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/Sewing/Half Square Triangles {Quick Easy Method}

Half Square Triangles {Quick Easy Method}

Half Square Triangles {Quick Easy Method}

December 28, 2012 /

half square triangle pattern

Making a quilt block isn’t as difficult as I first thought. I have learned the hard way and the easy way, picking up experiences as I go. Time is precious, creating, and sharing a fail-proof project is always my mission to you! Apart from the recent basic 9 patch block I shared, today here is another quick and easy method to sew multiple half-square triangles (HST).

Half Square Triangle is one of the popular and versatile basic quilt blocks that can develop into many patterns, be it used alone or combined with other block units. Just to name a few of what basic Half  Square Triangles able to create by arranging them differently:

1. Pinwheel
2. Pine Tree
3. Friendship Star
4. Broken Dishes
5. Hourglass
6. Flying Geese
7. Triangles
8. Star Flower
9. ZigZag / Chevron
10.  many more…..

This method is suitable for quilts and patchworks that need a lot of repeated 2-color half square triangles. I used these HST in my recent 3 snowman pillows where I sewed 2 of them with Christmas tree and pinwheel quilt blocks.

basic 1/2 square triangle HST

Half Square Triangles

{Quick Easy Method}

Tools & Materials:
1. Fabric A & B, same size. The quantity needed depends on the amount and the size of the finished quilt block.
2. Sewing machine with 1/4″ foot
3. Ruler & Roller Cutter
4. Cutting mat
5. Pencil or erasable fabric marker
6. Iron

Note: seam allowance is 1/4″.


multiple quilt blockUse this diagram to draft out your half-square triangles pattern (click on the picture to get a bigger diagram that opens in a new tab or window).
a = finished block dimension, for example, if your desired block dimension is 2″, then the square on the drawing is 2 7/8″. 1/4″ seam allowance included.
Blue are sewing lines (1/4″ away from the red cutting lines).
Red are cutting lines.
Each “a + 7/8” square will give you 2 half-square triangle blocks, do some maths by multiply the dimension with the number of blocks you need to get the actual fabric size required.


quick methodStack fabrics A & B together with right side together.
Draw the pattern on the wrong side of the lighter color fabric.


multiple half square triangle methodSew on the sewing lines (highlighted in orange color).


quick methodCut along the cutting lines with a roller cutter and ruler on a cutting mat underneath.
Each piece has 2 layers of fabrics, for this case, white at the top and red at the bottom.


fast 1/2 square triangleI like to cut them into squares, then split them in the middle to get the triangles.


trim quilt dog earsOpen up the triangles and press the seam with a warm iron. Press seam allowance to the darker side of the fabric.
Trim off the dog ears. Some people may find it monotonous to trim this, but since you already save up your time on this quick method, you will be fine to complete this final step.


half square triangle quiltOne of the many perfect half-square triangles I have made from this quick and easy method.
~~ Happy ~~
Stay tuned for the next tutorial on a tree quilt block and pinwheel quilt block which I have made from these half-square triangles.


basic 1/2 square triangle HST


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