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Ribbons Storage Organizer

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If you find it is hard to keep ribbons tidy, make a ribbons storage organizer to help you out. No more digging and de-detangling messy ribbons.

ribbons organizer

Due to my recent shopping and frequent trips to craft stores, the box that I used to keep my lovely ribbons can’t keep up the rate on storage. I no longer can find any ribbons without having to pour everything out and de-tangle some of them.

I am trying my best to keep my craft room as tidy as the one I posted here after every project. But, it is impossible to achieve that goal if things are too messy to begin with. I don’t want to waste time digging and searching for the right ribbons anymore. It is time to make a ribbons storage organizer. 

ribbon storage idea

As you can see from the first photo, I can’t even put on the lid to cover the box before stacking it up on the shelf. It is no joke when I need to get a specific ribbon out of the box.

I found out I could free up a lot of space by removing the packaging of some of the ribbons. Some packaging, especially the spools with big cores, are simply too bulky to keep. So, I decided to take those out.

Then, I need to find ways to keep my ribbon organized and tidy otherwise, they will get tangled up after a few digs. This is where the cardboard comes in place to wind them up and keep them in place. Tiny head sewing pins are handy to keep the ends on the winding.

ribbon stash storage

What’s Next


Ribbons Storage Organizer

Tools & Materials:
1. Box to keep ribbons
2. Corrugated cardboard or thick cardboard
3. Ruler
4. Pen
5. Cutter
6. Cutting mat
7. Sewing pin with tiny head.

how to store ribbon neatly

The messy and overloaded box full of tangling ribbons.

ribbons storage organizer

These are all the ribbons from the box.
As you notice, many of them are ribbons purchased by yardage or leftover ribbons from previous projects.
Some are still on the foam/cardboard spool. I am going to remove the bulky packaging for those shorter length ribbons, say less than 5 yards in order to free up some storage space.


Get ready a cardboard (corrugated or any thick cardboard will do).
Ruler, cutter and cutting mat.

box measurement

1. Measure the width of the box. Mine is 6″.
2. Measure the height of the box. Mine is about 5 1/2″
3. Take away 1/2″ from the width and 1″ from the height to become 5 1/2″ width x 4 1/2″ height for instance.
4. Cut out the rectangle cardboard.

stashed ribbons organizer

Roll the ribbons on the cardboard. Notice the unwanted foam/cardboard cores at the back. These are the space saved up to keep more ribbons.

ribbons storage organizer

Sort out the ribbons in types, colors, or widths. Wind the ribbons onto the cardboard.

ribbons storage organizer

I keep long ribbons on their original cores and insert them vertically into the box.
Then, place the rectangle ribbon organizer into the box vertically too so you can see the ribbons easily and choose what you want without having to take them out.

ribbons storage organizer

There is a ready-made wooden board available in some craft stores, you may use it to organize the ribbons instead of cutting your own. The con side is they only come in a few sizes that you may find them not in the correct dimension for your box.
For very short ribbons, you may cut smaller cardboard to wind.

ribbons storage organizer

Secure the ends with a sewing pin. I don’t like to use adhesive tape, as the residue can be sticky and nasty after a while.
Now you can see the ribbons clearly and able to find the one you need easily from the box.

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Saturday 11th of April 2015

great idea. I'll try it.

shelley taylor

Monday 12th of January 2015

For those of you that have kinky ribbon get an old cheap hair the ribbon through more kinks...I had my ribbon on spools but have not been crafting so put it all in a i am going to go through it and use spools, and clothespins and keep them sorted in shoe boxes..that way i can use it quickly but keep it dust free..


Monday 26th of May 2014

I've done all of my rolls of ribbon this way! It's a great way to save space!!

Craft Passion

Wednesday 28th of May 2014

I am happy to know that it works for you. Hope others will follow this method soon, we need to clear off the clutter in our craft storage ;)

mary e

Wednesday 8th of January 2014

I find that if ribbon is stored by being wrapped around flat cardboard, its gets bends in it and the bends have to be ironed out. I prefer to roll them the same way ,just around a toilet tissue roll, or paper towel tube.

Ideas4cards via Facebook

Thursday 3rd of May 2012

Wow! I'm a fan of organizing everything around me and this one will definitely become my favourite!