Yoyo-Puff Wide Brim Hat For Girl

yoyo puff summer hat pattern
[** Latest update – July 11, 2011: I have edited the brim pattern of the yoyo-puff hat to a simplified version and added a few images to further explain the details. I hope with this new info, it helps to explain the pattern more clearly.]

[Update- June 29, 2011: I know many of you are confused and had a hard time on the hat brim pattern section. I am in the process on modifying the pattern so that it is easier to understand. Please check back in a week or 2. Thanks!]

I have done 2 halterneck tops (knitted and crochet) for my daughter and now I challenged myself to design and crochet this yo-yo puff wide brim summer hat. Do you like it? She likes it a lot… basically, she likes all the things I made, lol….

I would say that it is a perfect hat for spring and summer. Look at the cavities between the yo-yo puffs, it makes the hat airy so you head won’t get cooked by the heat captured in the hat during summer. The wide brim is just nice to block away certain degree of sunlight. And, I used the 100% cotton yarns left over from the granny square haltered neck top (the one she is wearing), love the colors!!!!

You can also decorate the hat by pinning a brooch or corsage at the brim area.

If you are an advance level crocheter, you can always modify the pattern and make a bigger version for adult, like adding another yo for the yo-yo puff and increase the stitches to the brim accordingly.

crochet pattern summer hat

{CLICK HERE to get the Yoyo-Puff Wide Brim Hat For Girl Crochet Pattern.}

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  1. Love this-certainly am going to try it. Thanks for sharing with us. You are so creative.

  2. This is fabulous! A fantastic idea! I think I will try this with regular yo yo’s from material, since I don’t know how to crochet. I will share this with my friends, for sure!! Beautiful!!

  3. It would be very helpful to know the yarn weight (e.g., fingering, worsted, DK,etc.) for this project and the gauge. Yarn weight is always provided and gauge is considered a best practice for clothing patterns. This is a beautiful hat but few crocheters will use the pattern unless they are comfortable with determining the yarn weight from the hook specified. If they guess wrong the hat won’t fit and the user will be disappointed in the result. Best of luck; this is a very visually appealing site.

  4. Es simplemente bellisimo el sombrero, el tutorial del yoyo me encanto pero estaba cerrado los comentarios. No imaginaba que el yoyo podia servir para
    accesorios, siempre lo vi en revistas japonesas como tapetes. Te quedo precioso y tu hijita debe estar feliz con una mama que hace cosas bellas. Adoro todo lo que haces. Perdoname por no traducirlo al ingles pero siempre estoy con el tiempo corto.
    Lindo fin de semana con la familia.

    Translation (by Google):
    Bellisimo’s just the hat, I loved yo-yo tutorial but it was closed the comments. Yoyo not imagine that could be used to
    accessories, when I saw it in Japanese magazines such as rugs. I am beautiful and your daughter must be happy with a mother who makes beautiful things. I love everything you do. Forgive me for not translated into English but I’m always in short time.
    Nice weekend with the family.

  5. Aww, I love it! What an adorable design! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  6. wow!! I’m bookmarking and dreaming that one day I’ll attempt this! – mandy,

  7. Wow, another amazing project, you are sooooo talented! I’m going to link to thin on my blog linking party, and hope you’ll drop by soon too, every sunday thru Tues! all the best, sara

  8. I love this, in fact it’s so cute I may just Have to learn how to crochet!

    Have a great day!

  9. This is awesome. Great halter & hat pattern. Can’t wait to make them.
    Thank you!

  10. OMG! Your work is awesome :)))) I have a 16 month old niece that I love to sew for. I can’t wait to get started on the hat. Thanks Eunice

  11. You are awesome to share this for free! This is adorable!!!! I am going to start it tonight…cannot wait. You are so creative! Hope to see new things you have made soon!

