Sweet Heart Sugar Cubes

sweet heart sugar
I should have “reserved” this “romantic” post until early next year just before valentines day, but I can’t wait….. I can’t wait to show you how many colorful sweet heart sugar cubes I have made. These sugar cubes are just great for celebrating special occasion, or for everyday beverage, even superb as a gift to friends and families. I am thinking of Christmas with star shaped sugar cubes in basic red, green & white 😉

heart shaped sugar cubes

I got the idea of making these sugar cubes after seeing this post. I have put this recipe under my to-do list but later forgot about it as my list gets longer. This pity little fellow fell to the bottom as I added new items on top of it, oh poor boy… on the other hand it is lucky because at least I got it surfaced from the down bottom and not being slashed off from the list lol… Well, this is life and I always believe that I will come up again when I get to the rock bottom, as long as I hold my breath long enough and never give up 🙂

heart sugar cube

These sugar cubes recipe can be molded from cookie cutter or candy mold. Get the steps and method after this:

Alphabet Sugar Cube

sweet heart coffee

{CLICK HERE to get the Sweet Heart Sugar Cubes Recipe.}

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  1. thank you, these are wonderful !

  2. You are so awesome and full of ideas! Thank you! I love this project.

  3. I love this Idea, Since my Family are big time tea drinker. I going to make different shape. Thank you for the Great idea!!!

  4. Such a great idea! But am wondering if they’d turn your tea a funny colour?

  5. this is such a great idea! i love the little hearts 😀

  6. I absolutely adore these! I must make some for the vintage tea party I’m planning. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. How cool is that?!
    Love this blog, thank for all the inspiration..
    I just linked you in my own blog! 🙂
    Take care..

  8. Thank you soo much for the tip! I have now made my own and it was really fun and easy! =)

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  10. can i keep it for a long time?..not to consume but just for decorations

  11. A clever idea …thank you

  12. hi I was wondering where did you get the mold for alphabet sugar cubes

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  14. Hi there!
    I absolutely love your website! You have such talented hands!
    And I was wondering where did you get candy/chocolate mold? I’ve been having a hard time looking for them! (since getting them online is not an option ><")
    Thanks & a prosperous lunar new year to you!

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  16. I just visited this site and I must say, I’m pretty impressed on how great the posts are. And this easy to make sugar cubes will make a perfect wedding favor! Thanks much for this! I have a party coming and this will be a party favor!

    Annabella MErlin
    Creative Photo Albums

  17. Hello, I want to know, where can I buy the molds? I want to make differents things with sugar.

  18. Great little idea! Thanks! I’m sure this sugar will work fine in black coffee but what about milk, tea or other beverages? Won’t the color run and even taste like food coloring? I’d love to make these but I am a tea drinker – want to make sure it’ll work!

  19. This is great!!
    I love the website too.

  20. I’m wondering if you or anyone else has used Splenda or another granulated sugar substitute.

  21. hi
    I am looking for the recipe to make sugar fugerine by mold
    I wonder if you know one and if you can share
    I try to do it without mold , the result is not very satisfied
    Thank you

  22. Our Wedding anniversary is in a couple of weeks, so I shall try the sugar hearts. Thank you once again for a wonderful idea.

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  24. Hi There,

    Was wondering if you do corporate orders? Thank you.

    Warmest Regards

  25. I want to make them but i want to sprinkle them on a cake the next day would that be ok?

    • Hi Brody, I am not sure but if you are living at a dry weather area and your cake frosting is not wet, then I think it should not be a problem. Otherwise, the sugar will absorb moisture from the surrounding and the color will bleed out.


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