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Granny Square Haltered Neck Top

Granny Square Haltered Neck Top

granny square Haltered Neck Top bareback crochet pattern

The weather is hot here and just like summer in many countries, this crochet granny square haltered neck top comes really handy to accustom in the heatwave season. This is the second project I did for my daughter this month after the Ruffles Flower Headband and the second haltered neck top after the knitted version. Maybe I will sew one haltered neck top for her for the next.

If you haven’t got the pattern and tutorial on how to crochet these colorful granny squares, click here!!!! Now, let’s see how we are going to put all the pieces of granny squares together to make this haltered neck top for a young girl.

The patching up method is using the last round of crochet to join as you go, if you find it difficult to understand or troublesome to make, you can always crochet all the squares and half-squares then join them up by sewing them using a tapestry needle, or, click here to find out other methods you could use.

If you want other sizes, change hook size and yarn accordingly to change the finishing size. Or, you can add a round or two to make the square bigger for adult size, it is all up to you provided you know how to modify the stitches and rows for the collar, armhole, end hem, and back band.

Haltered Neck Top crochet pattern

Granny Square Haltered Neck Top

Age: For Young Girl
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Yarn: DK, light worsted, 100% cotton or equivalent, knitting gauge = 24 sts x 34 row (4″ with size 3mm needle)
Color and amount:
White – 100g
Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Brown – 30g each
Crochet hook: 3.0mm {for granny square} & 2.5mm {for bands and hems}
Button: 1/2″
Elastic thread
Tapestry needle

Granny Square size:
Each square is 2.5″ x 2.5″ with a 3.0mm hook.

Finishing Size:
Widest width 12″
Length 11″
Halter strips 9″
To fit chest (22 1/2″)
Suits age 4 – 6 girl

st = stitch
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
sc2tog = single crochet 2 together
BPsc = back post single crochet
sl st = slip stitch

Note: I am using the Join-As-You-Go method to join up the granny square, click here to find out other methods you could use.

Granny Square arrangement pattern chatDownload the Granny Square arrangement here or by clicking the photo.
You need 15 pre-make squares, 13 patchings/ joining squares, and 2 half squares (Triangle shape, scroll down to get the pattern) with various colors (refer to the document for color and quantity)…
The bottom left and right are supposed to join up, but for better illustration, I drew it into a flat open piece.

Haltered Neck TopOrganize the array of the pre-make squares by referring to the pattern, crochet the joining squares one by one to patch them up.
To begin, crochet the first 2 rounds of a granny square of the center joining piece as usual.
3rd round: ch3, dc 2, ch1.

Joining squares at first cornerSl st {supposed the 2nd ch of the corner} to the 2nd ch of the 1st pre-make granny square’s corner cluster.

Joining Granny Square cornerdc 3, sl st to all the ch of the pre-make granny square whenever there is a ch st, but dc as usual.
Work till to the next corner. End it with a dc 3 and sl st right after the dc cluster.

Joining the cornerJoin the second square. Begin with a sl st {supposed the 2nd ch for the corner} to the ch right before the dc cluster of the pre-make square, then dc 3. Repeat sl st and dc as the first square.
Again, end at the sl st on the first ch of the pre-make square’s corner.

Joining Up Granny SquareRepeat the same for the 3rd and 4th square. To end the patch-up, sl st on the loops of the dc at the beginning of the 3rd round of this joining square, sl st on the 1st ch of the corner.

Complete patching up Granny SquareFasten off and weave yarn end into stitches to hide. Repeat the patchwork until the whole top completes as per pattern.




Half Granny Square in Triangle ShapeTo make a half square granny square for shaping the armhole, begin with replacing the first ch of the corner cluster with 3 ch {bottom right corner of the photo], end the second ch of the corner cluster across the diagonal with a dc {bottom left corner of the photo}.
Work on RS for all 3 rounds, i.e. begin on the right and end on the left.
Since the half-square is a joining piece for this project, crochet the 3rd round while joining the 2 edges similar to the above.




Haltered Neck Top{white} ch3, dc 80 stitches for 6 rows to make the back band. Slip stitch to the side of the front granny square at the beginning and end stitch.




Single crochet on the bottom hem of granny square top{white} sc 134 stitches for 5 rounds to make the bottom hem. ch1 to begin, and sl st to the 1st ch of the row to end.




Haltered Neck TopRow 1 {white}: ch1, sc 40 stitches for the top edge of the 3 granny squares. BPsc both the dc stitches at the joining corner of the granny square.
Row 2 – 3 {white}: ch1, sc all st.
Row 4 {white}: ch1, sc2together, sc till last 2 stitches of the row, sc2tog for the last stitch. {38 st}
Row 5 – 7 {blue, white, yellow}: ch1, sc all st.
Row 8 {while}: repeat row 4. {36 st}
Row 9 – 11 {brown, while, green}: repeat row 5 – 7.
Row 12 {white}: repeat row 4. {34 st}
Row 13 – 15 {pink, white, white}: repeat row 5 – 7.
Row 16 {white}: repeat row 4. {32 st}
Row 17 {white}: ch1, sc all st.


{pink} – Begin at the collar corner, ch58, turn.
Row 1 – 2: ch1, sc 58 on the chain stitch, sc another 35 at the armhole, slip stitch to the back band {row1}, turn. {93}
Row 3: ch1, sc3, ch3 {create button hole}, sc till end, slip stitch to the back band, turn.
Row 4 – 5: ch1, sc till end, slip stitch to the back band {row5},turn.
{pink} – Begin at the collar corner.
Row 1 – 5: ch1, sc 35 at the armhole, slip stitch to the back band {row1,3 & 5}, turn. {35}
Weave in and hide all yarn ends.
Stitch the button on the left armhole about 1/2″ from the top edge.




Put on elastic thread on the back bandThe back bank measures about 12″ before putting on the elastic thread.
Stitching elastic thread to the back bandWeave in the elastic thread in between each row of dc chain by using a tapestry needle.
Do it on all the 6 rows dc of the back band.

Elastic back band for the granny square topAdjust the elastic thread to make the back band measures at 8″. fo
~~ Haltered Neck Top is Completed ~~


Haltered Neck Top bareback crochet pattern


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Granny Square Crochet Pattern
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