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Reindeer Face Mask Sewing Pattern

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If you’re fancy about the Santa Face Mask sewing pattern that I have shared earlier, I am sure you’ll like this Reindeer Face Mask too! Can you see my teenage daughter’s hidden smile through the Reindeer face mask? She loves it so much!!! By the way, She’s wearing the mask in Teenager & Women size. 

sew reindeer face mask

The holidays are getting closer, so this is my decent share in contributing to the new-norm festive season. It wasn’t an easy task, trying to make the face mask special enough to suit the holiday theme, but I am glad that I did it. With all the details in the tutorial, I wanted to make sure you can replicate the Reindeer face mask beautifully and easily. The best part is that they’re all free patterns for you to download and sew to share the joy!

reindeer face mask pattern

Upon sharing my second Christmas face mask design with you, I’ll just tell you that I have another jolly themed face mask designs coming up next. Guess what design will it be? Stay tuned until I reveal it in the next post! Now, let’s sew the Reindeer Face Mask.

Reindeer Face Mask

scroll ⬇️ to get the free sewing pattern & tutorial

reindeer christmas face mask

Rudolf was initially mocked by his fellow reindeers because of his bright, huge, red nose. He was so upset he immediately pranced to Santa and his Elf who were busy wrapping presents. He worked hard all day and helped out by Santa’s side comfortably, without getting judged.

Soon, day turns to night, and Santa was ready to blast off with his sleigh full of gifts with his reindeers. However, he quickly realizes the foggy night sky and pointed to Rudolf to light the way for his sleigh.

Ever since then, Rudolf has become Santa’s #1 choice in bringing him to places safely, leading the sleigh with his shiny red nose and a charming smile. 

This year, with the Christmas-themed face mask, we are going to see lots of Santa Claus and Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer in the world. And I am sure, the Santa and Reindeer Face Mask will make you stay safe and healthy too.

reindeer covid face mask

Just like my original face mask sewing pattern, the multiple layers of this Reindeer face mask is bound to keep you protected from viruses. If you’re not wearing a medical mask, health officials from many countries are strongly encouraging people to use a three-layered fabric face mask, quote.

Similar to the Santa Face Mask, these 2 Christmas themed Covid face masks consists of two to four layers, depending on how you sew it. Again, you can change the material of the fabric and use it to save you against the cold weather as well. This way, you can wear them for the entire Winter season, not just for Christmas or during the pandemic. 

Rudolf the red nose reindeer

I know we all wished that the pandemic would be over by now, but we must learn to accept. Instead of dwelling on how we might need to spend Christmas without traveling, apart from friends or family; let’s keep up the positivity and celebrate it in the safety and comforts of our own home! 

Snug up and sew this adorable Reindeer to enjoy your Holiday in the new norm.

Besides Santa and Reindeer, if you’re a fan of another iconic Christmas character, feel free to check out my Snowman face mask patterns. Or this if you’re looking for something more classic, simple, and mature yet Christmasy.

reindeer face mask

Reindeer Face Mask Sewing Pattern

Yield: 4 sizes - from age 3 and above
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Avid Beginner/Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $10 - $12

Get the free Reindeer Face Mask sewing pattern below to protect yourself from viruses yet remain fashionable for Christmas!

You can customize the face mask based on your preferred size, and add a removable nose wire for a better fit. The multiple layers of this face mask pattern (2 to 4 layers) are the key during this pandemic. 

Available in 4 sizes - Men, Women & Teenagers, Young Kids, and, Small Kids. With these, you can sew the Reindeer Face Mask for your entire family.


