Crochet Crocodile Stitch Drawstring Purse

crocodile stitch purse crochet pattern
Crocodile stitch crochet was in the trend since early last year. Ever since I discovered the beauty of the shell / scale look pattern, I have been wanted to try it out. Glad that I finally design and crochet the crocodile stitch into a small drawstring purse, great for an weekend out and tea time with friends.

Crocodile stitch has an easily distinguishable 3D reptile scale look which is formed by 2 row-repeat pattern. Due to it’s thick and warm design, crocodile stitch are great to be crochet into scarf, shawl, booties, purse and decoration, click here for more inspiration. It may seems a little complicated but intermediate crocheter or dedicated beginner should have it master at no time, it is sure a must-do for all crocheters.

crochet bag pattern

As for this crocodile stitch drawstring purse, I crochet 2 versions; a pink cross-body sling-strap and a grey short-strap beaded crocodile stitch drawstring purse. The pink one is for my ex-schoolmate which we have lost contact since 25 years ago, glad that we found each other back via Facebook 2 years ago. The pink yarn looks familiar? Yes, I used the left over yarn to crochet the Layered Ruffles Flower Hair-ties where the pattern was published recently. The grey one was for by my daughter, she never has enough purses to “show-off”.

leaf purse pattern

Crocodile stitch is sure an great stitch to try out, to get the hang on crochet it, please try out the tutorial and pattern of this crocodile stitch drawstring purse as a start. Hope you like it!

{Get pattern & tutorial on Crochet Crocodile Stitch Drawstring Purse.}

crochet pattern drawstring crocodile stitch purse

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  1. These handbags are so beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial, I will try to make one myself.

  2. They are so beautiful.
    I really must learn how to do crochet.

  3. OMG! This is so pretty. Thank you for the tutorial. I’ll definitely pin and this and hopefully one day we’ll be able to make this… =))

  4. Is Beautiful..and it very much.

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  6. Do you have a pattern for the pink one too?

  7. great tute, and adorable cute purse.
    I have seen already some good tutes of this stich, but this is a helpful extra one.
    Thank you for all the effords and the sharing, well done;-D

  8. I love this pattern I’ve been looking for a birthday gift to make for a friend and that would look perfect with the green tone yarn i have in my stash. I can’t seem to find the clips for the end of the handle though and I’ve checked several places online. the only place locally I have to check is Walmart so I do get most of my supplies online.

    • Michelle, you are right, the clips are not easily available in the market. I bought them from Taiwan few years ago. Try Etsy, probably you will find them there.

      • yeah I’ve been having a real trouble finding these clips even on Etsy the problem being that I’m just getting too many results getting purse snap frames, hair clips, lobster clamps and sometimes even wood working tools no matter what I try to call it. the close I’ve found is is a pacifier/mitten/suspender round clip but all of them are with shiny nickle finishes or bright enamel that just don’t go with the yarn I’ve already used.

        Do you happen to remember the name of the company who made those clips or if they had a more specific name. Anything to point me in the right direction would be great. i don’t even mind ordering from Taiwan if I can the birthday I’m making this for isn’t until the middle of November so I do have time at least.

  9. Hi there! Congrats on this purse! It´s amazing!
    Might you help me here?
    I don´t understand exactly what you mean by G hook and H hook (that I´ve been seen in others patterns). I´ve googled it, but found nothing.
    Might you clear this for me pls?

  10. I’m stuck already! The pattern isn’t clear how this is done in the round. After Round 2 I only have 6 crocodile stitches, not 12! Confused!

    • Hi Louise, sorry to know that you have difficulties in the pattern.
      The pattern is clear and there is no mistake. Let me explain in the mathematics way, the bracket [] indicates the stitch number of the round 1 that you are crocheting at second round.
      First you make a ch3, then you crochet a dc [stitch 1]. Then you do a repeat 11 times on “ch1, skip 2 sts [sticth 2,3], dc on next st [stitch 4], ch1, skip 2 sts [stitch 5, 6], 2dc on next st [stitch 7]”, this will take 6 stitches per repeat, 6 x 11 repeat = 66. You should be at stitch 67 by the time you finish the repeat (1+66). Continue to crochet “ch1, skip 2 st [stitch 68, 69], dc on next st [stitch 70], ch1, skip 2st [stitch 71, 72], slst to the 3rd ch of the beginning round”. So, if your round 1 has 72 stitches, you should have 12 crocodile stitches on round 2.
      Hope this help.

  11. Thanks for your quick reply! After I posted, I went and had a cup of tea and a think and realised I was misunderstanding the instructions. I’ve now got as far as having finished round 4 only to discover I’ve now got 13 crocodile stitches! LOL!

