DIY Faux Brick Wall Panel

diy faux brick wall
As a photographer of my own tutorials, I always search for variations in photography props including backdrops, tables or floors, light compositions and other related decorations to make a pleasant scene just like those pictures shown in the magazine. One of my favorite backdrops and also the hardest one to find in my area is painted old brick wall.

Some times, in order to make my photos more impressive, I will bring my handmad to other places for photography, such as beach, restaurant, park, jetty etc… That’s why you may notice that I need more time to prepare my tutorial which is normally 1 or 2 weeks of lagging. But, if I have a choice, I prefer to do the photography in the comfort of my home. With that in practice, that means I need some portable backdrops… fabrics and wooden backdrops came easily, but real brick is impossible to be “portable” due to it’s weight.

styrofoam brick wall

I have put off the idea of having brick wall in my home till I renovated my new condominium to purposely make a painted old brick wall at one of the corners…. until… I shop in my local Ace Hardware Store…… I was searching for some aerosol paints for repainting my old wicker basket when I saw the “make it stone!” texture paint on the shelf. I was so impressed with the effect shown on the cap of the aerosol can. I bought it back and thinking of “stoning” my old plastic wall-hung planter. That night on my bed, just before I fell asleep, I suddenly came out with the idea of making a faux brick wall with this paint after recalling that I saw a video using polystyrene foam panel to make similar backdrops for the stage. Guess what? I was insomnia that night because the processes of making this faux brick wall kept me awake, I was very excited and can’t wait till the next morning!!!!

diy faux brick wall

I am glad that I had a sudden inspiration of making it and see how I did it after the jump….. There after, you will see it appears in my photos more often too.

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do it yourself fake brick wall

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  1. This is so cool Joanne – is that paint cool? Years ago I found it at my Ace and sprayed a fishing tackle box to try it. It’s still holding up very nicely – it looks like real stone. I like this tutorial and will keep it for future use.

  2. Yes… I love that paint very much, basically it can stick to any surface, even plastic and craft foam. It is meant for scrapbooking too.

  3. Awesome! I need to find a place in my house that needs a “brick” wall!! I’ve never used this – but I did use a Rustoleum called “Hammered Metal” on my kitchen table legs, and it really does look like hammered metal. Very cool effect.

  4. I saw the hammered metal on the shelf too. Too cool !!! Will try it on a wooden box, perhaps?

  5. nasıl yapılıyor tuğla açıklamasını bulamadım

    Translation (by Goolge):
    I could not find a description of how the bricks are made

  6. I think my jaw just hit my chest… awesomeness! Aren’t you the cleverestestest (is that enough clever to describe it?) girl I’ve ever encountered in blogworld?
    This is seriously good stuff, and I am gagging to try it.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. This is so clever and creative of you, Joanne! (^_^)

  8. Songül Berfin, please click the second page for the tutorial 🙂

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  10. This is soooo cool! I am pinning this for future reference!!

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  12. Marvelous! I love those foam panels from the hardware store, and the texture you achieved is perfect!

  13. Wow! This is amazing – it looks like a real block wall! Nice job.

  14. This seems like a great way to do a faux brick wall for those of us who can’t afford expensive faux brick sheets from the Home Depot. My roommate and I were thinking of a more traditional red brick look with off-white “mortar,” so in order to get the two different colors my current thinking is to paint the “mortar” panel, debris, and bricks their respective colors before gluing them together. Thoughts?

  15. Approximately how much did this cost? I’ve been thinking of buying a sheet of the faux brick at Lowe’s, but if this is more cost effective, I’ll go this route!

  16. How strong is the finished product? Think it could handle a house with kids? Just wondering g. By the way this is very creative abed awesome!!!

  17. This is amazing!!!! I was thinking of making one of my walls brick but it was too expensive, this is a great alternate 🙂

  18. How long would you say it would hold, if left alone and used as a wall for photo shoots??

  19. I’ve used “Make It Stone” for years (It used to be called “Fleckstone” I think) I have a large yard haunt every Halloween and it makes the grave stones look great. I use a polyurethane clear matte spray to seal it and it lasts through rain and outdoor wera and tear very well. I have some plastic pots outside sprayed with sealed “Make It Stone” and it has worked well for three years. When I faux bricks or stonework, I paint the entire surface, texture it with spray paint and got back over the “mortar” with a different color paint that I apply with a brush.