Fabrics & Embroidery Floss

  • Cotton fabric, Brown, 13" x 7", prewashed and color-fast - for Front piece
  • Cotton fabric, White, 5.5" x 13", prewashed - for Lining
  • Cotton fabric, Beige, 8" x 12" or 6" x 16", prewashed - for Muzzle
  • Cotton fabric, Red, 2.5" x 2.5", prewashed and color-fast - for Nose
  • Embroidery Floss, Brown, 3 strands


  • Elastic cord: for ear loops, 8" x 2 pcs., or, for head tie, 18" x 1 pc., (this is an approximate length, please measure with your own elastic band to judge; as everyone's head and sizes are different)
  • Or, shoelace/ribbon/cord/t-shirt yarn with at least 44" length for the loop-through head tie

Nose Wire (Optional)

  • Bias Tape, 2" wide 6" long (5" for young kids, 4" for small kids), prewashed. (Optional, as a sleeve for nose wire)
  • Wire, 6" (5" for young kids, 4" for small kids). (Optional, as nose wire), bent the ends inward so the won't poke through the fabric.

Face Mask Patterns & Template


  • Sewing essential
  • Sewing Machine or hand sew
  • Iron
  • Seamstress tracing wheel and paper, or, Quilter's tools
  • Pencil or soluble fabric marker
  • Printer and Cards or Papers (2 pcs. / size)


  1. Download the PDF file of the Reindeer Face Mask Templates separately. Decide which size you want to sew and print the pattern out on heavy paper or card. Cut paper templates for tracing.
  2. Trace the templates on the fabrics accordingly then cut them out based on the quantities stated on the templates.
  3. Sew the Face Mask with quarter inch seam allowance as instructed, with matching color thread. Clip curve on the arched seam allowance or trim the seam allowance with a pair of pinking shears.
  4. Press seam to a side then top-stitch near the seam line (sew on the seam allowance side)
  5. Sew Muzzle piece then place it to the front of the Reindeer Face Mask. Aligned them, pin and topstitch near the edges of the Muzzle to attach it onto the face mask.
  6. Sew nose on the Muzzle and embroidery the smiling lips of the reindeer.
  7. Sew nose wire sleeve to the lining, this is optional, you may skip it if you do not want a sleeve for removable nose wire.
  8. Place both front and lining pieces with right side together, align on the center seam, pin and sew, clip curve on the arched seam allowance. Turn the Reindeer Face Mask right side out. Sew ear loop tunnel to complete the face mask.
  9. Add elastic ear loops or head ties to the face mask.
  10. Wash the face mask with warm water of at least 60 °C or 140 °F, dry it properly before wearing.

More Details on how to sew the Reindeer Face Mask


reindeer face mask sewing patternPrewashed all your fabrics and make sure the brown and red fabric are color-fast.

Download the 4 sizes Reindeer Face Mask templates PDF file, choose the size you want to sew, and print them out on heavy paper or card. It requires 2 pcs. of paper for each size. Make sure you disable all the printing scale of the printer setting, or, print it to the "actual" size setting. Measure the 2" scale that's available on the template after you have printed it out and make sure you are getting a 2" measurement on the ruler too, that means you have printed the template in the correct size. If you didn't get the correct size, check your printer setting again, and also make sure you are not printing it from the browser (the browser setting will overwrite your printer setting).

Cut out the paper templates. Solid lines are templates with seam allowances. Dashed lines are stitching lines. Arrows are the direction of fabric grainlines.

Notes: Not all the fabrics shown in the pictures are used in sewing the Reindeer Face Mask.

reindeer face maskTrace and cut out the fabric pieces.

The brown fabric is for the front piece.

The beige fabric is for the muzzle piece.

The white fabric is for the lining piece.

The red fabric is for the nose.


Front Piece

reindeer face maskPlace the front pieces right side together, sew the center seam then clip the seam allowance with pinking shear or scissors.

reindeer face maskPress seam to the side, then, topstitch near the seam line (on the seam allowance side) from the right side.

Set aside.

Muzzle Piece

reindeer face maskPlace the 2 sets of Muzzle pieces right side together, sew the center seam then clip the seam allowance with pinking shear or scissors.

reindeer face maskPress seam to the side, then, topstitch near the seam line (on the seam allowance side) from the right side.

reindeer face maskPlace both pieces right side together, align, pin and sew the bottom edges together. Clip the seam allowance with pinking shear or scissors.

muzzle reindeer face maskTurn the muzzle right side out, press seam open with the finger then align the edges well, press with an iron to give a crisp neat edge.

