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Crochet Pig Bun Pattern

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crochet pig bun pattern

The story of this crochet pig bun began in October. It was supposed to be a challenge between my friend (Margaret) and me, where each of us needs to come out with a craft to make these cute little piggy buns (a picture inspired by the dim sum that I dined in).

We set a deadline, but I wasn’t able to make it due to my hectic lifestyle; copping for renovation, a day job, a blog, plus a family of 3 to take care of. So, Margaret went on with her project, but I didn’t get anything done… oops…. and she did a great job, see her piggy bun here.

amigurumi piggy bun

Today, I am very thankful that Margaret shares her pattern here. She wrote the pattern in English/Japanese terms, and I converted it to the US term. The pattern is easy to crochet and quick to complete. I tested Margaret’s pattern just to make sure the pattern is properly converted, the amigurumi piggy bun is just too cute not to make more. So, I ended up making two from her piggy bun crochet pattern. If it wasn’t that I wanted to share this cute little piggy pattern with you all, I would have crochet non-stop and created a dozen of them.

Crochet Pig Bun Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free crochet pattern & tutorial

This piggy bun crochet pattern only needs a small amount of yarn in white, melon pink, and pink colors. I used the leftover yarn from my Sunburst Granny Square blanket project (here is the free crochet pattern if you are interested in crocheting a beautiful granny square blanket). A fistful of poly-fill stuffing and a pair of 6mm safety eyes.

The crochet pattern is easy to read and follow; it is meant for beginners with some basic amigurumi experiences. Stitches that you need to know is Chain, Slip Stitch, and Single Crochet. The pattern calls for a magic ring to begin the project but you can always replace it with a chain stitch; instead of a magic ring, make two chain stitches then single crochet on the first chain to begin round 1. The nose and ears are sewed on to the piggy bun body by using a tapestry needle, which is commonly done in amigurumi.

The pig bun amigurumi is not only cute to display or become one of your ornaments, but I also found out one beneficial purpose of it – Stress Ball. While holding them on my hand, with the size of about 2 1/2″ in diameter, densely stuffed, I find it very suitable to act as a stress ball, which you can squeeze with your palm. If you have used a stress ball before, you will know that it will help you release some tension off your stress by compressing it. I knew it as I did quite a lot of squeezing lately. Read more on the benefit of using a stress ball.

piggy bun amigurumi

OK, Margaret, I still owe you mine. Sorry that I can’t make it on the deadline we have set, but I will definitely do it. This day will arrive soon as my renovation has come to an end, and I am almost settling down in my new house. Stay tuned for my craft on these little piggy buns!

I hope you enjoy crochet this cute little Amigurumi pig bun with the free crochet pig pattern given below. It is a perfect gift to make too.

Here is another cute amigurumi pig crochet pattern that you can make to build a team of oink oink.

Happy crochet!

Crochet Pig Bun Pattern

Crochet Pig Bun Pattern

Yield: 2 1/2" (D) Stuffed Piggy Bun
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: USD 1

Get the free crochet pattern to make this cute amigurumi piggy bun. Besides making it as decoration, this piggy bun is great to use as a stress ball. Try it out.

This piggy bun crochet pattern only needs a small amount of yarn in white, melon pink, and pink colors. I used the leftover yarn from my Sunburst Granny Square blanket project (here is the free crochet pattern if you are interested in crocheting a beautiful granny square blanket). A fistful of poly-fill stuffing and a pair of 6mm safety eyes.

It is a quick crochet project to make to wind down your day.


