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/Amigurumi/Cone Tree Crochet Pattern

Cone Tree Crochet Pattern

Cone Tree Crochet Pattern

December 18, 2020 /
crochet cone tree

My little Christmas Cone Trees are finally ready to see the day of light! Indeed, I always get extra busy during festive seasons. 24 hours a day never seems to be enough with so many crafts to make on my mind! But alas, I told myself I must be diligent so I could share more beautiful free patterns with you. If you aren’t able to get yourself an actual Christmas tree this year, I’m here to take the burden off your shoulders. Why not decorate your home with another type of tree? Keep scrolling to see how to turn this Christmas colored theme Cone Tree Crochet Pattern yours.

cone tree crochet pattern

I’m sure you’ve all learned that the Christmas tree is one of the most important symbols of this festive season. According to ancient history, it represents Christ giving new life to the world! They’re seen in many places during this jolly season; in homes, malls, parks, restaurants, hospitals, hotels… you name it! Just about any public area you can think of 😉 

This cone-shaped pattern resembles a pine tree and can be a great alternative to decorate your home with. In the 12th Century, Central and Eastern Europe actually hung their Christmas trees upside down from the ceiling or chandeliers as they believed it resembled the shape of Christ being crucified (quote). It’s the thought that counts, right?

Cone Tree Crochet Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free crochet pattern & tutorial

cone tree

Did you spot the adorable reindeer calf hiding next to the red tree? He’s out for his usual morning stroll in this colorful mystical forest. 

These cone-shaped trees require only very minimal materials, and are super easy to make! Meaning, they’re perfect to make in bulk without taking up too much of your time. The more you make, the easier it is to fill up your home with a merry atmosphere. 

If you already have a Christmas tree standing in the living room of your house, you can still crochet this pattern to decorate your room, your child’s room, your kitchen, your foyer, or even your car!  

crochet cone tree

Apart from crafting it for Christmas, you can always adapt the pattern and make it into an ice cream cone, a trumpet, a loudhailer, a morning glory, and much more. This time, I used red, green, and white yarns to better match this joyful season! Of course, you may add some embellishments to decorate the plain cone tree too.

If you’re interested in making more Christmas tree patterns, you may check out this link for more inspiration. Most of them are simple and quick crafts that you can make for that last-minute push! To be more specific, the Christmas Tree Amigurumi can be used as an ornament while the Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern can be used as an embellishment piece for clothes or stockings. 

Putting up the Christmas tree and decorating with family members can be a fun bonding activity, but that doesn’t mean you need the actual tree itself to set that magical ambiance. 

What are you waiting for? Make a forest of colorful Christmas trees to brighten up any corner of your home! Check out the cone tree crochet pattern and tutorial below for free 🎄

christmas centerpiece

I have just updated my home with this beautiful centerpiece on our dining table during Christmas. You can make the Christmas gnome from this amigurumi pattern. The pine trees on the right are from this crochet pattern. Both are the extended patterns from this basic cone crochet pattern.

The reindeer cone on the top of Ikea’s PÄRLBAND candle holder is the tallest cone from the crochet pattern. Note: took the cone away before lighting up the candle.

monkey on tree

Also, not forgetting to give a some thing nice to my Marcho the Sock Monkey during this Christmas. Marcho deserves a nice Santa Hat this Christmas as it has been good and nice since born in year 2012. The Santa Hat is made from the 33 rounds cone, just add a pom-pom to the tip and crochet 3 rounds with fuzzy yarn to make the rim. It is so happy that he prefers to stay up high on the tree to show off its new hat. If you need to view how to make the hat, you may click this link to view a similar method but instead in a mini version; it is a pair of Santa Hat Hair Clips I made for 2 little beautiful girls.

crochet cone tree

Crochet Cone Tree

Yield: Cone Tree (Various sizes)
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $2 - $5

Build a forest of cone trees with this easy and quick crochet pattern. This is a basic standard Cone tree that you can crochet to any height you like.

Besides making it into a cone tree, but you may adapt the pattern to make it into other cone related items, for example, a Christmas tree, Santa Hat or Santa Beanie, Ice Cream Cone, Trumpet, Loudhailer, Morning Glory, or part of Aeroplane and Rocket, Roof of a castle and many more.


