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/Sewing/Girl Shorts Sewing Pattern

Girl Shorts Sewing Pattern

Girl Shorts Sewing Pattern

girls shorts pattern

I am so addicted to sewing shorts for my kids with the fabrics I recycled from my old cotton shirts. This time, instead of sewing out of the same pattern repeats, I made some variations on the kid shorts sewing pattern for this girl shorts, by adding a knot or tie to the shorts’ hem.

Last time, I sewed the hem with a ribbed band in the kid shorts tutorial, in this girl shorts I modified the hem band to a tie-band. In addition, I used coordinating color with strawberry print fabric on the waistband, pockets, and tie-hem bands to cheer up the girl shorts further.

tie hem shorts

My daughter loves this pairs of shorts so much that she wears it to her tuition class showing off to her teacher and friends “Mommy sewed this for me from her old shirts!” and proudly walk into the classroom with a **BIG smile**… Knowing that my daughter appreciates it so much really pays off the time I’ve spent in the craft room every night. The same astonishing feeling happened when Jennifer showed me the boxer shorts she sewed for her husband by using the unisex boxer shorts pattern & tutorial… I am truly thrilled, and this is the best way you gals motivated me to make and share more here. Please feel free to feedback to me with your amazing handmade if you have made something from here.

Sew Tie Hem Girl Shorts

Girl Shorts With Tie-Hem

Download basic sewing pattern: Toddler shorts (3 years old), Kid shorts (7 years old), Pre-teenager Shorts (12 years old)

1. Cotton fabric, 3/4 yard or a woman short-sleeve blouse (at least a USA size 10 or UK size 12)
2. Cotton fabric, coordinating print or color, fat quarter
3. Ribbon, short length

1. Sewing machine with matching thread
2. Serger/overlock machine or zigzag stitch
3. Printer, letter size (8.5″ x 11″) paper 2 pcs. & glue
4. Pencil & ruler
5. Carbon and tracing wheel
6. Scissors
7. Sewing kits
8. Iron
9. Safety pin

[Note: If you have missed the basic kid shorts sewing pattern & tutorial, click here to go to the post and download the free sewing pattern. For younger kid/toddler size, click here for the post to download.]

tie hem shorts sewing pattern

Download this tie hem variation pattern in a pdf document and print it with your inkjet printer. Download & print the kid’s shorts sewing pattern too if you haven’t had the copy from the recent tutorial.
Feed the letter-size paper into your printer and print the pattern without setting any scale on the printing.
Or, draw your own by referring to the pattern.
Cut the paper pattern out.
{the pdf download will either open in a new tab or open a small window asking you to save it as a file. If you can’t find the saved file on your computer, the default folder usually is in “/downloads”}
{If you can’t download the pdf pattern, probably you don’t have an acrobat reader, download the latest version for free, here.}

adjusted length

Shorten the front of the original shorts pattern by 1 1/4″ from the hem. Repeat the same to the back.

add tie hem to shorts pattern

Place the tie-hem pattern onto the new shorts length, align the side seams, don’t glue.
Tear or cut vertically on the swirl line on the tie hem pattern (shorts side) to split the tie side and shorts side.
Move the shorts side to align with the inseam.
Glue a piece of paper in between, draw with pencil and ruler to extend the seam lines and seam allowance lines.
Repeat the same to the back pattern.
Cut both tie hem with the shorts fabric and a piece of coordinating fabric, 1 of each side. You will end up with 8 strips altogether.

sew shorts curve notch

Sew the pockets and join the front and back of the shorts at the side seam. Mock flat fell on the side seam.
Cut 2 curve notch patterns from the same fabric as the shorts.
Over-lock stitch or a zig-zag stitch on the outer edge of the curved notch.
Place a curve notch on the right side of the shorts, align the center to the side seam and both hemlines.
Sew on the inner curve and trim the seam allowance to around 1/8″.

curve notch on short pants

Turn the notch curve to the wrong side of the girl shorts. Press and topstitch around 1/4″ from the curve.
Repeat the same to the other side seam.
Continue sewing the inseam and center seam of the shorts.
Either sew the elastic band now or after installing the tie hem band.

sew tie hem band

Join the front-back pair of the tie hem on the vertical edge (inseam of the shorts).
Sew the matching pair with right side facing each other, a little away from the notch marking, sew to the end, then go down diagonally, then to the bottom hem all the way to the other side, go up diagonally, then upper horizontally until you almost reach the notch marking.
Remember to backstitch a few stitches at the beginning and at the end of the sewing.
Clip corners on the seam allowance.

attach tie band to shorts

Align and pin the front tie hem’s notch marking with the hem of the shorts. Marking to marking.
Sew the front tie hem to the shorts, leave out the back portion to later step.

complete tie band on shorts hems

Turn the tie hem right side out and adjust the corners. Press with a warm iron.
Either stitch in the ditch or hand slip stitch the back tie hem to the girl shorts.
Topstitch near the edge, around.

sew tie hem girl shorts

Repeat the tie hem attachment steps to the other side.
Embellish the shorts with your girl’s favorite iron-on embroidery patch.
Sew the waistband and the ribbon if you haven’t done so.
~~ Girl Shorts with Tie-Hem is DONE ~~


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