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/Kid Crafts/Pom-Pom Tutorial – Hair Barrettes

Pom-Pom Tutorial – Hair Barrettes

Pom-Pom Tutorial – Hair Barrettes

October 18, 2009 /

Pom Pom Hair Barrettes

So, you’ve made some pom-poms for your project and want to make use of it, to decorate it, etc, but…. the size is too big or you want it in another shape other than round. You need to trim it, of course. Here is the tutorial of an easy way on how to trim and shape your pom-pom. I made the pom-pom into Pom-Pom Hair Barrettes.

Trimming needs skill and it is just like a hairdresser’s job. Lack of skill may cause over trimming and unevenness, the more you trim it and try to get to the right shape you want, the pom-pom becomes smaller and smaller. The worst part is, after hours spent in trimming, you still can’t get the shape you want and the original pom-pom is snipped beyond recognition, you get frustrated and give up. What a waste!!!

I have gone through this (I am not a hairdresser) so I know what you’re going to face with “the trim”. I found a good tip after some researches. The following tutorial will show you how to trim your pom-pom to your desired shape and size easy and fast 🙂 to me, it never failed!!!! I made this trimmed pom-pom into pom-pom hair barrettes.

Trimming of Pom-Pom


Pom Pom hair Pin 1First, make a cardboard template of the shape and size you want. Punch a thumb-pin through the center of the template. (Opppsss…. don’t get confused about the printing on the cardboard. I salvaged it from an Ikea packing :p)
I demonstrated it in round shape, but you can draw other shapes like oval, heart, or other shapes you like.
(The original size of the pom-pom was about 50mm in diameter, made by using the 35mm pom-pom maker. And I wanted to trim it down to 30mm.)

Pom Pom hair Pin 2Find the center of the pom-pom. The easiest way is to find where the string is tied, which is the center of the pom-pom.
Pom Pom hair Pin 3Place the cardboard template onto the pom-pom with the thumb-pin tack on the center. Do it on both sides.
Pom Pom hair Pin 4Trim the pom-pom near the template. Repeat again by moving the template 90 deg to the side of the pom-pom.
Pom Pom hair Pin 5Remove the templates and fluff up the smaller pom-pom, see, it became smaller and still maintains its rounded shape, neat! Trim lightly on any unevenness so that you get a beautiful round pompom. 🙂


Pom Pom Hair Barrettes


Pom-Pom-hair-Pin-6Get the hair barrettes you want to attach the pom-pom onto.
Pom-Pom-hair-Pin-7Apply some fabric glue (my favorite) generously onto the place you want to stick the pom-pom to, wait about 5 to 10 minutes until the glue becomes tacky.
Pom-Pom-hair-Pin-8Tie the string to the hair barrettes to further secure it, trim off the extra string. Wait for it to dry by leaving it overnight.
Pom Pom Hair BarrettesI finished 2 Pom Pom Hair Barrettes to make a pair of the perfect gift for a little girl. This pair is for my daughter, to match with her Bareback Halter-Neck Knitted Top I knitted for her.


I am making more of this, watch out for my next pom-pom projects 🙂


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