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Floor Mat Knitting Pattern

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It has been more than a week since I officially moved into my new home… YAY…. finally!!! I knitted this simple garter stitch floor mat/rug with braided cotton clothesline rope some times ago in preparation for the new house, I am glad that I can put it on the floor of my entrance at last. The floor mat gave the room an instant warmth and coziness (see the photo below), I love it!!!

knit floor mat pattern

The rope is exactly the same as the one I used to crochet the Giant Doily Rug, but you can substitute it with other similar material like super chunky yarn or T-shirt yarn (Tarn) as long as they are knit-able and crochet-able. Find a suitable needle to knit the project. The size of the floor mat will change according to your tension and yarn or rope diameter, so, take these attributes into account for the variation.

knit floor mat

After you have completed the project, block it by wetting the mat, adjust the knit so that the shape resembles it rectangle-ness, let it dry on the floor with a dry towel at the bottom. This rope mat is heavy when wash, so be prepared for this too.

knit rope mat

You can always change the number of stitches and rows to adapt to your intended mat size.

Happy Knitting!

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cozy entrance with floor mat

Floor Mat Knitting Pattern

Floor Mat Dimension
40″ x 29″

Tools & Materials
1. Ace 03871 “ace” Eclipse Solid Braid Cotton Clothesline 7/32″ X 200′, or equivalent, qty= 5 hanks or 1000′
2. Knitting needle: 12mm
3. Sewing thread and needles (for joining ropes)
4. Scissor

K – Knit
st(s) – stitch(es)

Knitting Pattern
Long-tail cast on 40 sts. or as many stitches, your needle can hold.
Knit on both right and wrong side to make garter stitch pattern until row 105, or until your rope is about 2-3 rows away from the finishing end.
Bind off with Basic Knit Bind-Off. Hide yarn end.

Block it by wetting the mat, adjust the knit so that the shape resembles it rectangle-ness, let it dry on the floor with a dry towel at the bottom.

Click here on how to join clothesline rope. (Scroll down the page to find it)
Watch the video on how to do Long Tail Cast-on.
Types of cast-on stitches in knitting.
Watch the video on how to do Basic Knit Bind-off.

giant knit work in progress

When I need to pause in between the project, I will stop at the middle of a row so the needles are ease-up with the overcrowded stitches. Fold the project and bring both needles together, tie them with a rubber band to prevent the stitches from coming off.

giant knit work

For rope organization and storage during work-in-progress, I turned a stool upside down and used 2 legs to hold my rope and slot the mat in between the pair of stool legs.

giant knit with cotton rope

A closer look at the giant knit I did. The project is quite heavy, so, it is a good idea to sit on the floor while knitting it.

knit floor mat pattern

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Sunday 13th of March 2022

Do you have a video for this pattern?

Craft Passion

Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

Sorry, I didn't make any video on this pattern as it is all about knit stitches. Very easy to knit. Let me know if you need any particular info that I might have missed out on this knitting pattern.


Tuesday 21st of July 2020

I would like to make this mat just 18” deep to fit a space. Is your pattern knitted horizontally (the long way) or vertically (the short way)? Your pattern wasn’t clear about that. I can make some guesses but would much rather ask. Thank you!!

Anita Garg

Wednesday 9th of October 2019

So nice! looking awesome!

Craft Passion

Thursday 10th of October 2019

Thanks, and it is easy to knit too. Try it out :)

Laura Gouin

Sunday 25th of August 2019

have you ever tried dying the rope? I wonder what you would use/ how it would wear.

Craft Passion

Sunday 25th of August 2019

I didn't attempt to dye it since there are colored ropes available in the market, you will see the Bobbiny rope I used in Cocoon Hanging Seat Pattern and Knitted Pouf Pattern.


Monday 12th of June 2017

Suggest using rope to make the mat.... for exampe use the same materials used to make rope baskets or the rope used by builders for window cording. Cotton rope that is more flexible as apposed to the synthetic materials.