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Pom-Pom Turkey Brooch

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May? What? It is May already!!! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I was in panic mode again because I had no idea what project to come out with. Fortunately, I was inspired by Micheal’s Mother’s Day Gift Idea, so I DIY this Turkey Brooch using store-bought pom-pom.

pom-pom turkey

I always wanted to come out with something quick and easy to make for Mother’s day craft so that kids can make it for their moms too. My little pom-pom chick immediately came to my mind (remember I made a basket out of them?).

This time I am converting the chicks into turkeys (I make another 2 smaller white turkey chicks) by adding pipe cleaners tail and make them into a mommy-baby pom-pom turkey brooch, especially for this coming Mother’s Day celebration!!!

The craft supplies for this kid craft are easily available, you can get the pom-pom and chenille pipe cleaner from your local craft shops.

pom-pom turkey brooch

Now, I am done with the Mother’s Day craft, I better start thinking of Father’s Day. Getting into panic mode is not fun and I don’t want to trigger a heart attack and can’t even say bye-bye to you all… lol… just kidding!

Are you thinking what I am thinking after seeing the brooch? How about turning this pom-pom turkey brooch into Thanksgiving Card Placeholder in November?

Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, remember, a better life needs good health!

pom-pom turkey

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Pom-Pom Turkey Brooch

Make: 1 brooch

1. Pom Pom – 1″, qty= 2, color= pink
2. Pom Pom – 1/2″, qty= 4, color= white
3. Felt scrap
4. Beads – small (about 3mm), qty= 6, color= black
5. Chenille Pipe Cleaners – cut to 3″, qty= 8, assorted colors
6. Brooch pin – 3/4″, qty= 1

1. All-purpose quick dry adhesive
2. Scissors
3. Tweezers


Get ready all the tools & materials stated in the above list.
Make 1 pom-pom mommy turkey (pink) and 2 pom-pom baby turkey (white) with this tutorial. Omit the wings for the turkey chicks.
Cut a circle felt with the size of the brooch pin, i.e. 3/4″ diameter.

diy pom pom turkey 2

Bend the pipe cleaners to form a “u” shape.

pom-pom turkey

Twist the ends together.

diy pom pom turkey 4

squeeze some quick dry adhesive on the end.

pom-pom turkey

Bond it to the circle felt. Repeat for the rest of the pipe cleaners until you put all 8 on the felt.
This is the tail of the turkey.

diy pom pom turkey 6

Squeeze a generous amount of adhesive on the center of the tail.

pom-pom turkey

Place the mommy turkey on the tail, press a while for it to completely adhere to the tail.

diy pom pom turkey 8

Apply adhesive on the alternate side of the turkey chicks and glue them to their mommy.

diy pom pom turkey 9

Squeeze them closely to their mommy while gluing.

diy pom pom turkey 11

Squeeze a generous amount of adhesive to the brooch pin.

diy pom pom turkey 12

Glue the brooch pin to the back of the pom-pom turkey.
Wait for them to dry completely before pinning it on your clothes.

pom-pom turkey


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Monday 1st of November 2021

This has got to be one of the cutest ideas!