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Chinese New Year Paper Cutting

Chinese New Year Paper Cutting

February 26, 2015 /
Free Chinese Paper Cutting FCM file

Since it is still in the Chinese New Year festive, I made 2 quick Chinese New Year paper cutting decorations with the ScanNCut machine. With the cutting machine, I can easily repeat the cutting and make more of them. I gave them away to my friends and family members so that they will have the nice red prosperous paper decorations for their home too.

For your convenience, I have included the downloaded files of the Fu (福) and Yang (羊) character for you in both FCM and JPG files in the tutorial page (Page 2). You may use the FCM files to cut directly or you may try out the Canvas software to create your own. For those of you who don’t own a cutting machine, you may download the JPG format and manually cut them out with Exacto knife.

Chinese New Year Paper Cutting

scroll ⬇️ to get the free downloadable template

I received a Brother ScanNCut machine end of last year and it is my most wanted Christmas gift of all. I was so excited as I have been dreaming to own an electronic cutting machine for as long as I knew that there is such a handy machine in the market.

Brother ScanNCut machine comes with a scan feature which has made the crafting even easier and fun. I have been doing some quick cutting since then (here is an example) which you can use the built-in design comes with the machine. You can also scan a simple image and cut it out all in one machine. Cool!!! Watch all the demo videos to see how amazing this machine can do to us crafty person.

Today, I am doing something more complex by using the online software called “ScanNCut Canvas“, all I need to do it to find an image in jpg, load it into the software and trace it to transform the image into an FCM cutting file! You may find how to do it in the following Youtube Video, by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. She has a lot of ScanNCut video tutorials, be sure to watch her creations.

Besides JPG files, you may also use GIF, PNG or BMP files of less than 5MB. In addition, ScanNCut Canvas is able to import SVG, DXF, and FCM of less than 2MB files from other cutter machines.

Note: Please use downloaded images with caution and make sure to use only those royalty-free images which are meant for personal and hobby use.

I have created a ScanNCut Crafts board at Pinterest to collect the cut files and images to be used for the future. I will add more as I go. Please follow me at Pinterest to see what I have added to this board and other boards.

Chinese Paper Cutting FCM file

At the meantime, I would like to share with you some photos of my home decoration I did for this year’s Chinese New Year. In 2015, it is the year of Goat according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Chinese writing of Goat is Yang (羊). I did a paper cutting of (羊) calligraphy character besides the word of (福). Fu (福)  means “fortune” or “good luck”, it is greatly used in the home of Chinese since it represents the desire that one’s good luck will be expansive and come in many forms.

Chinese Paper Cutting FCM file

We DIY a faux Plum Blossom tree by using tree branches and artificial plum blossom flowers. Similar to pussy willows, Plum Blossom symbolizes auspicious and prosperity, it is believed to help in building a harmonious relationship within friends and family.

faux plum tree for chinese new year
artificial plum blossom

Both my kids have to submit a DIY Chinese New Year craft at school respectively. The wall hanging ornament was done by my daughter by using red packets. I am so proud of her as she did it all by herself. While my son and I did a Chinese New Year card. I helped my son to cut out the printing from a red packet, he glued them on the red card and finished off with some drawings on it.

chinese new year craft

Here is mine, the flock of Sam the sock sheep together with Ramie the needle felted sheep, wishing you a Prosperous Chinese New Year by saying Gong Xi “Baaaa” Cai!!!

sew sock sheep


Free Chinese Paper Cutting FCM file

Chinese New Year Paper Cutting

Materials and Tools:
1. Brother’s ScanNCut machine
2. Red card stock
3. Fu (福) and Yang (羊) cutting files
4. Photo frame

Note: If you do not have the ScanNCut machine, you may download the JPG format and cut it manually.

fu outline small

Fu (福) Character. Click the following link to download and save the file to a USB thumb drive.
ScanNCut Machine in fcm format
Manually cut in jpg format

yang outline small

Yang Character (羊). Click the following link to download and save the file to a USB thumb drive.
ScanNCut Machine in fcm format
Manually cut in jpg format

cny scanncut 1

Switch on the ScanNCut machine. Place the cutting blade with a proper blade setting into the blade holder. Read the instruction manual for the correct setting and testing of the blade.
Insert the USB thumb drive that contains the cutting files into the USB socket of the ScanNCut machine.
Select the Fu cutting file and load it to the screen, edit the size that fits your paper or to your desired size. Repeat the same to the Yang pattern.
Attach the card stock to the mat and load it into the machine. Scan the card stock to get the position displayed on the screen.
Check the pattern arrangement so that they fit within the paper.

cny scanncut 2

Start cutting the pattern once you have made sure everything was set in the proper way.
It may take a few minutes to cut. I always keep an eye on the machine while it is doing the cutting. Remove any small pieces of debris if possible during the cutting, this is to prevent the


The card stock is still properly stick on the mat after the cutting has finished.

cny scanncut 4

Use the spatula to assist the peeling of the cut-out.


The Fu paper cut-out is done and you may use it to make Chinese New Year card or other make it into Chinese New Year decoration ornaments.

Free Chinese Paper Cutting FCM file
cny scanncut 5

Repeat the same to the Yang Paper cut-out when removing it from the mat.

cny scanncut 6

Glue the Yang paper cut-out onto a photo frame to make a Chinese New Year decor.

Free Chinese Paper Cutting FCM file

There they are, a Yang and Fu paper cut-out for my Chinese New Year decorations. You may simply adapt the method on page 1 to design the cut for other occasions.


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