African Flower Granny Crochet Pattern

crochet african flower
[Update April 13, 2012: I made an African Flower Purse out of this motifs, tutorial is here.]

[Update August 11, 2011: Thanks to Mia again for providing more information to answer some questions at the comment section. Please find the information of the type of yarn, hook size and the resulting flower size at the pattern section.]

This is the first time I come across African Flower Granny… well, accurately speaking, this is the first time I know that this crochet block is “African Flower”. Just like Granny Square, African Flower Granny is a crochet block but in hexagonal shape, it can be joined next to each other to become a bigger piece and make into blanket, afghan, shawl, bag, table runner, cushion cover, soccer ball toy, coaster, pincushion, dress etc…. you name it!

Why does it call African Flower Granny and not something related to it’s shape, for example Hexes, Hexagon Flower etc… According to some findings from the net, some said a lady saw this pattern from a South African community, so she gave it a name “Africa Flower”. There are some arguments around about the originality of the pattern since some saw it in the 70’s and it is called Paperweight Granny, much earlier than the version of the South African. Well….. leave that argument alone, be it African Flower Granny or Paperweight Granny, crochet your project with these beautiful hexagons and call it Paperweight African Flower Granny 😉 I am putting this into my to-do list 🙂

Crochet African Flower Join

Thanks to Mia, who shared her African Flower Granny  crochet at Pinterest – one of my favorite stop-overs when I needed inspiration. I love the colors Mia used, as sweet as a pretty girl! Glad that Mia allowed me to share her photos and pattern here at Craft Passion. [Note: I modified Mia’s original pattern to the way I used to write, but the workings are the same.]

{CLICK HERE to get the African Flower / Paperweight Granny Crochet Pattern.}

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  1. This is one awesome post.Really thank you! Want more.

  2. Hi! love this beautiful african flower pattern!!! since i am fairly new to crochet,this seems easy to make. Would appreciate it if u could let me know the exact shades of colours used & also the yarn & hook size. This information will make it easier for a beginner like me.

    Thank you!

  3. We have a FB group. We found your blog. We found it useful. Thanking you for posting all these. We are searching a lot on the web for free patterns and ideas. You have amazed us with your creativity. Thanks. We have a wednesday crochet along every week. Come and visit our group. And yes we would like to have you in our group. Sophie The creator of I’ M A HOOKAH Facebook group.

  4. I am absolutely lost on the last row… Please help!

    • Hi Leesa, please let me know which particular instruction you don’t understand. Perhaps a photo or 2 will be great to let me see your problem. Please use the contact form above to submit the photo.

  5. I do not see a contact above, but I get lost on the last row. Where do I start it? How do I line it up correctly so they stitches go in the right places?

    • There is a “Contact Us” at the very top of the website, the brown color bar. Are you using normal computer or using mobile devices to view the page?
      Do you mean the white part? are you confusing in the joining up as well?

  6. Is this pattern in enlish terminology?

  7. I got the pattern down, but really struggling to make them all the same size. Not fitting together nicely because they are all just a little off. Any suggestions?

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  11. Just curious to know approximately how many to make for avg baby afghan?

    • Depends what yarn are you using and what size of baby afghan you want to make. Divide the size of the blanket you want with the size of the flower, do some maths and you will find out how many flower you need to crochet.

  12. Mia I love the purse with the dazzle you posted on pinterest!!!! Gorgeous!!!

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  14. Hi! I am working on finishing this blanket right now, but I am a little confused on how to connect them. Do I connect them as I make round 5, or do I finish round 5 and connect them after? Thanks for your help!!

    • Never mind!! I looked at older posts. Sorry that I was one of those annoying people that ask the same questions that have already been asked!!

  15. can you tell me what colors you used of this yarn. i love it and it’s all the colors that my friend’s baby’s room and it’s flowers.

