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DIY Pom-Pom Elmo& Cookie Monster

DIY Pom-Pom Elmo& Cookie Monster

October 26, 2009 /

make pom-pom elmo
Do you like the pom-pom Elmo and pom-pom Cookie Monster? I will still do some pom-pom craft projects this week. Hopefully you can have some gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas 🙂

Pom-Pom is the easiest craft I found to be able to make various cartoon features. All you need is to trim and assemble it with fabric glue. This time I am demonstrating how to make pom-poms for Sesame Street characters.

DIY pom-pom elmo

I picked Elmo and Cookie Monster, the more popular characters from Sesame Street. I wanted to make Big Bird, but I couldn’t get the yellow yarn of its kind, so here you are, the tutorial for making Pom-Pom Elmo and Pom-Pom Cookie Monster 🙂

Pom-Pom Elmo cookie monster

Pom-Pom Elmo sesame street

DIY Pom-Pom Elmo

1. A Red pom pom of 70mm diameter [Elmo face]. Attached a key-chain holder if you prefer.
2. An Orange pom pom of 25mm diameter [nose].
3. A pair of 20mm diameter wiggle eyes.
4. A 20mm x 60mm black felt cut into the shape as shown [mouth].
5. Fabric glue

Note: If this is the first time you landed in this blog and wanted to make pom-pom, you might find these 2 post useful, Basic Pom-Pom Making and Pom-Pom Trimming.


Elmo_PomPom1Gather and prepare the materials needed as listed above.


Elmo_PomPom2Apply some fabric glue on the center line of the black felt. Wait for 5-10 minutes before folding it so that the glue gets tacky. Secure it in this position until the center line sticks.


Elmo_PomPom3Apply some fabric glue at the positions you want to place the nose. Do the same to the back of the eyes and the nose.


Elmo_PomPom4 Stick the eyes and nose after 5-10 minutes.
Check if the mouth’s centerline on the black felt is joined (it should by now, if not wait for another few minutes).
Pom-Pom Elmo looks miserable without the mouth :p


Pom-Pom ElmoApply fabric glue at the position where you want to put the mouth. Do the same to the back of the black felt mouth. Wait for another 5-10 minutes before inserting the black felt into the pom pom.
Ewww…. Pom-Pom Elmo is salivating from his mouth lol…


Pom-Pom ElmoFinally, Pom Pom Elmo has its mouth attached and he is happy now!!!
Leave it overnight to let the glue dry completely.


You can make Cookie Monster the same way too, use Blue pom-pom instead and omit the orange nose 🙂
Happy “Pom-Poming”!!!

elmo pom-pom


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