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49 Fun and Creative Rock Painting Ideas

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Have you found some nice rocks in your backyard or by the river but don’t know what to do with them? Here are some fun and creative rock painting ideas for you to DIY.

Rock painting, also known as stone painting, has always been a very popular art and craft. It is both simple to get started and an excellent way to express your creativity and experiment with various themes at an affordable cost!

49 rock painting ideas for you to DIY

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If you think painted rock ideas are mainly for kids, then you’re wrong.

Rock painting, also known as stone painting, is a fine art that dates back centuries to when people used to paint on the walls of stone caves. It was on the stone that people in the past first began to paint.

Why Is Rock Painting An Evergreen Craft?

Rocking painting has been popular for decades because the materials are so easy to come by. All you need are some pebbles or stones that you feel comfortable painting on. You can also use regular paint if you’re just having fun.

We’ve included some easy rock painting ideas for kids as well as some creative and unique rock painting ideas for those of you looking for a challenge.

How To Paint Rocks FAQ

How do you prepare rocks for painting?

All you need to prepare a rock or stone for painting is some regular soap, water, and a colander. A colander is optional, but it is useful when rinsing the stones.
Rinse each stone with soap and scrub until all the dirt is removed, then place in a colander to dry or dry in a towel for some time.

What kind of paint do I use to paint rocks?

Acrylic paint is the best type of paint because it is weather resistant and can be used on a variety of rock surfaces.

What do you seal painted rocks with?

Outdoor Mod Podge with a spray sealer. When placed outside of the house, the combination of these two makes the rocks extremely durable in all types of weather. The painted stones are far more durable, and the colors last far longer.

Supplies for rock painting

These easy-painted rock ideas don’t require many supplies; in fact, the basic rock designs only require FIVE! Of course, the more complex the design, the more supplies may be required. Always refer to the tutorial for the best results.

1. Rocks, of course! The smoother and flatter, the better
2. Multi-Surface Paint like acrylic paint, or acrylic paint pens or aerosol paint
3. Pencil or Sharpies marker to outline or trace on the rocks
4. Paintbrushes
5. Mod Podge Outdoor or Spray sealer
Optional supplies
6. Stencils, stamps or temporary tattoos, etc.

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What’s Next:

49 Fun & Creative Painted Rock Ideas

Looking for the most creative and entertaining rock painting ideas? We’ve compiled a list of rock painting design ideas that are both simple and unique. With so many options, I’m confident you’ll find one that suits you. Have a great time painting rocks!

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