

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We often fill our closets with beautiful and fashionable clothes, so why not do the same for our stuffed animals? As promised, here is the overalls crochet pattern/crochet dungarees Ron, the Amigurumi Rhino, and Elwis, the Amigurumi Elephant was wearing in the previous post 💛 Add a pop of color to your Amigurumi’s wardrobe with this yellow-color crochet overalls pattern. It’ll make them look even more happy and lively! 

Amigurumi Overalls Crochet Pattern

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crochet overalls pattern for amigurumi

What are Overalls?

If you’re a stranger to the name “overalls,” you might be more familiar with dungarees (UK name) or bib suspender pants. Even though certain countries may name them differently, they’re essentially the same thing. Overalls or dungarees are a pair of sturdy trousers that has a bib or bib-like piece with straps attached to them. This garment is mainly worn by factory workers, mechanics, or painters over their shirts as a protective layer when working. The tough fabric and oversized design make them a very practical and effective outfit for both men and women to use as work clothes. In modern days, people wear overalls as fashionable garments.

Who Can Wear These Crochet Overalls?

Since our stuffed friends from the animal wildlife collection are almost the same size and build, you may crochet these bib overalls for them to all have matching outfits! Definitely, you may crochet it if the measurements fit your other stuffed animals as well, or modify the patterns if you know how to. Here are the measurements for the amigurumi overalls crochet pattern; widest hip girth 13″, leg girth 8″, length 5″. Like the doll bikini pattern and diaper pants, these crochet dungarees are made from stashed yarns. Instead of throwing away leftover yarns that are still in good condition, turn them into these adorable and unique amigurumi clothes.

If you’re well-versed with crochet techniques and understand how to work with different crochet tensions, you could even adapt the pattern to fit a newborn baby. Just imagine having a baby and an Amigurumi soft toy with matching outfits side-by-side; super adorable! 

amigurumi elephant in overalls crochet pattern

Who Can Crochet These Overalls?

Are you new to crochet craft? These overalls crochet pattern is for beginners. Anyone who knows how to read a written crochet pattern and do basic crochet stitches should have no problem completing it. However, if you want to try a simpler project first before attempting it, you may try to crochet Diaper Pants (you can find the free pattern in Amigurumi Elephant Crochet Pattern). Amigurumi clothes are fun to make because they are one-of-a-kind. We get to customize them by choosing the color, pattern, and size based on the stuffed animal. With just very little yarn required, you could whip up a few outfits in a short amount of time! 

amigurumi overalls crochet pattern

What Materials Do I Need?

The craft supplies to crochet these overalls for amigurumi stuffed animals are simple. Basically, pick the yarn color of your choice from your stashed yarns, then gather two pieces of decorative buttons, a 2.5mm crochet hook, a darning needle, and scissors. In this tutorial, we used yellow and white colored yarns so our Amigurumi animals could radiate happiness and energy. You may crochet the overall in a single color, like what Ron Amigurumi Rhino is wearing. As the sun begins to shine brightly above us, Ron the Amigurumi Rhino and Elwis the Amigurumi Elephant are both equally excited to be exploring the outdoors. 

amigurumi clothes crochet pattern

Special shoutout to Ron and Elwis for being the best models for the crochet overalls pattern. We had so much fun during the photo shoot, and they were so stocked about being in their new outfits. Of course, we allowed them to take home the crochet dungarees as gifts 😊 

crochet clothes for stuffed animal

Who could resist these adorable tiny outfits? It’s a pleasure to crochet Amigurumis, but it’s even more attractive to crochet Amigurumi clothes. Design and make clothes for your little friends while giving yourself a chance to feel like a fashion designer 😉

Happy crochet and happy making beautiful crafts!

overalls crochet pattern

Amigurumi Overalls Crochet Pattern

Yield: Doll Size Overalls Suit
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1 - $2

Crochet pattern to make a little overalls or dungarees outfit for the stuffed animals' amigurumi or make them for your own stuffed toy.

Size to fit animals:

Widest Hip Girth: 13 inches, Leg Girth: 8 inches, Length: 5 inches

You may adapt the pattern to fit the size of your stuffed animal or doll. This Overalls crochet pattern could fit a newborn baby too if you know how to adapt it with different crochet tension.