  • Acrylic yarn, DK/Worsted Weight
  • Card Stock to make a cone as support (Optional)


  • 3mm hook


  1. Pick your choice of yarn color, yarn weight, and hook.
  2. Crochet the cone tree by following the written pattern.
  3. Fasten the yarn when you reach the desired height of the cone tree.
  4. Add a cone insert to support the shape of a bigger tree. Or, you may stuff the tree with polyester fiberfill


sc: single crochet

inc: 2sc, increase


pine tree size

Tension gauge: 22 sts x 26 rounds over 4" x 4" [using the above-mentioned yarn and hook size]

As a rough idea, 53 rounds is approximately 8" x 4.45" (Height x Width)

Round 1: sc 3 in magic ring. {3}

Round 2: [inc] around. {6}

Round 3: sc around. {6}

Round 4: [sc, inc] around. {9}

Round 5: sc around. {9}

Round 6: [sc, inc, sc] around. {12}

Round 7: sc around. {12}

Round 8: [sc3, inc] around. {15}

Round 9: sc around. {15}

Round 10: [sc2, inc, sc2] around. {18}

Round 11: sc around. {18}

Round 12: [sc5, inc] around. {21}

Round 13: sc around. {21}

Round 14: [sc3, inc, sc3] around. {24}

Round 15: sc around. {24}

Round 16: [sc7, inc] around. {27}

Round 17: sc around. {27}

Round 18: [sc4, inc, sc4] around. {30}

Round 19: sc around. {30}

Round 20: [sc9, inc] around. {33}

Round 21: sc around. {33}

Round 22: [sc5, inc, sc5] around. {36}

Round 23: sc around. {36}

Round 24: [sc11, inc] around. {39}

Round 25: sc around. {39}

Round 26: [sc6, inc, sc6] around. {42}

Round 27: sc around. {42}

Round 28: [sc13, inc] around. {45}

Round 29: sc around. {45}

Round 30: [sc7, inc, sc7] around. {48}

Round 31: sc around. {48}

Round 32: [sc15, inc] around. {51}

Round 33: sc around. {51}

Round 34: [sc8, inc, sc8] around. {54}

Round 35: sc around. {54}

Round 36: [sc17, inc] around. {57}

Round 37: sc around. {57}

Round 38: [sc9, inc, sc9] around. {60}

Round 39: sc around. {60}

Round 40: [sc19, inc] around. {63}

Round 41: sc around. {63}

Round 42: [sc10, inc, sc10] around. {66}

Round 43: sc around. {66}

Round 44: [sc21, inc] around. {69}

Round 45: sc around. {69}

Round 46: [sc11, inc, sc11] around. {72}

Round 47: sc around. {72}

Round 48: [sc23, inc] around. {75}

Round 49: sc around. {75}

Round 50: [sc12, inc, sc12] around. {78}

Round 51: sc around. {78}

Round 52: [sc25, inc] around. {81}

Round 53: sc around. {81}

Round 54: [sc13, inc, sc13] around. {84}

Round 55: sc around. {84}


Paper cone serves as a support for a bigger tree, it is optional.

cone support 1

Measure the height of the cone then draw a semi-circle with a radius slightly smaller than the height of the cone. I use a plate to trace the semi-circle.

cone support 2Cut out the semi-circle, roll it into a cone then insert it into the crochet cone tree.

cone support 3As you may already know, a semi-circle is 180°, however, this cone tree needs only about 100° arc angle. Henceforth, the card will overlap when it is rolled up. The overlap will further strengthen the structure of the cone. Just in case you can't make a semi-circle due to material constraint, try making at least a 120° arc angle.

cone support 4Hold the rolled cone and Insert it into the tree. Make sure the tip of the cone is touching the tip of the tree. Release your fingers to let the cone unroll and expand to fill the tree.

cone support 5Carefully take it out and tape it with cellophane tape.

It is ok that the cone is not perfectly rolled, no one is going to notice it since it is hidden inside the cone tree.

Insert the cone into the crochet cone tree. Apply some glue to stick the cone in the tree if needed.

crochet cone tree


You may use different weights and yarn colors to create various sizes and colors of Cone Tree.

Active Time of 10 minutes is the time to make the smaller tree, a larger tree will require more time to complete.

Did you make this project?

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