Heart Chenille Valentine Pillow

valentine pillow
February is always full of pink and red colors, surrounded by roses and chocolates, fine dining with champagnes and candle light, with hearts flying all around… love is in the air. The world belongs to 2 of us, no kids to border, no errant to run, just only 2 of us, so peaceful and romantic….. mmmm…how wonderful!!!

Who? who is tapping my shoulder and shaking me? No, wait……. poof… all those sweet dreams just gone. Sigh…. I am back to my real world.

Why wait till February 14th, we can make everyday as romantic as Valentine’s Day. I designed and sewed a heart Chenille Valentine Pillow for my living room and couch. I can hug the pillow with love, just like hugging my loved one everyday!!! Sipping a cup of coffee with some sweet heart sugar cubes or dropping a cafe mocha truffle into a glass of hot milk and enjoy my day off.

This heart chenille valentine pillow is soft and fluffy, nice to touch and warm to hug…. the photo is self explanatory. Make one today and let the 365/year be valentine’s day everyday! Remember, love yourself like loving everyone in your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Valentine Pillow with chenille heart
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  2. hi
    very nice

  3. Adorable! It’s a pitty I’m not crafty enough to make it myself.

  4. What a great idea! Beautiful!

  5. And creativity of a great beautiful Thank you

  6. LOVe this pillow/pattern/ and color combo!

  7. Joanne,

    After seaching for months and months I finally found a slash cutter!!!!!!!!! I have been looking since June for one!!! NOW I can FINALLY make these bibs and maybe a pillow also.


    P.S. I like the look of the new style and your haircut. Short hair is so much easier isn’t it? Have you been to the markets (are they call Flea Markets) lately? Loved your pictures and stories.

    • Glad to know this Maureen…. I spent a few months to search for my first pair of slash cutter too 🙂

      Thanks for your lovely compliment. Couldn’t agree more with the easy maintenance of short hair especially under the hot weather. No, haven’t been to flea market lately, have been caught up with all the crafts in my craft room… lol wish I have one more pair of hands to help me out…. 😉

  8. Hi..i just don get it on 6th and 7th picture. In 6th pic. there are 3 layer,from top..pink/red,red(heart)and muslin(base). This 3 layer attached together right.So, how can in 7th pic, there are pink/red and white between pink/red(heart) and muslim (base)?

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  10. Beautiful! What a great job. I shared this on my blog today: http://www.vixenmade.com/2013/01/10-valentine-pillows.html

  11. I’m with Norfaiza – the colors of the layers in the photo don’t match the text directions. You said:

    “Place a layer of white flannel on top of the trimmed pink/red heart, follow by a red flannel then a pink flannel. Repeat the sewing on the heart, trimming the pink and red flannel around the heart line.”

    BUT the photo shows the base (is it with the cut-open side up or down?) then a pink/red, a white, then a pink/red. I’m thinking I need to follow the colors in the photo, not in the text, correct?

  12. Thank you for helping all us us beginner’s, I certainly appreciate you and others that help us. Do you ever show video’s of your tutoral’s?. Sure wish you would of your chenille valentine heart pillow. You are very talented.

  13. gracias por compartir y tan linda explicacion gracias gracias

    Translation (by Google):
    thanks for sharing and thank you so cute explanation

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