  • Baby Soft Yarn, Lion Brand, White (for the body), Melon Pink (for ears), and, Pink Lemonade or Creamsicle (for the nose)
  • Poly-fill or light color stocking for stuffing
  • 6mm safety eyes, 1 pair


  • Crochet hook: 2.5mm, please refer to this tutorial on choosing the right hook size for the yarn on amigurumi
  • Stitch marker
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors



(crochet terms is in American term)
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
inc: increase, 2 single crochet into 1 stitch
inv dec:  invisible decrease
slst = slip stitch


Make 2 with Melon Pink yarn
Row 1: make a magic ring, then 2 sc in it, turn
Row 2: ch, 2 sc in each dc, turn,
Row 3: ch, 1 sc in each sc,
Row 4: repeat row 3
Row 5: decrease. ch, 1 sc into 2 sc together, same for next 2 sc
Row 6: decrease. ch, 1 sc into 2 sc together.
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing

With Lemonade Pink or Creamsicle yarn
Row 1: Make a magic ring and 6 sc into ring.
Row 2: ch, 2 sc in each dc end with a slst.
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.

With white yarn. Pattern work in continuous spiral round from front to back of the piggy bun. Use a marker for each round.

Round 1: sc6 in magic ring. {6}
Round 2: [inc] around. {12}
Round 3: [sc, inc] around. {18}
Round 4: [sc 2, inc] around. {24}
Round 5: [sc 3, inc] around. {30}
Round 6: [sc 4, inc] around. {36}
Round 7: [sc 5, inc] around. {42}
Round 8: [sc 6, inc] around. {48}
Round 9 to Round 14 - sc around {48}
Sew nose and ears. Install safety eyes.
Round 15: [sc 6, inv dec] round. {42}
Round 16: [sc 5, inv dec] round. {36}
Round 17: [sc 4, inv dec] round. {30}
Round 18: [sc 3, inv dec] round. {24}
Stuff with poly-fill stuffing
Round 19: [sc 2, inv dec] round. {18}
Round 20: [sc, inv dec] round. {12}
Round 21: [inv dec] round. {6}
Fasten Off and weave in yarn end.


  1. Gather all the materials and tools needed to make this amigurumi piggy bun.
    You only need a small number of yarns for ears and nose. You may use your stashed yarns for this project.
    It is alright to use slightly different weights of yarns. A little difference in yarn weight will produce the different finished sizes of them and they could be adorable, for example, bigger or smaller ears and nose. crochet pig bun
  2. Follow the crochet pattern to complete the ears and nose.
    Crochet the body until R14.crochet pig bun
  3. Sew to attach the nose slightly higher than the beginning round of the body.crochet pig bun
  4. Install the safety eyes between R8 and R9, about 4 stitches apart.crochet pig bun
  5. Bring the yarn ends of the ear to the center by sewing them along the side using a tapestry needle.
    Repeat the same to another ear.crochet pig bun

    Sew the centerline of the ears to the body (at R13)crochet pig bun

    Sew the second ear to the body, with about 1 – 2 stitches gap in between 2 ears.crochet pig bun
  6. Continue to crochet till R18, stuff the body with poly-fill or light color stockings.
    The amount of stuffing depends on how dense you want your piggy bun to be.crochet pig bun
  7. Continue crochet to close up the body and fasten off. Hide yarn end into the body.crochet pig bun

2 little piggy buns done.
Personally, I think the piggy bun could be great as stress ball where you could squeeze to release some tension that stressed you out!

Happy amigurumi and happy crochet!

crochet pig bun


Tension Gauge: Not essential as long as the hook size matches the yarn weight for amigurumi.

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Wednesday 11th of June 2014

They are very cute! Thanks for the pattern! I made two in other colors. I translated the pattern to Dutch (see my blog). I hope that's ok.

Craft Passion

Friday 9th of May 2014

Hi Joycelyn, the amigurumi pattern is on the second page, you will get all the details there.

Nancy ibrahim

Monday 10th of June 2013

I'm always waiting for your new projects, it has been awhile since the secret garden, I know that it was not easy, but Plz have mercy with our passion too and send more....... The pigs are more than great thanks for you and your friend too...

Craft Passion

Monday 10th of June 2013

I am picking up on the speed, have another mega project to complete (my son's Road Runner quilt). Since I have completed my house moving, I will be doing some quick and easy projects soon. Thank you for the patient in waiting for the new project.... :)

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