    • I like the idea of sealing it with polyurethane spray 🙂 Thanks.
      If the foam wasn’t that soft, perhaps it could be a great wall decor that can last long with the spray 🙂

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  21. How did you hang the wooden panel after it was complete

    • I didn’t hang the panel, I just lean it against a wall for photography, after that, I keep it 🙂
      If you need to hang, get those picture frame hooks and install at the back of the panel. Get a heavy duty one of your panel is big.

  22. gostei muita das suas ideias, obrigada tem me ajudado muito

    Translation (by Google):
    I liked a lot of this ideas, has helped me a lot thanks

  23. Will this faux brick look work on a concrete wall?

  24. I will save this page as a favourite and come back to it when I’ve bought my own apartment, because this is a wall I would like to have in my permanent home.

  25. Does the “make it stone” only come in gray or are there more colors? Thank you!

  26. Do you have different colored walls? I would like to see which one would be the best before trying..

  27. Hi,
    Just wanted to say thanks! I borrowed your idea and did a 10′ section on my 10′ high wall in my apartment. Love it! I decided I just wanted white brick though, just painted it and it turned out great. It looks very authentic. I looked into pricing for the plastic mould ones and it would have cost me over $1000!!! So thank you, after a ton of work and I’m sure a few dead brain cells due to styrofoam poisoning it is a focal point in my home.

    • Hi Linda,
      I am so glad that you tell me this news that you did it for your house and it is huge!!!!
      Since it is styrofoam, be careful and not knock on it, it will get damage pretty fast.
      Thank you.

  28. where can i get the styrofoam cutter tool you have in the image. Thanks

  29. thanks for the idea I am turning my bunkbeds into a castle and this will add a great look to the castle walls thought if I sprayed them with polyurethane it might help it to hold up. I was really looking for some type of foam or rubber bricks but haven’t had much luck there so im excited to try this and see how it holds up.

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  31. this is really good. too bad I have children, I do not think this is a good idea to put on my wall. I actually plan on doing this tutorial I find yours very much “believable” but I might end up doing the orig plan as it will stand kids. thank you for sharing this though. i love it!

  32. I am a renter now and in my old house I had exposed brick and I loved it.
    Is it POSSIBLE being that I am a renter and I can not bolt or firmly secure things to my wall… could it be possible to use a thick cardstock paper or cardboard instead of wood?

  33. One of the most clever ideas I’ve seen. You did a FABULOUS job. Creative and practical. I love it. Might just do one for myself! Thanks 🙂

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  35. Not sure you’ll get this as it appears your writing is over 2 years ago! However, I’m going to try. Would this work for an outside faux brick wall ie/as a foundation cover. Thanks,

  36. hi, can i know how to get to supply/ buy this product? im from Malaysia, thanks

  37. Hi Joanne
    Thanks for sharing it, I will try it to my basement stair walls and garage walls.
    You’re awesome!
    -Boyet <

  38. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. However, I’m wondering if you have any other suggestions other than a smoldering iron. I would hate to buy one and not have multiple uses for it. Thanks again.

    • Hi Tracy, I do understand your concern. May be you can try with heating up a nail with fire, please make sure you use a insulated tool to grip your nail and don’t get yourself hurt.

  39. Awesome idea! I’m planning to use this idea to do a wedding back drop for the reception. How many wooden panel you think I need and styrofoam? Also, any ideas on how I can get it to stand up if I can’t use hooks or don’t have a wall to have it lean on. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Linda,
      You will need to do a bit of mathematics on the quantity you will need for the back drop based on the dimension given here.
      As for the support, I am thinking that a big whiteboard stand will be great for you to lean or hang the faux brick wall panel on, but be sure that it can support the size of your back drop.

  40. hi, my question is about the stiffness of the finished product. I guess a better way to put it is. Does the foam become rigid? after applying all of the paint and the “Make it stone!” is the foam hard to the touch or will it dent in if by some chance someone pushed down to hard on it?

  41. I’m inspired I have to do this! And I’m having a hard time finding a half inch thick styrofoam brick where did you find Yours? Thank you so much for this idea love it. Thank you for dharing.

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