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Sock Bunny Sewing Pattern

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Bunnies are so cute! And now that I’ve made a bunch of sock monkeys, I decided to sew a new sock animal – the sock bunny stuffed animal. I really hope you will like Baby, the sock bunny. Keep on reading and get the free sewing pattern and how-to-sew tutorial to make one today.

Quick & easy way to sew soft toys with sock. Follow the step by step photos and instruction to sew a sock bunny stuffed animal by using only 1 sock.

{Update: here’s a kawaii version of the bunny, BiBi, and a bigger version of sock bunny, Lilac. And, here is a list of stuffed animals you can sew from socks.}

This time of the year is the easter bunny-hopping time and it’s so good to see them hopping around all over the place. Baby, the sock bunny stuffed animal, is one of them. With its ears sticking out of its head and big eyes staring at you, the sock bunny is a fun bunny to have as a company.

Sock Bunny Stuffed Animal Sewing Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free pattern & tutorial

Baby is 7” tall, has a twitchy nose, and loves to sit quietly in a corner, dreaming pretty dreams. Sometimes, you don’t even know that it’s there until you feel someone smiling at you and look around to see …. Baby! There is nothing it likes better than to be cuddled and to cuddle back, which makes this bunny stuffed animal a perfect home companion.

sock bunny sewing pattern

Baby’s normal routine is to wake up early and look out the window at the rest of the world outside while dreaming of bouncing from cloud to cloud in the sky. When it’s time to eat, Baby hangs on to its carrot and lazes around, munching it non-stop. It’s so cute when it does that, all you want to do is look at it the whole day.

Sometimes, Baby hangs out with its friends, who come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Yes, Baby has a colorful gang of friends, they love to just sit around and enjoy the breeze while hanging on to a felt carrot. This is why you can find them gathered all together on the window sill or at the top of your bed, in their different colors. They make a really happy picture of friendship.

Bring Baby (and friends) into your home by sewing them from socks you may not need anymore. This bunny sewing pattern is great because you don’t need a pair, you only need 1 sock! So, if you have a sock that is missing the other side, have fun with it and sew a Baby bunny stuffed animal. Make Baby’s friends from all the leftover socks you don’t want anymore, and soon you’ll have a whole army of sock bunnies as friends. You can sew from all kinds of sock sizes and designs so each bunny looks different.

bunny pattern

Making Baby is also like taking care of the environment. By sewing Baby and friends from leftover socks, you are upcycling – making something new and valuable from a used item. Instead of throwing out good socks that are no longer needed or too tight, sew them into a really adorable sock bunny. Expand your craft world and save the environment, yay!

To make Baby, the bunny stuffed animal, sits on its own, add beads or rice grains to the bottom so it’s heavier. Put the rice or beads in a small sachet and insert it into the body. Don’t forget to sew the sachet so the little grains don’t spill out. Sew the sock up and Baby can now sit well. It can also be hung – pinch the head and lift it up to find the balancing point, then attach a string.

Another tip that I find quite important is the stuffing of the socks. I always stuff my sock animal densely so that the shape is easy to manipulate. A pair of blunt point tweezers is a good helper in the stuffing. Use the tweezers to grab the poly-filling and push it in. Besides, it is also great for turning small pieces right side out after sewing.

bunny stuffed animal sewing pattern

As mentioned in the instructions of all my sock animal patterns and tutorial, be the socks new or used, always pre-washed them before sewing. Since sock animals are usually given to kids, it is still best to keep them safe from harmful chemicals that have been used in the manufacturing process. The sock animals can be washed with mild soap, gentle rinse then dry it under the sunlight for disinfection.

Here’s the carrot for Baby to hold, just in case you are interested to make one for your bunny stuffed animal.

bunny stuffed animal sewing pattern
Baby Sock Bunny Loves Friends & Carrot


sock bunny

Sock Bunny Stuffed Animal Sewing Pattern

Yield: 7" Bunny Stuffed Animal
Active Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Avid Beginner/Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $3 - $10

Quick & easy way to sew soft toys with a sock. Follow the step-by-step photos and instructions to sew a sock bunny stuffed animal by using only a single sock.

It is a perfect craft to sew if you have some don’t-know-what-to-do stray socks lying around that are still new. Or, you can make a twin bunny with a new pair of socks.

I hope you like Baby the Sock Bunny as well.

Enjoy sewing them!

Download a separate SEWING PATTERN to draw the pattern on the sock.





