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/Crafts/No-Sew Pumpkin Tutu – Halloween Costume

No-Sew Pumpkin Tutu – Halloween Costume

No-Sew Pumpkin Tutu – Halloween Costume

October 19, 2010 /
no sew pumpkin tutu

Never know that cutting and tying tulle into a tutu dress is such an easy task before making this Halloween No-Sew Pumpkin Tutu costume for my daughter.

no sew pumpkin tutu tutorial

Just like the Skeleton Costume I made for my son, this No-Sew Pumpkin Tutu is, again, a quick and easy Halloween costume to DIY.  It can be completed in less than a day if you have all the materials on hand.

Tulle is easily available at a craft store and they are not expensive to buy. Feel the texture and get the soft type so that it is more comfortable to wear. I used 10 yards of tulle to make this knee-length no-sew pumpkin tutu dress, you will need lesser for younger toddler and for shorter pumpkin tutu. Also, it can be adapted into a skirt tutu instead of a dress.

Halloween Trick or Treating

No-Sew Pumpkin Tutu

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Tutu Costumes

1. 10 yards of orange tulle or can-can netting, cut about 6″ wide (left) and keep the balance (right) if it has more than 3″ wide.
2. 1″ wide elastic band, about 3″- 4″ shorter than the intended wearer chest, sew ends together. The elastic will expand after being fully tied up with tulle strips.
3. 12″ x 12″ black felt or faux black velvet
4. Green Satin Ribbon of about 15 yards (1 roll)
5. some 1/4″ orange ribbon for decoration (optional)
6. some maple leaves for decoration (optional)

Pumpkin Tutu DIY 5

Cut tulle to about 1-yard length or shorter for a younger toddler.
Fold the 1-yard tulle into a shorter length, cut away the selvage. Cut about 6″ wide/strip, you can use scissors to cut but roller cutter makes things faster. The strips don’t have to be very straight and precise since one can hardly notice the unevenness when placed together. If you have more than 3″ left at the end, don’t waste them, you can tie them in between those 6″ strips, again, no one will notice the different strip width.

Pumpkin Tutu DIY 2

Fold your tulle strip into half, place it in front of the elastic band with the ends facing upward.

Pumpkin Tutu DIY 3

Bring the ends down and behind the elastic band, insert them into the loop and come out to the front.

Pumpkin Tutu DIY 4

Pull and tighten the tulle in place as shown in the picture.

Make Halloween Pumpkin Tutu Costumes

Repeat the steps until you get all the tulles tied on the elastic band. Slot the smaller left-over strips in between if you have.

Pumpkin Tutu DIY 8

Start crossing the green satin ribbon on the elastic band about 1 yard from the end. You might want to secure the first round with safety pin if you find that the ribbon is slippery.

Pumpkin Tutu DIY 9

Continue rolling and winding the ribbons on the band and fully cover-up the orange tulle. Cross the ribbon again when you’ve completed a round. Sew a few stitches to both the start and finish crossing to further secure the ribbon windings if needed.
Cut the ribbon at 1 yard away.

Pumpkin Tutu DIY 10

Sketch your favorite pumpkin face (Google search “pumpkin face” and you will find tons of them) and cut them out from the black felt or faux velvet.

Make Halloween Pumpkin Tutu Costumes

Spread the tulle strips at the face area as wide as possible to prevent the face from being plaited between the folds.
Pin the face onto the pumpkin tutu, catch a few layers of tulle and sew or glue around with black thread.

Pumpkin Tutu DIY 12

Lastly, embellish some orange ribbons and maple leaves on it to give a more autumn look.
~~~No Sew Pumpkin Tutu is DONE~~~


Off to “Trick And Treating” with the brother who is wearing his skeleton costume and with their favorite sock skeletons that mama sewed!!!!

Halloween Trick or Treating


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