Giant Doily Rug

giant doily rug
Blown up your doily and move it from table to floor!!!! Giant doily rug or floor mat is one of the most wanted crochet rugs in the recent years since it was created and made well-known by Ladies & Gentleman. Look at it, doesn’t its sublimity spice up the floor and the home decor? This giant doily rug is for my sister’s new house, I am going to make another one for mine when I am moving in… hopefully end of this year.

giant doily

The pattern I used is a modified 8-Point Poinsettia Doily from a Japanese crochet book, but basically you can use your favorite doily pattern to make it. Personally, I like my rug to be denser (lesser holes) with more double crochet stitches, so I chose this doily pattern. The crochet hook to do this giant doily rug is size 10mm (N hook), it come in a set of 4 by Susan Bates Multi-Pack-Contains Sizes L,M,N,P. The joining up of this Ace braided cotton clothesline rope took part of the time since it comes in 200 feet each and I used 7 of them to make this. If you can get a long roll of continuous of similar rope that is able to crochet, by all means, use it!

crochet giant doily rug

The total working hour to complete this doily rug is approximately 16 hours. It is easy and fast to make but might need some arms, wrists and fingers strengths since the rope is fat and rigid compare to yarn. Well… I do have one problem, it is heavy and warm when I put it on my laps while working towards the end of the rug. I tried to put it on the floor, but bending down and crochet isn’t comfortable at all. Perhaps a chair in front of you would be a good idea to put the rug on while you crochet.

crochet doily floor rug

Let’s jump to the crochet pattern after this and watch me how to join the braided cotton clothesline rope that has fiber core in it.

giant doily floor mat

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  1. Hi! Is there a printable version of the pattern?

  2. My hands are old and I wonder if you would make this rug for me?
    What would it cost for one about 60 inches round ?

  3. How much dose the cost end up being for the project?

  4. I really love this rope rug:) I wanna make one as well, but i got a bit confused about the size. Could you please tell me how much rope have you used in meter? Many Thanks in advance:)

  5. I see, so for a 6 ft. doily made out of the same rope as shown,
    what is your estimate cost? and how can I order one from you? Thanks
    for your reply.

  6. Great job done nice one again

  7. Hello! How are you? I’m in the process of making this beautiful rug and I’m on round 5 but I realized I have the right size rope but it doesn’t seem to be Solid Braid cotton, there is a material in the center of the rope that is surrounded by some cotton, almost like very thin strand of plastic. Should I stop adding on to this and start all over with the slid braid cotton rope? Will there be a difference on how it starts to wear? Thank you so much in advance!

    • Braided cotton is more resistant to wear, if it is not braided then your rug could wear faster but it is all depending where place the rug too. High traffic area tends to wear faster. So far, this rug still looking good at my sister’s house. The one I knitted also still looks new though it is a little soil as I placed it at the entrance of my house.

  8. I’m on round 10 which says

    R10 : *ch3, sk dc, 1dc in each of next four dc, ch3, slst in 3rd ch of ch5, “1dc in next ch5 sp, ch1″, repeat” 8 times, 1dc in same space, slst in 3rd ch of ch5*, repeat* 8 times, slst in each of next three ch.

    1st off when i ch 3, i have a 5 sp from the last i skip the whole 5 sp, then skip the 1st and last dc from the 6 dc’s that are there putting 4 dc’s between them, sl st in the 3rd chain, and (this is the most confusing part) 1 dc in the ch 5 space. which makes it so scrunched up when im done with this round.

    Hopefully you understand how I explained that. I’ll wait until you reply to continue because after this round I have no idea how you get 17 dc’s in row 11.

    (btw if i look closely at your pictures it looks like you have 9 dc in the ch 5 space?)

  9. Thank you so much for your quick answer!! I stopped making the rug, I’m going to look for the braided cotton. Thanks again!!!

  10. Where did you buy the cotton rope?

  11. I too have the same question about about round 10 as Cheryl (see comment #59). Please respond as I’m really stumped!! Thank you.

  12. Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for sharing your craft/sewing ideas and tutorials. When you make things for a home or for gifts its appreciated more than just buying something.

  13. Your rope looks gray. Is that the lighting, or does the clothesline you linked to actually look gray rather than white? I love the gray, but all I’m finding is white.

  14. Such a beautiful pattern… I’m going to make one for each of my granddaughters new rooms 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your talent!!


  15. Hi, thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I was wondering if you worked with the rope directly from the package or if you soaked or washed it first to soften the fibers. I know this will be a tough project physically but my rope is so still that the stitches are suffering and looking a little wonky. Just thought id ask and thanks again!

