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Christmas Face Mask

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Christmas Face Mask

Hohoho! Just about two weeks until Christmas 🎄 Have you gotten your tree up? Your decorations completed? Or your protective face masks ready? Truly hope you’ve enjoyed the Christmas face mask patterns I put up the past week. If you’re looking for something more classic, simple, and mature yet Christmasy, head on down for some free pattern examples!

christmas face mask

💉 Help is on the way! 

As you may have heard from various news outlets, many countries are undergoing vaccine trials and the UK has begun its first Covid-19 jabs for its citizens. Even though vaccines may be available to the world soon, that doesn’t mean we should stop wearing face masks!

According to Forbes, since we’re going to need more time to ensure the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, and that it will take longer until everyone around the world gets a jab, it is important to keep the face masks on. Another reason being that we wouldn’t know who has gotten the vaccination and there may even be risks of people getting re-infected.

Christmas Face Mask

🎊 Subtle Yet Festive

If you think the previous patterns (Santa Face Mask, Reindeer Face Mask, and Snowman Face Mask) are too adorable for your fashion sense, you can just sew the mask with Christmas fabrics or pump it up by showcasing your embroidery skills with the original face mask sewing pattern (available in 4 sizes)!

Christmas Face Mask

🎅 Christmas Themed Face Mask

What I have above are just some examples of fabric you can use! Not only can you choose your favorite holiday fabric prints to design your festive face masks, but you can also create your plain fabric with some pretty embroidery or needlework. To bring things to the next level, you may even design patchwork pattern and quilt block to create a fancy looking Covid face mask.

Not to mention you can also use festive fabric and turn it into a lip-reading friendly mask with my Windowed face mask sewing pattern! Available in 3 sizes – Small, Medium & Large.

how to sashiko snowman

🧵 Sashiko: Japanese Folk Embroidery

This face mask pattern is the same as my original best-fitted pattern which comes in 4 sizes. However, I incorporated a traditional Japanese technique called Sashiko embroidery (刺し子, “little stabs”) for the tiny Snowman. It is a technique that works by using a basic running stitch, either with straight or curved lines, in a repeating pattern. They’re typically used as a decorative aspect for clothing.

embroidery snowman face mask

Plumpy Snowman Christmas Face Mask

Here is the completed look of the Sashiko embroidery pattern! Love how the technique makes the Snowman look like it’s smiling discreetly, most importantly, it is easy and quick to complete. 😉

I have prepared the Snowman template for you to trace and embroidery based on each size, you can get them from the download button below.

Please let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more Christmas themed Sashiko patterns to make into a face mask and/or other Christmas decorations!

Christmas Face Mask

🎁 ‘Tis the Season

My favorite thing about this season is that it is a season of gifting and a season of love. With that said, feel free to sew this face mask as a Christmas gift for friends & family. Also, since there is still a lack of face masks to keep people protected in certain places, you can donate your handmade masks as a gesture of goodwill for your local community & hospitals.

Sashiko Snowman

💃 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year🕺

I know it’s easy to forget about what’s happening out there when you’re happily celebrating with friends and family. But let’s not forget that there is still a battle we’re all fighting against!

Hence, while our front liners are working hard to provide the best care for everyone, let’s do our part in keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe by regularly washing our hands, keeping a safe distance from others, not touching our face, and greeting others with a bow or wave instead of a handshake.

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Friday 11th of December 2020

I LOVE the Snowman . Thank You