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33 Stunning Ideas for DIY Resin Crafts

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It wasn’t long ago when resin crafts took the Internet by storm, and for good reasons, too. With just a mixture of epoxy resin and hardener, you’ll get a glossy finish of hard-as-stone that can be used in various crafts.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas for DIY resin crafts that you can attempt yourself at home. We’ve included a bunch of craft ideas, from practical items like jewelry to aesthetically pleasing decorations. You’ll find a variety of ideas that inspire you.

Get inspired by these resin crafts to DIY at home! From cute and dainty items like jewelry, to breathtaking home decor. Perfect handmade gifts too.

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Resin crafting is a technique that has been around for a long time, contrary to popular belief. The earliest form of synthetic resin, known as Bakelite, was created way back in 1909. Today, we have resin in a more advanced form. Natural resin can also be found in various forms such as plants, insects, and trees. Some common natural resins are amber or shellac. Regardless of whether it is synthetic or natural, resin crafts are an exciting and fun activity that you should not miss out on!

Keep reading to learn more about these ideas and be inspired by them. But for those who have never heard of resin, don’t turn away now! We’ve also included an FAQ section below to help you understand more about resin crafts. You’ll realize they’re amusing to mess with as you can create fun decor to liven up your home space or create cute crafts. 

Supplies For Resin Crafts

The supplies needed for resin vary depending on the tutorial. The following are some of the most commonly used craft supplies in the resin craft ideas list.

  • Resin/Epoxy
  • Molds or surfaces
  • Mixing cups and stir sticks
  • Protective equipment – gloves, respirator, safety glasses
  • Inclusions such as dried flowers, colorants, and glitter — depending on your project
  • Covered working space
  • Heat gun
  • Torch

FAQs Regarding Resin Crafts

1. What is resin?

As mentioned above, resin is a substance that is solidified into a solid form through curing or polymerization. When searching for resin crafts, you’ll often notice the term “epoxy resin,” too.

Resin is a two-part liquid substance that, when combined, hardens into a solid, clear surface. When you purchase a resin crafts set, it will typically come with two bottles. The liquids in the bottles are combined in a 1:1 ratio.

Different brands of resin differ mainly in their clarity and drying time. Higher-quality resin cures into clear, non-yellowing, and high-gloss finishes. Most epoxy resin usually hardens within 30 minutes, dries to the touch within 24 hours, and fully cures within 72 hours or even longer, depending on whether heat or UV light is applied.

If you are new to resin crafting, consider purchasing an Epoxy Resin Kit that includes essential supplies such as cups, stirrers, gloves, and bits of everything you need for your first resin craft.

2. What can be added to resin?

There are a lot of ways and things you can add to your resin mixture to personalize your project. Here is a list of inexpensive and simple additions that can be added to resin for crafts.

– Glitter
– Diamonds/ Crystals/ Sequins
– Beads
– Photographs
– Flowers/ Leaves
– Food coloring
– Dyes/ Paint
– Shredded Paper
– Seashells/ Rocks
– Scrapbook embellishments
– Craft materials

3. What can I use as a mold for resin?

Here are some mold ideas that are suitable for resin crafts and allow for easy removal of resin once cured:

– Any plain surface covered with sellotape or brown tape to make a dam you can fill.
– Silicone molds
– Cupcake molds made out of silicone
– Plastic lids to make coasters
– Hot glue gun molds
– Plastic candy molds (avoid thin plastic)
– Acrylic sheets
– Silly putty

4. Is it easy to use resin?

Making resin crafts is not difficult at all. We’ve included a mixture of easy and challenging resin craft ideas in this list, so feel free to go with a craft that you are comfortable with.

Be sure to always follow all safety precautions and directions attentively. A lot of pouring and mixing is required for epoxy resin crafts. Hence, it’s always best to work your way from easier crafts to more challenging crafts.

5. Is resin dangerous?

No, resin is not dangerous. However, care should be taken to keep it away from your eyes, face, and mouth. Also, after finishing your projects, your hands should be completely washed.

As it generates negligible amounts of fumes when curing, work in a well-ventilated location. If you are sensitive, you should wear a mask, respirator, and eye protection. To prevent skin irritation, put on gloves and long sleeves. If it does come into contact with your skin, use any of the below to rinse and wash away.

– Soap and warm water
– Vinegar
– Citrus cleaner

By following these precautions, you can safely and confidently work with resin to create beautiful and unique projects.

6. How do I maintain my resin craft?

Resin is often strong and only needs minimal upkeep. However, to ensure its longevity and make it constantly look new and fresh, here are a few suggestions on how to achieve that: 

– Avoid direct sunlight and heat.
This is to prevent your resin from turning yellow and brittle over time. 

– Use mild cleaners when washing.
Always use a soft and damp cloth with mild soap. Try to avoid harsh cleaning agents and chemicals that might end up scratching or damaging the resin’s surface. 

– Polish when needed for extra shine.
When needed, if your resin needs some extra care, you can use resin polish or plastic polish to make it look brand new. Only apply a small amount of polish with a soft cloth and gently wipe/buff the surface. 

– Avoid water.
Though resin is water-resistant, it isn’t water-proof. Prologued exposure to water may cause a chemical reaction with the resin, resulting in a cloudy or warped look. However, washing it is fine as long as you follow the methods of washing. 

– Handle with care.
Resin, though sturdy, may chip or scratch if dropped or hurled against hard surfaces. Always use soft surfaces or padding when setting your resin crafts for display. 

What’s Next:

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33 Stunning Ideas for DIY Resin Crafts

Keep reading to be inspired by resin craft ideas that vary in skill levels. From beginners to those who are used to using resin, we hope you find a project that is suitable for what you’re looking for!

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