    • I worked straight away from the pack. It is braided cotton, so it is not as bad as those polyester clothesline rope. Perhaps the one you bought has a coating on it, just curious.

  16. I am having trouble following row 10, can you help


    • Please let me know which particular stitch you don’t understand at round 10. A picture will be much helpful to show me, please send through the contact form.
      Thanks 🙂

  17. Hi, I love this! Thanks so much for posting the pattern. I have ordered the ‘alternative’ braided rope, and a couple of N crochet hooks and am so excited to get started. Fingers crossed it ends up looking as good as yours – I’m making this for my baby’s bedroom!

  18. Am getting ready to start row 6. No probs so far, but is it going to lay flat? Will it have to be blocked? Am using a super bulky yarn that is about the same diam.

  19. For this project — Check out this great cotton cord on Etsy – by Bobbiny — comes in terrific colors.

  20. Hi have just found this and I am impressed. Have started already. I do however strike one problem….
    Row 2
    ch3, 1dc in the same st, 2dc in next dc, ch2, *sk ch, 2dc in each of next two dc, ch2*, repeat* 7 times, slst in 3rd ch at the beginning round.

    What on earth does sk ch mean. I am guessing it is skip chain


  21. Hi Joanne,

    I love this pattern and the pdf. Its a great idea. I’m in the middle of making it. Love your site. I’m visualizing this beautiful rug just like the one in your picture. I’m enjoying the process of making it.


  22. Can you please look at your instructions for round 10? I am so very confused. I’ve stopped to wait to hear from you. I love this rug and don’t want to give up now. I need some clarity. Thank you


    • Hi Terri, May I know which particular instruction in Round 10 confused you. I will explain in details on this for you.

      • It has a first part and says to repeat 8 times. Then there is a second part that says to repeat 8 times. Do I do the first part 8 times and then do the second part 8 times? It doesn’t look right.

        • Now I know why you are confused 🙂 There are 2 repeats loop in the pattern, the sub loop is from ” to ” which is within the main loop of * to *. I have re-write the pattern to make it easier to understand. Thank you for bring up this matter.
          Round 10 – *ch3, sk dc, 1dc in each of next four dc, ch3, slst in 3rd ch of ch5, “1dc + ch1” for 8 times in ch5 sp, 1dc in same sp, slst in 3rd ch of ch5*, repeat* 8 times, slst in each of next three ch.

          • I think I have it. So after the 8th time 1dc + ch1…I do 1 more dc in the ch5 sp? Which would be 9dc all together in the ch5 sp? I’m so sorry for the confusion!

          • You are right, there are 9 dc in the 5ch sp. No problem. I am glad that you brought this up. Crochet pattern can be written in many ways, I wish to improve the pattern so that it is easy to understand.

  23. Now I have a question about round 11. Not coming out right on the 17 dc. Is there something I’m missing? I’m almost finished and then I won’t have to bug you anymore. ONLY TWO MORE ROUNDS LEFT!!!

    • Hi Terri, no problem. The 17 stitches are the combo of dc and ch, not solely dc. Remember the dc+ch you did for 8 times, and add another dc into the same 5ch sp in round 10? This is the 17 dc-ch stitches. Hope this helps 🙂

  24. Hi, I have the same “swirl” to my rug on completion that Clare mentioned in post 68.1.1. Is it likely that in R1 you have ch3, dc in the ring and then you have ch, but it doesn’t say how many to ch. Should I assume it is one ch or do you do two ch because you are doing a dc?

  25. Just found your site. Love, luv the rug pattern! Adding thus pattern to my must list.

    Will send you a pic once completed.


  26. Thank you for posting the free rug pattern! It is fabulous:) I have included it on my blog Karla’s Making It (linking to your pattern, of course)! You can view it here

  27. Love the rug! Unfortunately I am so terrible with crocheting & knitting *sad*

  28. How do you recommend cleaning this rug? I wonder if the cord could be dyed? Thanks.

    • You may either send it to the laundrette for a professional cleaning or wash it yourself. If your rope is like mine, which is cotton, water washing and dyeing should be OK.

  29. Your work is totally unique & it looks very tough to create similar rug for other person like me also. I am from located in India. We respect quality craft maker like you. My work is search unique crafts products design for inspiration. In my inspiration designer craft list your rug is also added. Keep updating your work. Best of luck.

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  32. Cool Rug.. It is useful as well as beautiful.. I like it.

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