How To Sew A Blanket Stitch

How To Sew A Blanket Stitch

How To Sew A Blanket Stitch

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Popular by it’s ability to seam and add finishing touches to the edges, Blanket Stitch is one of the most versatile stitches to use in sewing up pieces of felt together to make little dolls and ornaments.

This video tutorial contains 3 types of felt attachment that sew with blanket stitch. Since the pieces are seamed differently, a slight adaptation need to be done on the blanket stitch sewing.

The 3 types of blanket stitch seaming are:

how-to-sew-edge-blanket-stitchSewing 2 pieces of felt together and seam on the edge.
how-to-sew-applique-blanket-stitchSewing a felt layered at the top of a bigger felt, usually use on appliques.
how-to-sew-tab-blanket-stitchSewing a felt that is sandwiched at the edges of 2-piece felts, usually use on tab, wings or flaps.

In this blanket stitch video tutorial, you will see the following helpful tips too:
1. How to start from beginning to sew a blanket stitch in each seam style
2. How to sew blanket stitch around in each seam style
3. How to sew blanket stitch at the corner
4. How to continue with new floss at the middle of the sewing
5. How to knot and hide floss into the felt

This video tutorial is recorded in high definition resolution (HD), please choose better video quality if you have speedy internet connection.

I have used this blanket stitch in the following project and tutorial:

Sock Monkey
Lace Trim Handkerchief
Ring Bearer Pillow
Puppy Plush Toy
Turtle Pincushion
Sock Skeleton

how to sew blanket stitch on different seam

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  3. Great video! I liked the accompanying music, too. I all seemed really well done and now I know how to blanket stitch better!

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