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Crochet Duck Buoy Amigurumi Pattern

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Here it is, another summer theme crochet pattern that I have promised to share in Hady Hippo Amigurumi Crochet Pattern. You can crochet by following the instructions and the free written pattern below. This duck buoy is absolutely perfect for dolls and soft toys. Besides, it is easily adapted into a baby teether with slight modification.

duck swimming buoy amigurumi pattern

“Quack quack quack, I am the little duck buoy amigurumi, I can be your doll’s best playmate. Make me to suit the size of your doll and I will make sure to keep it safe with me on its belly.”

Crochet Duck Buoy Amigurumi Pattern

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The Duck Buoy Amigurumi is about 4.5″ internal diameter, crochet from DK light acrylic yarn in yellow and orange color. Yarn size does matter the final size of the duck buoy. The eyes are sewn on by using a pair of 4mm black domed buttons, but if you are making it as a baby teether, please omit using this choking hazard buttons, instead, draw with a non-toxic black marker or simply sew with black yarn.

Also, prepare a crochet hook of 2.5mm to crochet, a pair of scissors to cut, a tapestry needle to sew and a pair of blunt tweezers to stuff in the polyester fiberfill.

duck swimming buoy amigurumi pattern

There is no fixed size on how big the swimming buoy has to be, you may make it smaller or bigger to suit your doll. Just measure the belly of your doll or soft toys and crochet the buoy up to that length before joining the ends. Hady Hippo has a belly size of about 14″ hence I stop the crochet just before 14″ (crochet stitches will be stretched a little during stuffing), this gives my hippo a 4.5″ internal diameter duck buoy. If you need the formula to calculate, it is “internal diameter x 3.14 = the belly measurement”.

duck swimming buoy amigurumi pattern

In case that you are adapting the pattern to make a duck teether, the overall outlook will not be in this proportion as shown in all my photos. With a 2″ teether wooden ring to crochet on,  the duck head will look relatively bigger comparatively. You may also want to position the duck head standing on the ring instead of sitting flat on the ring. In the event that you want a rattle teether, just add a jingle bell in the duck head.

duck swimming buoy amigurumi pattern

I just insert the baby hippo into the duck buoy and it is fitted comfortably on its belly. Well, this baby hippo is definitely needed this duck buoy for practicing in swimming.

Make a doll beach theme with the duck buoy to welcome the summertime.

Have fun crochet it!

duck swimming buoy amigurumi pattern


Happy crochet!

Crochet Duck Buoy Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Duck Buoy Amigurumi Pattern

Yield: 4.5" Dia x 1.5" H
Active Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: USD 3

Free crochet pattern of Duck Swimming Buoy Amigurumi in doll size (4.5 inches diameter) that you can crochet by following the instructions and written pattern. Absolutely perfect for dolls and soft toys. Easily convert it to a baby teether.


  • Acrylic yarn in Yellow and Orange Color (DK Light)
  • 4mm black domed button as eyes, 2 (omit them if you are making it as a baby teether
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Wooden Ring in a whole piece, about 2" diameter (if you are making it as baby teether)


  • 2.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Blunt Point Tweezers for polyester fiberfill stuffing.


  1. Prepare the materials needed as listed above.
  2. Crochet the ring by following the crochet pattern stated below. If you are crocheting it for a teether, you will have to reduce the number of stitches to begin, depending on the thickness of the wooden ring.
  3. Stuff the ring when instructed. You do not need to stuff if you are crocheting it for a teether because you already wrap around the teether while crocheting. Join the end by sewing them up.
  4. Continue to crochet the duck head and the beak. Stuff the head when instructed. Sew the beak and button eyes to the head. Then sew the head to the buoy ring. If you are crocheting it as a teether, replace the button eyes with black yarn.

(View more photos below for a clearer picture of the process to make the toy duck swimming buoy.)

Note: If you are making the pattern into a teether, the ring will be smaller than the swimming buoy thus the duck head will look relatively bigger in the overall outlook.


ch: chain

sc: single crochet

inc: 2sc increase

inv dec: invisible decrease

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~


Swimming Buoy

ch12, sc on the first ch, then continue to sc in a spiral round until the swimming buoy is enough to wrap the belly of your toy or it is about 14" length for my version.

Stuff the ring as you crochet.

Sew to join the ends, stuff more if needed.

Cut and hide yarn end.

Duck Head

Round 1: sc 6 in magic ring {6}

Round 2: [inc] 6 times. {12}

Round 3: [inc, sc] 6 times. {18}

Round 4: [sc 2, inc] 6 times. {24}

Round 5 - 7: sc around. {24}

Round 8: [inv dec, sc 2] 6 times. {18}

Stuff with polyester fillings.

Round 9: [sc, inv dec] 6 times. {12}

Round 10: [inv dec] 6 times. {6}

Fasten and leave a long tail for sewing.

Duck Beak

Round 1: sc 4 in magic ring {4}

Round 2: sc around.. {4}

Fasten and leave a long tail for sewing.

More Details on how to crochet the Duck Swimming Buoy Amigurumi

duck buoy

Gather the material and supplies stated in the above list.

Follow the crochet pattern to make the ring of the duck buoy. Stuff while you crochet in the buoy ring, I would stuff after every inch I progress.

duck buoy

Next, crochet the head of the duck. I sewed a pair of black domed buttons as the eyes, you may also use safety eyes of similar size. If you are using safety eyes, install the eyes before stuffing.

However, if you are making the duck buoy into a teether, omit the button and sew the eyes with black yarn or draw it with a non-toxic marker.

Sew the orange beak to the head as well.

duck buoy

Assembly them together after all the ring and head are done.

duck buoy

Sew the ends of the buoy ring together with mattress stitches.

With the tapestry needle, pick the next sc stitch as shown in the picture.

duck buoy

Sew across an sc stitch at the other end of the buoy ring.

Come back to sew across another stitch next to the first one and so on.

duck buoy

Do not pull the yarn too tight so that the seam line blends into the crochet stitches and not noticeable.

duck buoy

Repeat the sewing to complete the whole round. Just before you end the whole round, stuff the buoy to make it fuller at the seam line to minimize the visual sign of the joint.

duck buoy

Sew the duck head to the buoy ring.

duck buoy

Duck buoy is done.


Depending on the speed and hours you are spending on the project, the total time needed is only an approximation.

Stuff the ring firmly and densely to give a good shape to the amigurumi.

This pattern will be updated once we have new resources or ideas coming in. If you get the pattern in pdf file, please check the original pattern for the latest update.

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Thank you for your darling hippo buoy and ball. She is fabulous and Must have taken a lot of thought and time to complete. All of her colours are great too.

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