Fabric Halloween Pumpkin Basket

Sew Halloween Pumpkin Basket

Sew Halloween Pumpkin Basket

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Another year of Halloween is just around the corner!!! Time flies so fast when we have good time doing crafts…. Halloween is my third-most favorite occasion in a year after Christmas and Chinese New year. I have been spurred up with excitements and got busy with all the Halloween crafts in the past few weeks. I am going to show you what I have done for this year’s Halloween.

To kick-off a series of Halloween crafts and decorations, the first Halloween project of 2011 is this fabric pumpkin trick -or- treating basket. I hope you like it and make it for this year’s Halloween, be it for your kids to bring it out for the trick -or- treating or as part of a decoration in your Halloween corner. By the way, this basket is washable and can be reused for many years of Halloweens.

Since months ago, I have been squeezing a lot of brain juice for ideas to make this pumpkin basket. My mind goes through lots of designs and methods after researching and searching for inspirations. Finally, I settled with this method, the simplest among.

You can always convert this pumpkin basket into Jack-O-Lantern Basket by placing the black facial patches on the basket.

Happy Sewing!!!

Fabric Halloween Pumpkin Basket
Make: 1

1. Orange fabric – 33″ x 14″, 6″ diameter circle
2. Lining fabric – 17″ x 6″, 6″ diameter circle
3. Fusible Woven Interfacing [heavy weight, as sturdy as a card stock] – 16″ x 5″, 5″ diameter circle (2 pcs if you want a sturdier base)
4. Woven handle – 20″
5. Twine or linen yarn – 80″
6. Polyester fill
7. Leaves and spiders for decoration

1. Sewing machine with normal presser foot
2. Sewing needle and pins
3. Pencil & marker
4. Tapestry needle (sharp with eye enough to let twine to go through)
5. Iron

Seam Allowance:

Finished Dimension (without handle):
9″ (W) x 7″ (H) x 9″ (D)

Cut materials to the correct sizes as indicated in the above list.
Mark 1/2″ seam allowance on the wrong side of the orange and lining fabrics.

Iron and bond the woven interfacing to lining (1 layer) and orange circle (2 layers). Set orange circle aside for later step.
Sew to join the short side of the lining and orange fabric respectively.
Leave a 3″ opening on the seam of orange fabric for stuffing poly-fill in the later step.

Mark 2″ intervals on the top and bottom seams of the lining, 8 markings per seam.
Mark 4″ intervals on the top and bottom seams of the orange fabric, also 8 markings per seam.
Attach handle on the lining as shown 1″ into the seam.

Sew 2 lines of longest stitch at 1/4″ away from the seam line on the orange fabric on both top and bottom seams.
Pull 2 threads either from the wrong side or the right side of the fabric to make gathers to shrink the marking from 4″ to 2″ respectively.
Pin the orange fabric to the lining with right sides facing each other. Align the 2″ gathers markings to the 2″ lining markings on the seams.
Sew to join. Remove gathering stitches.

Turn the basket right side out. Bring the seams allowance to the lining side.
Top stitch at 1/4″ on the lining and seam allowance only.

Cut twine or linen yarn to 8 pcs. of 10″ length.
Make a big knot at one end.
Sew the twine from the wrong side to the right side (from the 2″ markings at seam) with a sharp tapestry needle.

Repeat the gathers and sewing to join the bottom of the orange fabric to the lining with wrong side facing each other.
Remove the gathering stitches.

Pin and sew to attach the lining base to the basket.
If you find machine sew is difficult to handle on this part, you can always hand stitch it by using back-stitch.

Fill the lining and orange fabric gap with poly-fill from the 3″ opening, enough to inflate the basket.

Tie the twines down to the bottom seam to create a pumpkin look. Knot the twines and hide inside the basket base.

Make long stitch at the seam allowance of the orange circle. Pull and gather the seam allowance into the circle.

Slip stitch the orange base onto the pumpkin basket.

Massage each cell of the pumpkin to manipulate the poly-fill so that the cells look equal in size and mimic the shape of the pumpkin.
Adjust the fabric so it gathers more on the top and bottom.

pumpkin treat bagThis complete the basic pumpkin basket. Decorate further with leaves and spiders to make it into Halloween style.
Let the kid to bring out for Trick -or- Treating, or, fill it up with candies and wait for the kids to come.
Happy Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Basket Decoration

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  1. This is just too cute! Thanks for sharing the how-to’s.

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  3. Love love love this project, thank you for sharing!

  4. Hum … this is cute, but I hate spiders…
    I feel my daughter will ask it to me!

  5. This is the cutest little DIY pumpkin on the planet!

  6. This is so creative, Joanne! Very cute.

  7. I really love this! Think I will try to make it for my Thanksgiving table.

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  9. awesome pumpkins, can’t wait to make these for my table.

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