YoYo Puff Crochet Pattern

crochet yoyo puff

Have you ever fascinated with the fabric yoyo puff to make this and this and this and this? If you can crochet, I have a crochet version to make this yoyo puff!!!!

As you may notice, this is not a normal crochet circular shape, it is a real double layer yoyo puff just like the fabric version. I crocheted a summer hat for my daughter by using this yoyo puff… you will get to see this in my next tutorial [Update: click the summer hat link to go there]. There are so many great projects for fabric yoyo, now we can transform them into crochet version…. may be a comfy baby blanket, what do you think?

Crochet yoyo puff is not difficult to make, as long as you know how to do chain, treble, treble decrease and triple treble. Following are the step by step photos and instructions on how to crochet it.

crochet yoyo puff

{CLICK HERE to get the YoYo Puff Crochet Pattern}

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  1. Hey this is so easy and cute… And it gave me compliments, surprised? Well mu husband left for UK today and he wanted something to recognize his luggage. So I made luggage tags using your Yo yo tutorial and he was so happy. I couldn’t take picture of it due to lack of time. I’ll be making more luggage tags for my dad and will then take a picture.

    Thank you so much… I owe this to you 🙂

  2. i am trying this out..hmm maybe i have to try few times to get cute yo-yo puff..i am still not satisfied with the result..
    thanks for the tutorial dear..u are so creative and talented =)

  3. Hello I love this pattern but I do not like the way they are connecting. mabey it’s me. Any suggestions.

  4. I’m a beginner …and u have made the pattern so easy to understand and the pictures of every step was very helpful to let me know that I was on the right track… and I learnt a lot more than just SC & DC. Thank You!

  5. This is great!!! What a marvelous way to use up scraps. Do you have a pattern to connect them for an afghan or throw??

  6. Its very beautiful. But i m not getting it properly. Can u give me brief idea or video for yo yo puffs, Plz? I m desparate to do this.

  7. Love it love it love it!! My head is swimming with the possibilities of this little yo-yo puff!! I’m thinkin blankets, scarves, pillows, and more!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful pattern!!

  8. LOVED making this little yo-yo puff! Sorry I just now found it, but so glad I did! Love your site!

  9. Thank you so much, I am so excited to start one 🙂

  10. woohoo I got it made 🙂 Thanks
    Very first pattern since I started crocheting that i was able to follow and it come out EXACTLY like it is suppose to
    The directions was explained very well.
    Thank you for that…

    I am going to post it on my blog, is it ok if I put your link up to link back to it :D…

    Thanks again

  11. I love this pattern, it looks like the ones you make with the little knitting machines. Thank you for putting it here for us

  12. I can’t thank you enough for allowing us the pleasure of this pattern. I’m having a blast. Problem is I would like to make one for my two year old grandaughter and don’t quite know how to change the stitches. would appreciate your help. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PATTERN.

    • I suggest to reduce the gauge of the stitches by using a smaller hook size. Theoretically, by reducing the hook size from 3mm to 2.5mm will reduce the hat size by 16.7%, with the assumption that the tension is about the same. But, since the yarn you are using could be varied from the one I am using, so, it won’t be that accurate. The next step is to test it out: try 1 puff with 2.5mm hook and check the size, you should be able to get a hint from here.
      Good luck.

  13. Thanks. My english is bad, I am mexican, but I try to learn pattern. I need see tutorial. Thank for your help.

  14. Lovely and useful tutorial. Thanks a lot! What a nice effect the yo-yo puff flowers when decreasing!

  15. I’m knitting крючком.мне liked hat YO-УО.Я I do not know how to collect separate motives in a hat and tie field hats help please advice how you did it with the wishes of good luck and greetings from russia

  16. I am very impressed with your patterns and ideas. I can’t tell you how many I have printed out so I can try them. I think these yo-yos would look good as the center of a layered flower or maybe you could make several sizes to stack for a mum or peony.

  17. I am new to crochet and reading patterns. I am a bit confused on the tr dec on the back of the yo yo puff. What exactly are you repeating 8 times? I don’t see * to show what to repeat. I assumed it was the whole group of 3, but with the 4 in the first set and 8 more groups of 3, that would require 28 stitches, but there are only 20 stitches going into the circle.

  18. I looked for a “printer friendly” button; couldn’t find one.
    Seems as though it needs to use 15 pages to print 5 pages of pattern.

    Maybe I’m just too stupid to see how to print it properly

    • The printing option will be included in the new design which my web designer is working on. Most probably will get it done by end of this year or latest early next year. For the time begin, please use the browser printing setting to print the page by selection. Sorry for the inconvenient caused.

  19. I make pillow dolls and just looking at your yo-yo puff pattern gave me so many ideas I can adapt to my dolls! I’m thinking berets, dress accessoriis, a very tiny version of your summer hat or even a small handbag (with an added strap of course) to liven up my dolls. I can’t wait to get started! Thanks for all the inspiration from one little Yo-yo puff pattern!

  20. Thanks for the article post. Really Great.

  21. I am sooo in love with this pattern. So easy and quick to make. My house will soon be over run by yo yo puffs.
    Many thanks for sharing.

  22. (sorry for my bad english….) Hello !
    I love this beautiful yo-yo !! Your explanations and diagram are very clear. It may stand in for “bullion” (in french), too tiring for the hands… is’nt it ??
    Your site is very interesting and nice. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, you’re very generous !! best wishes, Leelou

  23. you are a very clever girl —
    I enjoy sitting down and copying
    interesting patterns.. keep them
    coming o.k.?? goody-goody…

  24. I LOVE this pattern too! Could these be put together and used for pot holders? Just to set on the table to set a hot pot on, not to be used to pick up anything hot. I’m just wondering. I am a beginner and I have been successful at making these yo-yo’s, a pot holder came to mind when I was looking at them. Please let me know if you can. Thank you so very much! You can email me if you would like.

  25. Thank you for sharing, now I have something to do with my leftover yarn. 🙂


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  28. Hi

    Thank you so much for the pattern. I tried and voila! your instructions are so clear. How would I stitch it together. Thats where I am stuck to make a pattern. Can you explain how you stitched it together.


  29. Gostei de seus trabalhos, um melhor que outro.
    flores linda,vc é inspiradora!

    Translation (by Google):

    I liked your jobs, a better than another.
    beautiful flowers, vc is inspiring!

  30. Hey there, so appreciative of your tutorial as I had come across the pattern in Melody Griffiths’ book “Crocheted throws and wraps” and it really didn’t make sense. Now I am going to be able to try and make the blanket she has done. Hope I can work out how to join them afterwards! but if not I will be back for some more advice.
    Crafty hugs, Tash

  31. This totally amazed me and I just had to make one before going to bed. Congratulations on this terrific piece of unusual crochet work. Did you design this? I am yarn addicted and have some many half balls of different shades of pink wool. You know how it is you just have to have that yarn and make something. I have been looking for something unusual to make into a blanket for my new granddaughter. THIS IS IT thank you so much from the U.K.

  32. Hi, I absolutely love these yo yo puffs and I would love to make a pillow with them. How do I put them together? I apologize if you have already explained how but I could not find that anywhere.

    Lovely work and your daughter is gorgeous!!

    Thank you

  33. Hello Joanne
    Thank you for having me on your lovely sharing blog, I’m French, I do not speak English but I do the translation using Google, thank you for this tutorial. You realize beautiful things property!
    I wish you a good Sunday!

  34. Something keeps hanging up(freezing) but finally got everything copied/pasted to Word.


    Now all I have to do is practice doing this.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your creativity and love.

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