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Needle Felted Owl

Needle Felted Owl

September 15, 2014 /

needle felted owl

The inspiration for this needle-felted owl came from the amigurumi owl, Mr. Murasaki, designed and guest posted by AmiguruMEI for Craft Passion. Thank you AmiguruMEI for allowing me to make a needle felted version of Mr. Murasaki. Since it is the wool felted version of Mr. Murasaki, I called him Mr. Woolly Murasaki. The owl isn’t difficult to make as it has only a few shaping to do, and yet, the bird gives a very distinguished character of its sleepy look. It really makes me feel relax and keep on my own pace.

Since the last needle felting tutorial (Easter Carrot) I shared about one and a half years, I haven’t been doing any needle felting craft. Every time when I see the packs of wool roving sitting in my craft storage, I feel that it is such a waste not putting them into a craft to share. Now, I am determined to make a few needle-felted patterns and tutorials to share, with the hope that I can use up some of the wool while creating an excuse to replenish more.

needle felted owl

I have once asked a question on Craft Passion’s official Facebook page, should I sew a bag first or do some needle-felting and I get some mixed answers. I have an idea to sew a messenger bag as requested by my daughter and I have all the ideas and materials ready. On the other hand, I want to do needle-felting as I have been procrastinating the plan for so long until it is dropping down to the bottom of the to-do list. I must pick-up needle-felting again after I have done what I need to, then I can continue with the bag sewing without any misery.

May Mr. Woolly Murasaki is able to inspire you and hope to see you taking up some needle felting craft soon if you haven’t. For those who have been enjoying piercing the wool, I wish that you would try out this sleepy owl. It is light and firm, you can make it into a key-chain charm or simply a decoration charm by sewing a strap onto it. Or, simply as a decoration on its own. Great as a gift to make and a giveaway too.

Happy Felting!!!

felt sleepy owl

good night owl

felted sleepy owl

felted amigurumi owl

woolly felt mr murasaki owl

felted owl sculpture


Needle Felted Owl

Materials & Supplies:
1. Wool roving in Purple, Off White, Light Blue and Yellow
2. Yarn – purple
3. Embroidery Floss in Black and Light Blue
4. Multi-Needle Pen Style Needle Felting Tool, CloverNeedle Felting Needle with Heavy weight needlesir?t=crafpass 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000WZ1SUY
5. Felting needle, Fine weightNeedle Felting needle
6. Felting sponge / foam block
7. Tapestry needle – medium or #20
8. Tooth-pick
9. Erasable marker
10. Scissors

1. When doing needle felting, pierce your needle straight into the object (don’t bend or prick the needle) to avoid the needle from breaking.
2. Use multi-needle in heavy weight for quick felting and use fine needle to perfect the finishing.

Reference tutorial with video:
1. Easter Carrot
2. Little Birds
3. Basic Needle Felting in shape with cookie cutter (external Youtube video).

needle-felted-owl-1Get ready all the materials and tools as listed above.

needle-felted-owl-2Roll the yarn into a ball then slowly roll into an oblique shape. Lastly, add more rounds on the bottom half to make it into the shape of an egg.
Pull about 3″ wool from the roving (always pull your wool, don’t cut unless instructed), spread out the fibers and split them into a few groups.

needle-felted-owl-31. Wrap the wool around the egg-shaped yarn ball, vertically and horizontal, cover it up evenly. Add more wool if needed.
2. Pierce the wool with a multi-needle pen (with heavyweight needles) onto the yarn ball.
3. Check if you need more wool to cover up and refine the shaping during the felting.
4. The wool fibers are all intact and the body of the owl is formed.

needle-felted-owl-41. Mark the eyes position somewhere at the middle span of the body. I used thread spool to draw the circles.
2. Loosen up some off white wool and roll into a circle. Make 2 with an approximate equal amount of wool.
3. Needle felt the wool roving onto the circle marking with multi-needle.
4. Change to the fine needle to finish the felting. Add wool if needed until the eyes are firmly intact on the owl.
Another option: Needle felt the off white wool roving in a round-shaped cookie cutter until it is medium-firm, take out from the cutter and place it on the owl, continue to felt until it is firmly intact. Please reference video in the paper note above.

needle-felted-owl-5Draw and stitch some feathery outline on the tummy of the owl.
1. Insert the tapestry needle at the bottom of the owl, with light blue embroidery floss and knot the floss end. The needle comes out at one the feathery outline.
2. Pull the floss to hide the knot inside the owl’s body. Continue to sew up all the feathery outlines.
3. After finished with all the stitching, bring the needle out at the bottom, knot it. Insert the needle back to the owl body, next to the thread exit point.
4. Pull the floss to hide the knot. Pull floss and cut floss near the body.

needle-felted-owl-6Do the same to the 2 slanted black slashes on the eyes… oh this owl really needs a good sleepy, he can’t even open up his eyes.

needle-felted-owl-7Important Tip: In order to make a clean and neat outline on the features, pierce along the outline about 45 to 60 degree.

needle-felted-owl-81. Roll a bit of yellow wool roving onto a tooth-pick.
2. Slide it out from the tooth-pick.
3. Bend it and place between the eyes of the owl. Pierce a little to keep it in place.
4. Pierce around lightly to make a little beak on the owl.

needle-felted-owl-9Add another small bit of yellow wool to the bottom to complete the beak.

needle-felted-owl-10Repeat the same method to make the ears, make 2. Ears required a little more wool than the beak.

needle-felted-owl-111. Loosen up some light blue and roll into a circle. Make 2 with an approximately equal amount of wool.
2. Pierce with multi-needle to make 2 circles as the wings.
3. Change to the fine needle to finish up the felting.
4. Pierce the wings on the owl, slightly press the wing to make it bend out. Pierce the top and along the outline of the sides, don’t pierce the bottom.
Again, you may use the cookie-cutter method as mentioned above as another option of making the eyes.

needle-felted-owl-12Here it is, a completed needle felted owl, Mr. Woolly Murasaki.
You may use a pair of small sharp point scissors to trim off any mischievous fibers that keep sticking out from Mr. Woolly Murasaki.
It is light and firm, you can make it into a key-chain charm or simply a decoration charm by sewing a strap onto it. Or, simply as a decoration on its own.


felted sleepy owl



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