    1. Gather all the materials and tools listed above.
    2. Carefully unpick the folded cuff at the wrong side with scissors or seam ripper.
    3. Turn to the wrong side and iron the sock flat with the foot facing up.
    4. Draw the sock bunny pattern on the sock with a water erasable fabric marker.materials
  2. SEW & CUT:
    1. Pin the layers and sew with a sewing machine or hand. Sew ears and arms only.
    2. Cut the pattern out from the sock with a minimum 1/8″ seam allowance.
    3. Split the toe part into half.
    4. Draw 2 circles and cut them cut
  3. STUFF:
    1. Turn the sock right side out, face, body, arms, feet, and tail.
    2. Stuff ear with poly-fill stuffing material. Only stuff the end and leave the area near to the head lightly stuff.
    3. Stuff the face too, shape it such that the heel of the sock becomes the mouth of the bunny.
    4. Run a round of stitches near to the raw edge, put to close the to sew sock bunny
    Use a water erasable fabric marker, sketch nose, and mouth on bunny’s face.sock bunny

    Satin stitch the nose and brunch stitch the mouth with 6 strands embroidery floss.embroidery

    1. Mark the eyes position by projecting a line horizontally from the toe side, intersects with a line from another point of the seam line of the toe.
    2. Sew a black shank button to the marking.
    3. Make a few stitches so that it is securely fastened on the sock.
    4. Bring the needle to the other point via the stuffing, pull tight to “sink” the eye into the face. Knot the thread on the marking before sewing the second eye.eyes

    Attach Body to Head:
    1. Draw a circle at the bottom of the face. Divide the circle equally into about 12 parts.
    2. Draw a line at the body and equally divide the spacing into 12 parts too.
    3. Slipstitch the body to the face follows the markings.
    4. The markings will make sure that the body and head are properly matched.bunny stuffed animal

    Stuff up the body, feet, arms, and tail. Run stitches near the raw edge, pull to close the opening.
    For feet and tail, roll the poly-fill on your palms to make it round and small before wrapping it with the sock.
    For the arm, slip stitch the opening instead of running stitch.bunny stuffed animal

    Feet, Arms & Tail:
    Mark 3 lines on the bunny’s foot. Sew with embroidery floss to shape the foot.feet

    1. Mark arm position on the side of the bunny.
    2. Slip stitch around the arm to the body.
    3. Mark and slip stitch the tail in place.
    4. Repeat the same to the feet.sock bunny

    Sew Feet, Arms, and Tail to the Sock Bunny:
    Make a few stitches to tight the ears to sew sock bunny

    Put on a ribbon bow at the side of the ear.
    You may add a string on the top of the sock bunny to become a hanging toy. Or, add jingle bell into the sock bunny to turn it into a baby rattle.sock bunny

Now you’re all done. Sock Bunny Baby is ready for your cuddles and hugs. Don’t forget to look for all your other socks so Baby has friends!

bunny stuffed animal


HOW TO SECURE THE KNOT: Secure the knot by inserting the needle between the 2 knot sewing
The knot is locked with the sock and it won’t slip away through the knits when you pull the thread during knot sewing

WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAND DRAWN PATTERN? Not all socks are the same size, so I can’t provide a standard printable template for this sock animal. The best way to proceed is to sketch out the sewing line by referring to the pictures. 

DOLL SIZES: For different sizes of sock animals, use different sizes of socks.

SOCK CHOICE: Socks will be stretched after they are stuffed so thick socks that are close-knit make better quality sock sheep toys. 

SEAM ALLOWANCE: Approximately 1/8” or 1/4”.
You need bigger seam allowance for loose-knit and thinner sock materials because they can be ripped off easily

STUFFING: always massage the stuffing to loosen out lumps. Long tubular parts should be rolled with both hands so any lumps will be smooth, and help to make the parts longer and firmer.

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Thursday 13th of April 2017

This is stunning. Pure cuteness overload! I have linked this from our blog. Too pretty not to share and such a good idea. Thank you for sharing x

Becky Jorgensen

Friday 7th of August 2015

This little one is super adorable! I'm in love! Also love your step-by-step tutorial! I appreciate the time and passion you put into it! This post was featured here: Thank you so much for sharing!


Wednesday 23rd of April 2014

Thanks! I'm going to try the lop eared bunny next - the taller one. And some smaller monkeys. I'll keep an eye out for the zebra pattern!

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