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Sew Zipper Card Pouch

Sew Zipper Card Pouch

August 22, 2014 /

sew zipper pouch

I have been using the previous zipper card pouch for quite some time and it is time for an uplift on the pattern and tutorial while sewing a new one for myself. Here is the improved version of the zipper card pouch.

zipper card puch sewing pattern

There are a few upgrades done on this zipper card pouch design. First, it can store more cards even the size of the zipper card pouch remain the same, 4 1/2″ x 3 1/4″. The reason behind the bigger storage space is because I have hidden the bulky seam allowance inside the zipper card pouch. Second, it has better divider slots. There are 2 dividers thus make up 3 parts in the pouch which can give better organization to your cards. Third, there are improvements in the overall design on the zipper card pouch to make the zipper glide easier.

small pouch for cards

I find that this zipper card pouch is great as a small little purse. Slot in your credit card, identity card, and same small change to bring out for tea break. Use a solid color fabric or denim to sew for men, great as a Father’s Day or birthday gift too 🙂

sew gift pouch

This zipper card pouch pattern and tutorial is easier to understand. In order to make the design and pattern flawless, you will need to hand sew a little. I wish you happy sewing and have a nice day always 🙂

sew card pouch

Sew Zipper Card Pouch

Difficulty: Intermediate / Avid Beginner
Finished size: approximately 4 1/2″ (W) x 3 1/4″ (H)
Download: zipper-card-pouch-pattern

1. Fabric – Printed, approximately: 12″ x 10″
2. Fabric – Red, approximately: 12″ x 4″
3. Interfacing, fusible, medium thickness, approximately: 12″ x 6″
4. Grosgrain ribbon – 2″
5. Zipper – 6 1/2″ (click here to watch how to shorten metal zipper)

1. Sewing machine, with normal foot and zipper foot
2. Sewing kits
3. Pencil or Erasable fabric marker
4. Ruler
5. Scissors
6. Tools for turning like awl and knitting needle or bamboo turner
7. Iron

Seam Allowance: 3/8″ (included in the pattern template)

Note: You may omit the interfacing if you are using canvas fabric.


sew-card-pouch-1Gather all the materials as listed above. Download and print out the sewing pattern of the zipper card pouch.
Trace zipper card pouch template on fabrics and interfacing based on the quantity stated in the pattern. Seam allowance is already added to the template.
Cut out the fabrics and interfacing piece.


sew-card-pouch-2Trace the sewing lines to the wrong side of the fabric pieces.


sew-card-pouch-3Align the interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the fabrics.


sew-card-pouch-4Press with a warm iron to fuse the interfacing to the fabrics.


sew-card-pouch-5If you are using metal zipper, shorten it with this tutorial.
Mark 1/4″ away from the zipper ends, this is where the sewing ends on the zipper.


sew-card-pouch-6Baste the zipper to the main printed fabric, with the zipper open, from marking to marking and right side facing each other.
Clip the zipper tape at the curve area so that the zipper is able to follow the curved sewing line.


sew-card-pouch-7Guide the zipper tape towards the seam allowance at the end markings.


sew-card-pouch-8Cover the pouch with the red lining fabric, right side facing down. Baste.
Pin or baste both layers of fabric together.


sew-card-pouch-9Sew with zipper presser foot around, leaving 2 1/2″ opening for turning right side out later.
Clip corners and curve at the seam allowance.


sew-card-pouch-10Turn right side out from the opening. Shape the corners with an awl to make a perfect right-angle corner.


sew-card-pouch-11Repeat the same zipper process to the other side of the zipper tape. Add a ribbon loop to the printed main fabric, about 1/2″ from top.


sew-card-pouch-12Attach and sew the lining to this side of the zipper. Note that the whole first zipper side is captured inside between this print and a red lining.
Pull out the first zipper side from the opening then turn the second zipper side right-side out. Shape the corners.


sew-card-pouch-13aSew to close the openings with a slip stitch. Press with a warm iron if needed.


sew-card-pouch-15a1. Fold the divider & gusset piece into half, sew around, leaving a 2″ opening. Clip corners.
2. Turn it right-side-out, shape corners. Sew to close the opening with a slip stitch.
3. Fold the divider & gusset piece into half again, sew near the folding edge, make a few back stitches at the ends to lock the thread.
4. Unfold the piece and you will get a sewn crease line created along the center of the gusset.


sew-card-pouch-19The width of the divider & gusset piece is slightly narrower than the pouch body.


sew-card-pouch-20Place the divider piece onto the body piece, 3/4″ from the top, with bulging side of the center creased line facing up. Align the divider slightly inside the edge of the body. Pin.
Sew near the edges of the 3 sides of the body to attach the divider & gusset piece.


sew-card-pouch-21There is a “pull” to the pouch body due to the narrower divider. This is to give a straight divider inside the pouch.


sew-card-pouch-22Turn the pouch inside out, slip stitch to Join 2 sides together.


sew-card-pouch-23Note that the divider edges never touched each other.


sew-card-pouch-24Turn the card pouch right-side out. Slip stitch again at the seam lines to close the gaps.


sew-card-pouch-25A completed zipper card pouch with 2 dividers and an internal gusset.


sew-card-pouch-26Inside view of the zipper card pouch. Note that the dividers are straight and neat.


Load your cards into the zipper card pouch and start using it.

sew card pouch


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