Kids LOVE to dress up their dolls, be it for their stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, or superhero figurines. So, are you ready to make some tiny outfits? Head on down to learn more about the crochet overalls pattern for our stuffed friends!


  • Stashed Yarn, color of your choice. (I used Yellow and White yarns.)
  • Decorative Button, 2 pcs, small


  • 2.5mm hook
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors


Abbreviations (US Terms)
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
sc2tog: sc 2 sts together (normal decreasing stitch)
slst: slip stitch
RS: Right Side
WS: Wrong Side

Crochet Tension, 4" x 4" Gauge:
approximately 21 sts x 24 rows


Follow the following crochet pattern to crochet the overalls.

  1. Pants Part
    This pattern is made by joining two leg pieces together.
    To make the first leg piece, begin with Yellow yarn:
    Base Round: ch 40, slst to form a ring
    Round 1 (RS): ch, sc 40, slst to the first st. Turn. {40}
    Round 2 (WS): ch, sc 40, slst to the first st. Turn. {40}
    Round 3 (RS): ch, sc 40, slst to the first st. Turn. {40}
    Change yarn to White
    Round 4 (WS): ch, sc 40, slst to the first st. Turn. {40}
    Fasten and hide yarn ends.

    To make the second leg piece, begin with Yellow yarn:
    Base Round: ch 40, slst to form a ring
    Round 1 (RS): ch, sc 40, slst to the first st. Turn. {40}
    Round 2 (WS): ch, sc 40, slst to the first st. Turn. {40}
    Round 3 (RS): ch, sc 40, slst to the first st. Turn. {40}
    Change yarn to White:
    Round 4 (WS): ch, sc 40, slst to the first st. Turn. {40}
    Round 5 (RS): This will be where the two pieces join. ch, 2sc, sc 30, 2sc, (8 stitches left to the beginning of the round) [refer to pic 1]. Then continue to crochet on the 9th stitch of round 5 on the first leg piece [refer to pic 2], 2sc, sc 30, 2sc, slst to the first stitch of the second leg piece [refer to pic 3].
    Join the middle part (crotch) of the pants by sc into the back loops of both leg pieces, sc 8. [refer to pic 4]
    Fasten and hide yarn ends.

    [Pictures Reference:
    The blue marker is the first stitch of the round. There will be 8 stitches left undone in this round, these 8 stitches are reserved for the crotch of the overall pants.
    pic 1overalls crochet pattern

    The pink marker is the 9th stitch of round 5, whilst the peach marker on the left is the last stitch of the first leg piece. Crochet according to the flow as shown in the picture to complete round 5.
    pic 2overalls crochet pattern

    This is how it looks like after joining the 2 leg pieces. The middle part is the crotch of the pants.
    pic 3overalls crochet pattern

    Make sc stitches to join the crotch area to complete the pants part of the crochet overalls.
    pic 4overalls crochet pattern]

  2. Body Part
    With Yellow yarn, continue to crochet from the pants [refer to pic 5].
    Round 6 (WS): ch, sc 68, slst to the first st. Turn. {68}
    Round 7 (RS): ch, sc 68, slst to the first st. Turn. {68}
    Change yarn to White:
    Round 8 & 9: Repeat Round 6 & 7.
    Change yarn to Yellow:
    Round 10 & 11: Repeat Round 6 & 7.
    Change yarn to White:
    Round 12 & 13: Repeat Round 6 & 7.
    Change yarn to Yellow:
    Round 14 (WS): ch, sc 68, slst to the first st. Turn. {68}
    Round 15 (RS): (Make an opening for tail, refer to pic 7) ch 3, sc in 3rd st (i.e. skip 2 sts), sc 65, slst to the first st. Turn. {68}
    Change yarn to White:
    Round 16 & 17: Repeat Round 6 & 7.
    Change yarn to Yellow:
    Round 18 & 19: Repeat Round 6 & 7.
    Round 20 (WS): ch, sc 68, slst to the first st. Turn. {68}
    DO NOT fasten as we are going to continue with the straps and trim after completed the bib part.