  16. I love the flowers I know this is beautiful

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  20. je viens de me mettre depuis peu de temps au crochet et la passion monte. Malheureusement, je ne maitrise pas encore tout et si je trouve ces fleurs magnifiques et que je veux faire les mêmes, je ne comprends pas toutes les explications…J’ai cherché sur plein de sites et les explications sont toutes en langues étrangères ou mal traduites. je trouve vraiment ces fleurs superbes, les couleurs magiques… pouvez vous me dire où je peux trouver les explications françaises?Mille mercis

    Translation (by Google):
    I just put myself for a short time and passion to hook up. Unfortunately, I do not yet fully mastered and if I find these beautiful flowers and I want to do the same, I do not understand all the explanations … I searched a lot of sites and explanations are all in foreign languages ​​or mistranslated . I really find these beautiful flowers, magical colors … can you tell me where I can find the French explanations? Many thanks

  21. Hello; How does one make straight edges when done?

  22. I notice your response to Deb Silbert on how to make straight edges when done I was wondering if there is some video on how to do a half hexi. I looked and couldn’t find one.

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  24. Trying to find instructions for African flower on your site. Cannot for the life of me find it. Help.

  25. THANK YOU soo much for the pattern 😀 It was really helpful :)beautiful and cute colors are used <3 I made for my mom and she totally loved it <3

  26. Thank you for posting this pattern and instructions. I have been absolutely possessed with the African Flower since I first saw it on Pinterest but could only find the pattern in Dutch or German. As a new crocheter I new if I were to use Google translate i would have a Halloween decoration for sure. So … thank you, thank you, thank you!

  27. African Flower How fun!I’m really excited about this!

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  29. I really love this pattern! Ithink it’s going to be extremely adorable!! But I must be dense or something…Icant, even with reading the comments, figure out the last row. You said in one comment that it could be attached by either doing the fifth row before or attaching it with it. But the picture is extremely confusing to me. If I use row 5 to attach the different hexagons, do I use double crochet, slip stitch or singe crochet? If I finish row 5 before attaching the quares together, what stitch do I use to make it look like the picture? Thanks so much for you help! I love this pattern and really want to do well with it. 🙂

    • Hi A.J.,
      There are many methods of joining the hexagons together. One of them is complete a hexagon with round 5 as the center piece. Surround it with another 6 pieces of hexagon with each of them slip stitch to the center piece and it’s adjacent hexagon during the 5th round.
      If you already finished all hexagon with 5 rounds, then you can either slip stitch or single crochet or sew the 2 hexagons together.
      Hope this help to make more clearer instruction on how to join them together.

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  32. I had no problem with the instructions…I make a pile of squares and slip stitch them together…It is a fill in project for me to use up my scraps…it is coming along really pretty..thanks for sharing the pattern

  33. I went searching for a pattern like this. Thank you. My sister does not a crochet and wanted an afghan to give to a friend. So she asked me to make one for her. I can’t wait to start.

  34. I started with my african flower squares and are now nearly done. I would like to know if there is a certain pattern to crochet around the final product if I make a small blanket? Pattern and photo will be appreciated please.

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  37. This is such a beautiful patten, but also very frustrating that the only information about supplies is that Tilda yarn is used. It would be so helpful if the colors used were mentioned, and more importantly HOW MUCH you need to make the project. Not much sense of posting a pattern and then not including a shopping list.

    • Hi Shelley,
      This pattern page is showing the basic crochet pattern of the flower and not a complete project, hence I didn’t include the amount of yarn needed an the rest of the materials. BUT, I have shared an African Flower Purse pattern and tutorial on another post, here, you will have all the info you need to make the project. Hope this clear up your frustration.
      Thanks and happy crocheting 🙂

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  39. Hi! Thank you for sharing the pattern! I have used it for a baby blanket. You can see it here:

  40. Hi, what is a long stitch x

    • Hi Jacquie, long stitch is a long sc stitch that sometimes is referred to as spike stitch. It is like normal single crochet but work 1 row below the normal row you are working on. Hence, in the pattern, the crochet hook of the long stitch on 4th round is going to insert into the stitch of round 2.
      Hope this explanation helps you to understand. If you still have doubt, you can always search youtube for video on how to make this stitch.

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