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Crochet Bikini Pattern For Doll

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Here is the free crochet bikini pattern to make a set of a crochet halter bikini top & crochet ruffled skirt for doll and stuffed animals’ amigurumi. You may adapt this easy crochet bikini top pattern and ruffled skirt pattern to suit your doll size. With little yarn and a crochet hook on hand, you can now make something beautiful for your crochet animals, plushies, or/and dolls.

crochet bikini for stuffed animal

Certainly, we are all aware of how much children enjoy playing dress-up. It’s the time when they are allowed to act in different roles and explore imaginative ideas. What’s more? Kids LOVE to dress up their dolls, be it for their stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, or superhero figurines. So, are you ready to make some tiny outfits? Head on down to learn more about the Doll Crochet Bikini Pattern for our stuffed friends! This pattern should be familiar to my Craft Passion animal family

Doll Crochet Bikini Pattern

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crochet bikini

With that said, how many of you recognize the outfit that’s on Hady, the Hippo Amigurumi? It’s a crochet bikini doll’s clothes I made for her about 11 months ago. Since many of you asked for a detailed tutorial on how to crochet the bikini for stuffed animals, this is what this post is all about! 

doll bikini crochet pattern

The crochet bikini pattern is sized for a doll with a chest size of 10″ to 12″ and a waist of around 12″. Don’t worry that if the size doesn’t fit your doll, you can always adapt the pattern and make changes a little. Simply adding or reducing some stitches in the crochet pattern or using bulkier or lighter yarn weight to make the size fit the doll.

This cute little ruffled skirt crochet pattern is suitable for any other animal, after all, the crochet instruction mentioned that you could measure the waist to determine how big you have to crochet. Want a longer ruffled skirt? Just crochet a few more rounds to make it longer.

doll bikini crochet pattern

Apart from Elwis & Elyra, the Elephant Amigurumi; and Princess P, the Piggy Amigurumi; Hady is one of the few lucky animals in the Amigurumi community who owns an outfit. Happily, now that we have crocheted more bikinis for dolls, Hady will be able to hang out at the beach with her friends in the same outfit!

Let’s Play Dress Up

bikini pattern for amigurumi

Here we have Gem, the Giraffe Amigurumi, in our new white crochet bikini, and Aile, the Winged Unicorn Amigurumi, in our green crochet bikini. They are so excited to be in their new outfits and are excited to head down to the beach together with Hady! By the way, we have an extra set of red crochet bikini, ready for anyone who wants to join in.

This crochet bikini pattern is a beginner’s level craft, hence, don’t be shy to craft more so that their friends can have their fair share of fun at the beach.

how to dress amigurumi

All this while, Hady had wished for a companion to go the beach. Despite this, no one was willing to go with her due to the lack of suitable clothes. She kept all her beach-related accessories to herself helplessly in hopes that one day, she could share her mini sun hat, mini straw tote, duck buoy, mini sandals, and beach ball with her friends. Now that the day had finally arrived, she was definitely ecstatic! She even has a new blue bikini on… Don’t you think it flatters her skin tone? 

Get Ready For Sun Tan

crochet animal in bikini

With their new bikinis on, Hady, Gem, and Aile are all set for the beach. It has been a while since they’ve all been out together due to the difficult times this year. Hady is so ready to introduce her favorite chilling spot to her friends. She had been rambling on and on about the white sandy beach, calming sea breeze, deep blue ocean, squabbling seagulls, and soothing sounds of waves.  

amigurumi in bikini

Off they went, hand in hand, showing off their new outfits. As I mentioned earlier, you can always work on this quick doll bikini crochet pattern as practice. This simple and adorable doll bikini for the toy will make you, or even your kids, scream for more. 

Crochet away! And don’t forget to tag us (@craftpassion) on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)!

Crochet Bikini Pattern For Doll

Crochet Bikini Pattern For Doll

Yield: Bikini Top and Ruffled skirt
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1 - $2

Crochet pattern to make a set of little doll crochet bikini tops and ruffled skirts for the stuffed animals' amigurumi. Make them for your own stuffed toy.

Size to fit animals:

Chest: 10 to 12 inches, Waist: 12 inches

You may adapt the pattern to fit the size of your stuffed animal or doll.


  • Stashed Yarn, color of your choice
  • Decorative Button, small (for ruffled skirt)


  • 2.5mm hook
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors


  1. CROCHET BIKINI TOP: Crochet chain stitch base follows the crochet pattern. With 2 separate strands of yarn, crochet 2 triangles side by side in the middle of the base strip.
  2. By using the yarn left from the base, continue to crochet around the piece to complete the bikini top.
  3. CROCHET RUFFLED SKIRT: crochet the chain base enough to wrap about the tummy of the stuffed animal and add 5 chain stitches for the button loop fastener.
  4. To create a ruffle effect to the skirt in this bikini crochet pattern, crochet the skirt with a set of 1 row of single crochet stitch (sc) and 1 row of double crochet increment stitches (2dc). Repeat until your desired length is reached.
  5. Sew a small button on the opposite end of the loop.
  6. Lastly, weave in all yarn ends as instructed in the bikini crochet pattern.

Abbreviations (US Terms)

ch: chain
dc: double crochet
sc: single crochet
sc2tog: sc 2 sts together (normal decreasing stitch)
slst: slip stitch

Crochet Bikini Top Pattern

bikini top crochet pattern

Base Row: ch 131, don't cut yarn.