Assemble Reindeer Muzzle

reindeer face maskNow, place the muzzle piece onto the front face mask piece, align the center seams and top edges, pin.

reindeer face maskTop stitch near the bottom edges of the muzzle.

reindeer face maskThis is how it looks like from the back.

Trim The Layers (Optional)

With 2 layers of muzzle fabric and 1 layer of front piece fabric, you have a total of 3 layers for the front assembly, and, it will be 4 layers after the lining is sewn on. If you want a super thick 4 layers face mask for better filtration (may be challenging in breathability though), then you may attach the lining piece to the Reindeer Face Mask. Otherwise, you may want to trim out the layers as shown in the following instruction.

reindeer face maskFor 3 layers of Reindeer Face Mask, trim out the Front piece (Brown fabric) by carefully cutting 1/4" from the sewing lines.

For 2 layers of Reindeer Face Mask, trim out another layer of Muzzle piece just like above.

Nose Piece

reindeer face mask

After tracing and cut out the Nose piece from the fabric, sew around the edge with running stitches.

Place the nose paper template (without seam allowance) on the wrong side of the fabric, pull the thread to draw the edge of the fabric to the center, pull tight, and knot the thread. Press.

Pinch to take out the template of the nose piece.

reindeer face maskHere is the red nose of the Reindeer Face Mask.

reindeer face maskRefer to the template, mark the positions of the nose and the lip on the muzzle.

Place the red nose on the muzzle, slip stitch it along the edge to the muzzle. You may stuff the nose with some batting or poly filling to make it looks round and fuller.

craft passion reindeer face maskWith 3 strands of brown embroidery floss, embroider the philtrum and lip with stem stitches.

The stitching may go through both layers of the mustache fabrics, or, you can do on the outer layer only.


reindeer face maskPlace the lining pieces right side together, sew the center seam then clip the seam allowance with pinking shear or scissors.

reindeer face maskPress seam to the side, then, topstitch near the seam line (on the seam allowance side) from the right side.


reindeer face maskCut a bias strip of 2” wide and 6” long or use store-bought bias tape if you can find it from the shelf.

Fold ¼” from the 2” ends.

How to cut bias strip:

Fold the fabric diagonally, draw a line along the crease of the fold, measure 2” from the line and draw a line parallel to it. Cut the strip into 6” length.

reindeer face maskFold the strip into half, lengthwise.

Stitch up both ends.

reindeer face maskAlign the bias tape along the front top edge of the lining.

reindeer face maskTopstitch at the bottom edge of the bias tape.

Do not remove the pins until you pin the main piece to this lining piece.


reindeer face maskWith the right side together, align the center seam lines and pin the lining to the front piece. Sew the top and bottom edges with 1/4" seam allowance.

reindeer face maskClip the seam allowance by making small little cuts about 1/2" apart for the top edge. Clip about 4 cuts at the bottom near the center seam.

sew reindeer covid face maskTurn the Reindeer Face Mask right side out. Press seam to give a crisp and neat edge.

reindeer face maskTopstitch near the top and bottom edges with matching color thread.

Note: I used white thread for the bobbin, and, only change the top thread to match the color of the front piece.


reindeer face mask At the side, fold 1/4″ from the edge. Then, fold again so that the first fold is 1/4″ from the raw edge of the lining.

reindeer face maskSew a straight line down, don’t forget to perform a few back stitches to lock the thread end. Add your label if you have one.

Thread your elastic earloop or head ties through the channel. Knot the ends of the elastic cord and pull it into the channel to hide.

reindeer christmas covid face mask


When you press the seam to the side, ensure all pieces are pressed to the same side. This will prevent fabric bulk when you layer the pieces together.

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