  12. Wow Joanne! This is fabulous…love it! This will be part of my to do list.

  13. Greetings Craft Person —

    This hat is really beautiful, kool and colorful! I agree with Eugene’s comment that the yarn weight and guage would have been helpful (and clear) at the beginning of the instructions. Also, I’ve been crocheting for over thirty years so I was surprised when reading over the instructions for the brim of the hat I found the wording to be a little confusing or distracting. For example, was it necessary to use the phrase “(ditto below if no remark)”? What does that mean?

    Maybe it’s just me and that I’m more comfortable and familiar with standardized crochet instructions/wording. I definitely don’t like having to read a pattern repeatedly to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing just to get the piece started. As an experienced crocheter and designer, if I was a little “put off” I’m sure beginners will be.

    If I may off the following suggestions:

    Insead of:
    Brim Crochet Pattern
    Rnd 1: ch 144, slst to 1st ch to make a ring
    Rnd 2 – 6: ch1 sc144, slst to the 1st ch. Turn. (144 sts)

    How about this:
    Rnd 1: ch 144, join in a ring with a sl st
    Rnd 2: ch1, sc in each ch, join with sl st in top of ch-1, do not turn
    Rnd3-6: Repeat Rnd 1.

    If you’re making rounds and joining them with a sl st at the end of each row would there be a turn if the brim is meant to have a “right side”?

    Just a thought (or two).



    • I need you (Nailah) to “rewrite”/”reword” the second portion of the brim too, please! I’m trying to read this but like you, getting lost. I can read a pattern but this is confusing to me.
      Love this hat thank you for offering your pattern for free!!

  14. What brand of yarn did you use? Was it a mercerized cotton? I LOVE this hat and am looking forward to trying it. You have a really great site and I am so glad that I stumbled across it. I have been looking for yarn to use but am limited where I live. May have to order online but I want to be sure it is the right yarn.


    • It is a 100% cotton yarn I bought from local shop and I don’t think it is available online. You can use any similar texture and weight yarn to substitute as long as they produce the correct gauge.

  15. this free buteful

    If you please I want the way of education video if possible

  16. this is so cool, i am so trying this!!thanks for sharing

  17. Hi! thank you so much for sharing this! i have started making this hat for my daughter (kinda had to once she saw it hehe) but have become confused with the brim portion of the instructions. Is there a way to simplify the instructions for the blue portion. I’m really not sure what i’m adding a chain (every third stitch and ad a chain to the next two??) LMBO haha told ya i’m confused. Specifically Rnd 7.
    thank you in advance for any help you can offer. have a wonderful day.

    • I am so glad you have started this project. The chain is a space between 2 sc, i.e. “sc ch sc ch…”etc. the next row, you should crochet sc on the ch st, so, it is “ch sc ch sc…” etc…
      Let me know if you still have problem on this.

      • Hello, thank you so much for your reply! I’m very grateful for your help! Can you please confirm with me, will I be following sc ch sc ch pattern for the whole 144 stiches in row 7 or only in the first 17 of the 144 stitches stiches.

        • sc ch sc pattern for 180 sts in row 7, which means you need to increase another 36 sts by not skipping the st of row 6. Please let me know should you need further clarification.

  18. Ohhh, okay! Many thanks!! I think I understand. I will try this tonight after my kids are in bed!

  19. Gorgeous idea!!! That hat is too cute for words and the granny square top is adorable. Great work and thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  20. Is a beautiful, congratulations!

  21. I think you are fab to dream this up, attempt to write the pattern and then share it for free with everyone. For those who want things ‘nice and standardised’, there are books to buy for that. For a personal pattern on a personal blog… be prepared to go with the flow and be grateful! Keep up the good work ‘craft passion’!

  22. Oh, but how cute is this? Thank you so much! Next summer I’ll give it a try…

  23. Hi! Love the hat! Have finished the yo yo puffs but think that it will be too big for the little girl. She is only two. How do I make it smaller when I start the brim? Not very good at math. Can you help? I believe it would be around 18 inches. Thanks

  24. Hey i got it. It is great and very easy. Thanx. Waiting for some new post like this.

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  26. I wanted to ask you how many yo yo puffs are needed for the hat and how to put them together.