Triangle 1 (refer pic.1)

Row 1: With a new strand of yarn, insert hook at 55th on the base row sts, ch, sc 10, ch, turn.
Row 2: sc2tog, sc 6, sc2tog, ch, turn.
Row 3: sc2tog, sc 4, sc2tog, ch, turn.
Row 4: sc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog, ch, turn.
Row 5: sc2tog, sc2tog, ch, turn.
Row 6: sc2tog
Row 7: ch. Fasten & hide yarn.

Fasten off. Hide yarn

Triangle 2 (refer pic.2)

Row 1: With a new strand of yarn, insert hook at 67 sts on the base row, ch, sc 10, ch, turn.
Row 2: sc2tog, sc 6, sc2tog, ch, turn.
Row 3: sc2tog, sc 4, sc2tog, ch, turn.
Row 4: sc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog, ch, turn.
Row 5: sc2tog, sc2tog, ch, turn.
Row 6: sc2tog
Row 7: ch. Fasten & hide yarn. (refer pic.3)

Continue from the base row, slst in 2nd st from hook, slst in the next 54 sts,

slst on the stitches at the upward slope triangle 1 (about 6 sts of slst),

make neck strap for triangle 1 by ch 51 (refer pic.4), slst in second st from hook, slst in the next 50,

slst along the downward slope of triangle 1 (about 6 sts of slst),

slst in the next st on the base row (between 2 triangles)(refer pic.5),

slst along with the upward slope triangle 2 (about 6 sts of slst),

make neck strap for triangle 2 by ch 51, slst in second st from hook, slst in the next 50,

slst along the downward slope of triangle 2 (about 6 sts of slst) (refer pic.6),

slst in the base row till you reach the end. (refer pic.7)

Fasten off. Hide yarn

Note: For the red and white bikini, use white yarn to crochet the base row and the strap of the bikini. Use red yarn for the triangles.

crochet bikinipic.1

Mark-1 is the base row which has 131 stitches. It is also the strap of the bikini, you may adjust the number of stitches to suit your doll.

Mark-2 is the end of the base row, don't cut or fasten the yarn because you will need to continue to crochet it at the later part of the pattern.

Mark-3 is the first stitch of the first triangle of the bikini. It is also 10 stitch to the right from the mid point of the base row. The midpoint of the base row is at 66th stitch.

Follow the crochet pattern to crochet Triangle 1 of the bikini.

crochet bikinipic.2

Mark-1 is the Triangle 1 you have just completed.

Mark-2 is where you should insert your hook with a new strand of yarn to make Triangle 2.

Follow the bikini crochet pattern to crochet Triangle 2 of the bikini.

crochet bikinipic.3

This is how the bikini should like after completed Triangle 1 and Triangle 2. I didn't hide the yarn ends in the picture (as instructed in the pattern) just to show you where the crochet begins and ends.

crochet bikinipic.4

After you have completed the 2 triangles, continue to crochet from the base row where you have paused for the triangles.

The pattern calls for sl st on the base row, along the slope of the triangle, then crochet the neck strap that's connected to the triangle.

crochet bikinipic.5

When picking stitches to crochet the slopes of the triangle, make 1 slst for 1 row of the triangle pattern. This will give you a total of about 4 to 5 of slip stitches along the slop till the tip of the triangle. However, if your tension of slst stitches is as taut as mine, you may need to add another 1 or 2 slst along the slope (about 3 slst in 2 rows). As a rule of thumb, eyeballing to adjust the tension of your crochet or add the number of stitches just to make sure the slst trim isn't too tight that it curls up the triangles.

crochet bikinipic.6

Repeat the same to the second triangle and also create a neck strap at the tip of it.

crochet bikinipic.7

Continue to crochet until you come to the end of the base row.

Hide all yarns to complete the bikini top.

Crochet Ruffled Skirt Pattern

crochet bikini

Row 1: ch 70, sc in the 6th st from hook, sc to the end, ch3, turn. (refer pic.8 & 9)
Row 2: 2dc in next 65 sts, ch, turn (refer pic.10)
Row 3: sc to the end, ch3, turn (refer pic.11)
Row 4: 2 dc to the end. (refer pic.12)
Fasten off. Hide yarn

Sew a small button as the fastener of the skirt. (refer pic.13)

Note: For the red and white ruffles skirt, use white yarn to crochet row 1 & row 3, and, red yarn on row 2 & row 4.

crochet bikinipic.8

Mark-A is the circumference of the waist of the stuffed animal. in this pattern, it is 65 stitches for the hippo and her friends. Adjust the number stitches for your doll or stuffed animal toy.

Mark-B is additional 5 stitches to make the loop fastener of the skirt.

crochet bikinipic.9

There is a small loop at the right end after you have completed Row 1.

crochet bikinipic.10

At Row 2, you only have to crochet 65 sts as per the pattern fo the ruffled skirt. Do not crochet on the loop.

crochet bikinipic.11

crochet bikinipic.12

Hide all yarns except the one at the beginning of Row 1. It is reserved for sewing the button of the skirt.

crochet bikinipic.13

Sew a small button to complete the ruffled skirt.

How To Wear Bikini

Put on the doll bikini to the stuffed animal, tie to fasten the bikini top, and hook the button of the ruffled skirt.

crochet bikini


You are allowed to crochet and sell the handmade product make from this pattern on small-scale production. However, you are not allowed to publish the patterns and pictures in any form without the prior written permission of Craft Passion.

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