    [Pictures Reference:
    Insert hook into the first stitch, pull the yarn through to begin the crochet.
    pic 5overalls crochet pattern]

  3. Bib Part
    Begin with a new strand of Yellow yarn:
    Row 1 (RS): Insert the hook into the 25th stitch pull the yarn through, ch, sc 20, turn. {20} [refer to pic 6]
    Row 2 (WS): ch, sc 20, turn. {20}
    Row 3 (RS): ch, sc in 2nd st (i.e. skip 1 st), sc 18, turn. {19}
    Row 4 (WS): ch, sc in 2nd st (i.e. skip 1 st), sc 17, turn. {18}
    Row 5 (WS): ch, sc in 2nd st (i.e. skip 1 st), sc 16, turn. {17}
    Row 6 (WS): ch, sc in 2nd st (i.e. skip 1 st), sc 15, turn. {16}
    Row 7 (WS): ch, sc in 2nd st (i.e. skip 1 st), sc 14, turn. {15}
    Row 8 (WS): ch, sc in 2nd st (i.e. skip 1 st), sc 13, turn. {14}
    Fasten and hide yarn ends.

    [Pictures Reference:
    pic 6overalls crochet pattern]

  4. Straps & Trim
    Continue from pants, working on the Right Side of the Overalls:
    ch, sc 12.
    Strap 1: ch 40 or long enough to cross the body and reach the bib, ch 5 (loop of the strap), slst into the back bump of the 6th st from the hook [refer to pic 8], slst in the back bumps throughout the strap to reach the overalls body.
    continue to sc 12 on the edge of the body to reach the bib, then sc 7 along the slope of the bib, 2sc at the first corner of the bib, sc 12, 2sc at the second corner of the bib, sc 7 along the slope of the bib, sc 12 on the body.
    Strap 2: repeat strap 1.
    sc 12, slst to the first st.
    Fasten and hide yarn ends.

    [Pictures Reference:
    The yellow arrow is pointing to the hole for the tail.
    pic 7overalls crochet pattern

    The back bump of the chain stitch is the bar behind the stitch.
    pic 8overalls crochet pattern]

  5. Pocket (Optional)
    With Yellow yarn:
    Row 1 (RS): ch 9, 2sc in 2nd st from hook, sc 6, 2sc, turn.
    Row 2 (WS): ch 2sc, sc 8, 2sc, turn.
    Row 3 (RS): ch, sc 12, turn.
    Row 4 (WS): ch sc 12, turn.
    Row 5 - 7: Repeat, row 3, row 4 then row 3 again.
    Fasten, leave long tail for sewing.
    Sew pocket at the bib area, about 4 rows from the top edge of the bib. Or, sew the pocket at your preferred position.

Sew 2 buttons on the bib as the strap fasteners to complete the Crochet Overalls. overalls crochet pattern

dungarees crochet pattern


Stashed yarn must be equivalent weight size to the intended amigurumi animal.

You are allowed to crochet and sell the handmade product make from this pattern on small-scale production. However, you are not allowed to publish the patterns and pictures in any form without the prior written permission of Craft Passion.

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Nancy Yakuben

Wednesday 4th of May 2022

I just finished making Minny the mouse. What an adorable pattern. All my friends have fallen in love with her. I hope you don't mind that I changed her name to Molly the mouse. Just wondering if you have more dress up patterns? I usually give all of my things I make away, but Molly I'm keeping for myself. Thank you for this, and many other patterns.

Craft Passion

Monday 9th of May 2022

Hi Nancy, You may find all the crochet wearables for Molly (nice name) in the link given. Enjoy!

Rebecca Akdogan

Friday 11th of June 2021

Hello my name is Rebecca I’m currently making or trying to make the pants for the Rhino which I have completed no problem . I don’t no whether it’s because I’m left handed but I cannot seem to get the join right with the 2 circles or I’m going the wrong way . Any ideas where I’m going wrong please

Craft Passion

Saturday 12th of June 2021

I am not left-handed so I am not sure if my assumption below is correct. Please try this for left-handed crochet, mirror image the flow to see if you can get it right. I hereby attached the modified picture and hope that it helps. Please do let us know if it is correct.

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