  27. You are so awesome with your creations. God Bless you. I would love to make this hat for my two year old grandaughter, but I’m not smart enough to figure out how many stitches I would need for the brim. Can you help me with that….Thanks again for sharing your gift….:)

    • Hi Cheryl, you left a comment about this question in yo-yo puff post, I answered you there. Anyway, I copied the answer here:
      “I suggest to reduce the gauge of the stitches by using a smaller hook size. Theoretically, by reducing the hook size from 3mm to 2.5mm will reduce the hat size by 16.7%, with the assumption that the tension is about the same. But, since the yarn you are using could be varied from the one I am using, so, it won’t be that accurate. The next step is to test it out: try 1 puff with 2.5mm hook and check the size, you should be able to get a hint from here.
      Good luck.”

      • Thanks so much. Sorry I didn’t catch your answer on yo yo puff post. Will certainly try your suggestion. Making the yo you puffs is addicting. Could hardly wait to finish the brim to get to the puffs. Sooo cute. Thanks so much for your help.

      • All the beautiful bright yo yo puffs are laying on the ottoman waiting to join an unsuccessful attempt at the brim. Row 7 is just a real bummer for me. Feel as dumb as a bag of hammers . Have read it word for word and unraveled failed attempts so many times. But I’m not giving up. LOL

  28. Hi Im a bit confused on Rnd 7: ch2, sc1, [ch1 (don’t skip st of previous rnd), sc1, *ch1 (skip 1 st, ditto below if no remark), sc1 on the next st*, repeat 2 times, ch1 (don’t skip st), sc1, ch1, sc1 on the next st] repeat 17 times {each time you increase 2 sts by not skipping the st when doing ch}, ch1 (don’t skip st), sc1, *ch1, sc1 on the next st*, repeat 2 times, ch1 (don’t skip st), sc1, slst to the 1st ch. (180 sts)

    Does this first skip instruction means that when you repeat *ch1 you will skip once only and the repeat twice has no skip? and the SC1ch1sc1 is all in one st which is repeated 17x?

    • Jhay, I am in the process trying to make a simpler pattern on the brim, please give me a few more days.
      Sorry for the confusion. Please check back in a week time.

  29. I have just finished this wonderful project. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful patterns:) Your website is absolutely perfect and such a big inspiration. I am looking forward to your new ideas and patterns. I will add the picture on you ravelry post:)) thank you Ivana

    • This is very sweet of you and I am very glad you have finished making it.

      • Thanks so much 🙂 I am sure that this is not the only procejt from your blog I have tried. Please check the ravelry I have added my finished project to your pattern :)) hope I have done it right:) Ivana

        • It is so lovely, I like the colors!!!! I have sent a photo request to you in ravelry to display the photo of your sweet little girl wearing this pretty hat you have made. Please allowed so that non-member can see it the pattern page.

          • I am so happy you like 🙂 it´s an honour. Ofcourse I agree, you have my approval Ivana

          • Thanks, Ivana!!! The photo is now on the Ravelry pattern page, it gives a great dimension with the use of different color. I am going to shout it over at the Facebook page about this. If you are Facebook user, I will be very glad if you can upload the photo in the fan album as well.

  30. Bravo!!!!…Bellisimo!!! Adore el sombrero voy a tratar de hacerlo lo mas pronto posible.
    Me estoy llevando el tutorial traducido al español, aunque voy a tener un poquitin de problemas porque la traduccion no me ayuda mucho pero creo que lo lograre.
    Muchas gracias!!!!
    Besos y diez sonrisas!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Translation (by Google):
    Bravo! … Beautiful! Adore the hat I’ll try to make it as soon as possible.
    I am taking the tutorial translated into Spanish, but I’m having a little bit of trouble because the translation does not help me but I think I’ll make it.
    Thank you very much!!
    Kisses and ten smiles!