    I think I might be able to cover the problem up as I really don’t want to have to undo my work yet again! The crocodile stitch itself is a doddle, it’s just me having a different brain to everyone else, I think! I find it hard to follow written patterns because there’s always a tricky bit! I much prefer to watch a video tutorial where I can ‘see’ instructions. It’s a lovely bag and I’m determined to make a go of it!

  12. Hola Craft Passion….soy de argentina…felicitaciones !!!!! sos una genia….por favor como se llama el video en you tube para hacer el punto cocodrilo….un abrazo desde argentina…Betty.

    Translation (by Google):
    Hello Craft Passion …. I’m from Argentina … congratulations!! ‘re a genius …. please as it is called video on you tube for croc point …. a hug from Argentina … Betty.

  13. I have completed the purse portion and it looks great. Just as cute in real life as it looks online! However, I think the yarn quantity of 100 yards is off. I’m working from an approx 200 yard skein, haven’t made the strap yet, and less than half the skein to work with.

  14. I loved ur purse like any thing. I am from India

  15. Hi Joanne – just found your site. Love the purse and amazed you have given your pattern free. Thanks so much.

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  17. Hi Joanne, Thanks for a beautiful idea, I am from Indonesia and I really like all your posting about craft.

  18. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I have not made it yet, but when I do I know friends will love it. I was just confused about the beading though… Do you string the beads before you start the initial pattern all at once? Is it a row at a time with a certain amount of beads?

  19. Also, I have trouble converting and was wondering about the yarn size. I was wanting to know what gauge it would be for a lace weight yarn using an f crochet hook?

  20. Just finished mine, love it, thank u for such a detailed tutorial. Wish everyone would do such a great tutorials, were there are no doubts or ending up with frogged project. Love from Honduras.

  21. Hi, I’m in the middle of crocheting your crocodile stitch bag and I have a question or two for you. Are the number of scales the same for each row? I’m getting 12 for each row however, mine do not lay as flat as yours and they seem kind of bunched up and I am not sure why.The scales are staggered like they are supposed to be but just seem a bit close together. If I wanted to make this bag twice the size how would I figure out how large to make the first two rounds? This pattern is really beautiful. Thank you for your help. 😀

    • The number of scales are the same for each row, 12 is correct. Perhaps your tension is a bit out, please check.
      To double the width, double the stitches on the first row. Same apply to the height.
      Hope this help 🙂

  22. I got Crocodile stitch(shell). It is my first work so I sent it to show you
    oh sorry I cannot do it I will try to sent you by e-mail

  23. Your purses are adorable. It looks like the pink one has 10 rows of crocodile stitches or am I counting wrong? In any case, I can’t wait to make this.


    • Yes, it is 10 rounds for the pink bag and the stitches is more too. I crochet more rounds and stitches for the pink is because the yarn is lighter and thinner, so I need to make more stitches to make it about the size of the grey purse. You can basically adapt the pattern by increasing or decreasing the number of rounds and stitches to vary the size of the finished purse. 🙂

  24. I was wondering what the name is of the Strap clips. I cannot find them by searching strap clips on line. Or if you can send me a link on where I can purchase them. I was using key rings (which is a really cute idea but), once something heavy is put in the purse it doesn’t seem like it’s going to support it for long. I’d really like to find those, thanks.

  25. Hi Joanne, thank you for sharing this fabulous pattern. I crochet bags and I’m making this one now. Regards from Hurghada, Egypt

  26. I have just croched this bag and love it, where do I find all the fittings please

  27. Where do I find handle clips

  28. fascinating and love the way you explain and show the how to. I am going to buy all materials and start doing my purse tonight. will stay on your post and check other crafts. THANKS.

  29. Its really amazing that your only need approx 100gm of yarn.
    I thought you would need a lot more!

    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing pattern!!

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  31. Hi 🙂 thank for sharing this tutorial.. It’s beautiful purse. I’m on my way making mine for my little daughter, just add a little of finishing touch. Maybe I’ll add some beads and sequins on the top to make it more blingy..
    I just let the purse open without a drawstring.
    But I’m a little bit lost in lining thing… I’m not good at it..poor me :p
    But most of all, I satisfy with this pattern 🙂 once again, thank you 🙂

  32. Stunning, beautiful pattern, really easy to understand.

  33. Bonjour ,
    je voudrais avoir les dimensions du sac fini je vous souhaite une bonne journée cordialement sandrine

    Translate (by Google):
    I would like to have the dimensions of the finished bag I cordially wish you a good day sandrine

    • Hi Sandrine,
      The finished dimension was stated in the pattern page, it is approx:
      Purse: 7 1/2″ (W) x 6″ (H) (exclude strap / handle)
      Strap / Handle: approx. 15″ (short), 40″ (long for cross body sling)

  34. When I print it does not print tutorial, how can I get it to print?

  35. its really wonderful. now my next project will be crocodile stitch purse. thanks for the tutorial.

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  37. This is great tutoriall. ☺

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