    • Translation don’t help in crochet pattern, sigh!!! I am sure you can make it since you are good in crochet. I bet even without the pattern you should be able to make it by looking at the photo 🙂

  31. The pattern is absolutely fabulous, but… 🙁 I have a huge problem with the woven stitch pattern :/
    I finished round 7 and stopped :/ and now I’m desperate :/ The whole hat is ready, but I can’t do the brim 🙁
    In round 8 it says: “ch1, *sc1, ch1* repeat till end” do I have to skip the 1 st of previous round as you explained in the “Written pattern of woven stitch”? (quote:rnd 2: ch1, *sc1, ch1, skip 1 st of previous round* – although in the picture it seems that no stitch was skipped :/ )
    Next, round 9,10,13 and 19 are completely incomprehensible to me 🙁 “ch1, *ch1, sc1* repeat 9 times with an increment on the last st.”) I don’t understand it because there are nowhere on the picture two chains next to one another and then the sc1. The picture shows exactly on round 9 one chain, one sc, and again one chain, one sc, and eventually after doing so 9 times goes the increment of sc,ch,sc on the chain stich of previous round. Is there any mistake in the description, or maybe in the picture? Please answer my questions, as I have the hat almost done and I’m stuck :(nI’d be really grateful. Thank you in advance 🙂

  32. This is the most adorable hat I´ve ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I will try to crochet it for my daughter.
    All the best for you :-)äö7u

  33. Hello! I am working on this for my daughter and am so excited. However she is only 2 years old and I want to make it a little smaller…help?

    • The easiest way to do is to use a smaller hook and yarn size. If you are experience enough, you can always alter the pattern to get a smaller yo yo puffs, the adjust the brim pattern to suit the puff.

  34. Hi Craft passion Have you re-written the pattern as of today 5/16/12. I have the yo-yo’s about done and am going to work on the brim, but from everything I read in your blogs and some confusion on the pattern itself I don’t want to continue until all is clear. I am not a beginner. Thank you.

  35. Hii…this is an awesome cap. Thanks for sharing and specially details with diagram ….very helpful !
    I am done with the puffs and join. Started the brim and confused with Row 7 – start of blue brim.
    Could you please help me better understand instruction to this row – ch1, *sc3, 2sc*, repeat 36 times
    Row 8 onwards..the woven stich with and without increment seems clear from the picture (thanks for that).
    Hope to hear back from you to continue on with Row 7.
    Fyi – i have basic crochet knowledge. learnt in school…so not good with the abbreviations 🙁 Thanks in advance for your time and help.

    • sc3, 2sc means that you do single crochet on each of the next 3 stitches, then do 2 single crochet on the next stitch.
      Hope you enjoy crochet the hat that my daughter is still wearing, she loves it a lot!!!

  36. thank you sooo much. its so very clear now and excited to resume.
    Another question if you would be kind to answer. Is there a specific reason for doing single crochet (sc) instead of double crochet (dc) for this. just a thought that it would finish faster 😛
    Thanks again !

  37. hepsini çok beğendim şortları dikmeye başladım çok teşekkürler

    Translation (by Google):
    Thank you very much liked all of them began to sew shorts

  38. You are very talentd and I love your patterns. Would like to see if we can work together and as soon as I finish this hat, I will send you a picture of it. Going to make it for a premature infant. Thanks for keeping us all inspired, feel free to browse my website for ideas. God bless

  39. beautiful crochet dear are you have diagram patterns i couldnot read writh patterns i need to patterns tree and angel

    thanks alot

  40. Hi, i really love ur hat….i allready started for my daughter. I have some problems on round 7…i don’t understand what do u mean with *sc3, 2sc*…..do u mean 3sc in next st and skip the next 2sc?…or how?!!!
    Thanx for sharing ur wonderful patterns with us!
    A big hug from Italy!

    • Hi Elena,
      sc3, 2sc means: sc 1 stitch on the following 3 stitches then sc 2 stitches in the next stitch.
      Hope this help for you to continue with the project.

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